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Teaching writers, producers, and directors the secrets to great stories is our greatest passion. We offer several opportunities for you to connect with us: our flagship Dramatica® Mentorship Program, our quarterly Weekend Workshops, and coming soon--our Foundation:Next courses.

Dramatica® Mentorship program

This program promises to completely transform the way you look at story. After six months you will understand how to quickly and effectively plug those story holes, develop complex characters, and walk away with a meaningful and lasting story.

We offer two tracks, Basic and Pro, and enrollment is now open.

Enroll in the Dramatica® Mentorship Program

Weekend Workshops

Our quarterly weekend workshops offer you a chance to get together with us in person and learn all you can about the Dramatica theory of story and its application in the process of writing a story. Like the Mentorship Program we offer two tracks--a workshop for beginners and another one for those more advanced in their understanding of the theory. All are welcome at both and there are no requirements for attendance.

Beginner's Workshop Advanced Workshop


A series of classes & workshops presented by Narrative First & Storymind. Coming in mid-May.


Rid yourself of writer's block. Forever.

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