Story Requirements

the area that best describes the requirements that must be met prior to achieving the goal

Practical Usage

If characters could just skip to the end and resolve the Objective Story Goal they would. Unfortunately, Authors like to make it super difficult for them to accomplish their objective, so instead they have to work their way through the Objective Story Requirements. This story point defines the kind of things needed to make it possible to actually resolve the Objective Story Goal. If you're looking to develop that Second Act, the Requirements will see you through.


Achieving a goal is not a one-step activity. Rather, all the cogs and wheels of a situation must be adjusted and realigned first in order to enable the goal. That can entail taking a certain number of steps in sequence and/or involve tuning" the orchestra of the dramatics until they support the harmony of the goal. Both the sequential and holistic approach to these prerequisites and preconditions are described by the nature of the overall requirement to achieving the goal. In other words