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As the lifeblood of Narrative First, these articles endeavor to grant insight and interest into the wonderful world of advanced theoretical story structure. In addition you'll find hundreds of story analyses that take story theory into the real world. Lastly, the vault lists several articles written in the four years leading up to our weekly publishing schedule in 2010.

Articles and thoughts on story structure have also been categorized as Concepts. You will see them listed at the bottom of every entry. Or you can visit the Concept Archive directly.

Entries by Concept


Story structure & story theory from a Dramatica® perspective.

There are 200 more articles for you to read. Ranging from story theory to story structure, these articles take an in-depth look at narrative from a Dramatica point of view.

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Film analysis rated on both structure & entertainment. Interested in the real reason why some movies are great and others you can't stand? Check out our Analysis Showcase.

Analysis Showcase

There are 217 more analyses for you to check out. From the very worst to the very best, these analyses rate films on both structure and entertainment.

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Articles & blog posts from our past.

There are 43 more articles in the vault. These articles and blog postings were published before the official start of Narrative First in December 2009.

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Notes & quotes covering everything to do with great stories.

There are 308 more thoughts on story structure for you to peruse. We've had more, but these are the ones we chose to publish.

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