New Moon

Not sure if I'm the target audience for this flick, or if it's fair to analyze a story that is clearly a portion of a larger piece, but New Moon does a fairly good job of offering up a complete story. Both Bella and Edward's throughlines are succinctly defined. The former struggles with her issues of growing old without her true love, while the latter aches with desire for the one thing he can't hope to have. In addition to their individual issues, their relationship, which is the heart of the story (and the main focal point of this piece) revolves around Bella's desire to become more like Edward, something the forlorn vampire would like to avoid at all costs. The main story, or A storyline, rounds out the list of throughlines with its focus on whether or not the two principal characters will get together.

The only thing that made it difficult for me to become involved in the film (and I suspect other men who were brought, perhaps begrudgingly, to the theater) were the choices that Bella made. Riding a bike with a creepy stranger to get closer to Edward seemed completely devoid of logic, as did her choice to bring bicycle parts to Jacob. I imagine most women in the audience were perfectly comfortable with her actions, as these choices signify a Main Character who solves problems holistically (or intuitively). Men can't empathize with characters like this, thus explaining my difficulty with the movie and why many will discount this film as simply being "for women."