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Welcome to the Narrative First Bookstore. Here you’ll find collections of articles and special features to download.

Narrative First Volume Two

This massive new compilation of in-depth story analysis & structure features 35 chapters will improve your understanding of how stories work.

Narrative First Volume Two extolls the virtues of thinking deeply about your story before you start. Getting to the heart of what you want to say and structuring it effectively is an easy process, if you understand how narrative communicates meaning. Learn to plug story holes and fix broken stories from one of the experts in the field. Over 55,000 words of deep story structure & analysis ($17.99 USD)


Move beyond the mythology and discover a definition of Hero unlike any other.

Why do some Heroes learn while others teach? What about Heroes that don’t change and what about those that don’t really fit the definition of a Hero? Discover the rich differences between all these characters—including the mechanics behind the popular notion of ”want vs. need” with this latest collection of articles from Narrative First. The word “Hero” stifles narrative—find out why in this short 30 pg. book ($2.99 USD).

Patterns of Conflict

A book that focuses on the biggest pieces of conflict involved in creating a solid story.

Utilizing the unique perspective provided by the Dramatica theory of story I break down several films by analyzing their throughlines for their individual sources of conflict. Whether you’re a writer new to Dramatica or a producer desperately trying to understand what your story lacks, this short book can help you quickly and easily move those big pieces into place.

Story Fanatic 2010

From structure to theory, analysis to writing, the thirty-seven chapters within this book seek to provide a better understanding of the complex beast that is a great story.

Why is the Protagonist not always the Main Character? Is everything a Hero’s Journey? How can Inception be so freakin’ entertaining, yet at the same time feel so emotionally distancing? The answers to these questions and more can be found in this monstrous collection of articles exploring the fabulous subject of meaningful story structure. Over 275 pages of pure narrative heaven ($9 USD)