Plot Dynamic

Story Continuum

the nature of the sequence of events in a story


A Limit is what forces a story to a close, a Continuum defines the nature of the sequencing of events through the progression of a story. While simpler to understand, the original Dramatica theory concept of the Story Limit imposes an arbitrary restriction upon the meaning of a narrative. What's the difference between a story about Three Wishes or one about Five Wishes?


The pressure applied to a Main Character is a subjective appreciation of what it feels like to be within a story. A conceptual "Story Limit" does indeed exist—but to stay consistent with the remaining seven Dynamics' role within the forming of the Author's premise and to maintain integrity with the relational aspects of a dynamic, we step back to see where this seemingly arbitrary Limit comes from: the Story Continuum.

The order in which our minds work to resolve an inequity establishes a baseline of meaning. Sometimes we juggle the various dramatic potentials between things only to find a temporal sequence of events existed at the same time. Other times we focus on what to do first, and what to do second, and so on not realizing that a re-arrangement of dramatic potentials went on in the background.