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Thoughts on Story Structure

August 21, 2015

From One Great Shot:

George Miller might be directing *MAN OF STEEL 2. This juicy tidbit - still a rumor unconfirmed by either DC or Warner Bros. - comes from Jon Schnepp, director of the documentary THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN LIVES, and was made on this week's Popcorn Talk podcast ... Schnepp seems pretty positive this is a done deal.

I absolutely loved Mad Max: Fury Road, so this is great news. While the storytelling was sparse and far-between, the film still managed to offer up a competent and effective storyform. Far more than Man of Steel did (from what I hear, the first film's narrative was broken).

Spoke a bit about the storyform for Mad Max: Fury Road on Discuss Dramatica a couple of months back. Still need to write the official analysis.

August 21, 2015

Weekend Read is offering up funny hah-hah scripts for this week's read. I still have Animal Kingdom from last week's overseas category to read, so I think I'll skip this week.

In my analysis of Animal Kingdom I indicated how well I thought the narrative worked. And I used the Main Character 'J' as an example in my article, Heroes that Aren't. Figured it would be a good place to start building the habit of reading more screenplays.

Such a great idea. Every Friday at 9am I receive a notification of five new scripts to read over the weekend. Now I just need to find the time.


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