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on Character Elements

You know the characters in your story, but do you know what they are actually made up of? Who is driven by Faith. By Temptation. By Support or Pursuit or Avoid or driven to Hinder? Who is Proactive? Reactive? Inactive? Who Trusts? Tests? Tries to Prove their point or Expects the worst from others? Who seeks out how things Actually are and who would rather examine their own Perceptions or look for greater Knowledge or Chaos? Do you have any characters who share the same elements? Then you will probably want to change that, otherwise they will come across as redundant and ineffective.

  • May 24, 2016
    Building Characters with Dramatica

    The Dramatica theory of story separates itself from every other theory by looking at the story itself, not at how the story looks to an audience.

Learn how to fix your story.

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