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Advanced Dramatica Writers Workshop

Interested in taking your understanding of Dramatica beyond theory?

Dramatica offers us the "Next Chapter in Story Development." Unfortunately, trying to put it to use can be a challenging and frustrating experience. We understand why it works, now we want to know HOW to use it to transform our stories into something unique and moving.

The Advanced Dramatica Writers Workshop grants us that wish.

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Story Theory In Action

As a certified Dramatica Story Expert, Jim has helped professional screenwriters, executive producers and story personnel craft more meaningful stories.

“Jim Hull is one of the most accomplished people I know when it comes to understanding story…As a Dramatica consultant, Jim is one of Dramatica’s most fluent and insightful practitioners, familiar with the theory’s inner workings as well as its application to resolving real-world story problems. I highly recommend him as a story consultant and educator.” – Chris Huntley (Co-creator of the Dramatica Theory of Story)

The Advanced Dramatica® Writers Workshop is NOT an Introductory Course. If you haven't already read through the theory book and feel like you have a basic understanding of Dramatica's eight dynamic questions and approach to character well, then you might be interested in The Dramatica® Beginner's Workshop.

Day One

Introductions & Tools After gaining an idea of everyone's knowledge of Dramatica and their purpose in taking the workshop, we'll go over the best way to use the application, including additional apps that will help support the process.

Finding the Storyform Using a story idea provided by one of the participants (or one created in class), we'll go over tips & tricks essential to discovering the one unique storyform for our story.

Introduction to the Playground With storyform in hand, we'll begin to explore the deep thematics of our story provided to us by Dramatica.

Day Two

Continuation Picking up where we left off the night before, we'll continue to develop Main Characters who are nothing like our Main Character, yet at the same time are quite like our Main Character.

Extending to Other Playgrounds Moving beyond Main Character, we will take our explorations into the Influence Character, Relationship Story and Overall Story Domains, developing enough thematic material to power our story.

Creating the Outline Playtime over, we will begin to combine all the story points we created over the weekend into one seamless story. The end result? A rich outline of deeply connected thematic sequences...a source of confidence and inspiration from which to write from.

Instructor reserves the right to modify the schedule in order to better accomodate the needs of students in the class. This is our third year offering these workshops. Wondering what one of the workshops was like? Read about A Collaborative Environment Unlike Any Other.


"I had high expectations coming in -- I anticipated it being a really good workshop -- and it honestly exceeded them. Having just three attendees probably was a plus in that regard, since we were all very engaged and interactive. And once again, Jim was very responsive, respectful, knowledgeable and helpful." - Bob Roden, Screenwriter

"Tremendously informative! Helped define a process and workflow to make the most out of the Dramatica tools, software and structure model." - Anonymous

"I got a lot out of the workshop - Jim translates what could be a very opaque model into something direct and meaningful." - Anonymous

"Being new to the subject of Dramatica, I would say that the class was a lot take in but well worth the time I spent there. I will be using the Dramatica theory in my writing in the future. The class gave me the tools I needed to help me better understand the book." - Anonymous

"Tremendously informative! Helped define a process and workflow to make the most out of the Dramatica tools, software and structure model." - Anonymous

Dramatica is not just for screenwriting. It works equally as well for novelists seeking to improve their story's structure:

"Before Jim's workshop, I was always able to get down to a single Storyform. But often, I didn't understand how or why I got there nor precisely what to do with it. While I've read most of the Dramatica Theory book, and all of the Story Mind, I was a bit mystified even after completing Level 2 in Dramatica. I needed hands-on experience - experience Jim was well-qualified to demonstrate!

"He showed us how to turn a completed Storyform into a living, breathing story, while giving us superb pointers on how to get down to the right Storyform with the right characters and much, much more. Jim's understanding of Story and Dramatica is thorough, and he's an extremely competent teacher." - Steve Kern, writer


  • When: Nov. 5-6
  • Where: Write Brother's Inc offices (Downtown Burbank, CA)
  • Time: 9am-4pm (1 hour lunch)
  • Tuition: $425
  • Spacing limited so reserve now.

Registration for May 2016 is now open. Early registration fee $375. Only FOUR spots per session!

Reserve for Nov

Recording and Online Availability

This Workshop will not be recorded, broadcast online or available for streaming. We are open to traveling to your hometown, contingent on the number of writers/producers interested. Please contact us to arrange an event outside of Burbank, CA.

The Safari Inn


Not a part of the dream that is Southern California? There are a couple hotels within walking distance and even more less than 10 miles away near the Burbank airport. Both the Holiday Inn ($140/night) and Residence Inn ($170/night) in Burbank sit blocks away from the Write Brothers office (the latter is newer). If you’re renting a car or bringing your own the Marriot ($200/night) or the Courtyard ($140/night) at the airport work nicely.

If amenities are not important to you, then consider the Ramada near the airport ($81/night). Of course, if you’d rather stay where James Gandolfini had a bit of a spat with Patricia Arquette in True Romance, then the Safari Inn down the street can’t be beat ($135/night).

Cancellation and Refund Policy

All cancellations must be received at least 72 hours before the start of event and registration refunds are subject to a $25 cancellation fee. Cancellations must be received in writing by e-mail (Contact Form). No refunds will be made for requests received after that time. Refunds will be issued in the same form payment was made. Please allow two weeks for processing. Registrants who cancel will not receive seminar materials.

Questions? Ask Jim directly.

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