Story Goal

the common goal of the overall story characters

Practical Usage

This is the Goal everyone is focused on. Some are for it. Some are against it. Once the initial Story Driver creates the story's central inequity and Objective Story Problem, the Objective Story Solution becomes apparent. The Story Goal is an attempt to reach that Solution.


A Goal is that which the Protagonist of a story hopes to achieve. As such, it need not be an object. The Goal might be a state of mind or enlightenment; a feeling or attitude, a degree or kind of knowledge, desire or ability. Although it is his chief concern, the Goal which a Protagonist seeks is not necessarily a good thing for him nor is it certainly attainable. Only through the course of the story does the value and accessibility of the Goal clarify. Dramatica points out the nature of Goal that is consistent with an Author's dramatic choices, but it remains for the Author to illustrate that nature. For any given category of Goal, an unlimited number of examples might be created.