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May 4, 2016

The Release Of Saint's Blood

Make sure you read this one all the way through the acknowledgements!

Always an amazing day when great stories arrive at your doorstep:

Saint's Blood

Even better when you see your name on the acknowledgements page!

The Acknowledgments Page

The Greatcoats series from Sebastien De Castell is simply great storytelling. Read any review of Saint’s Blood—the latest in the series—and you begin to sense a pattern. People love these books.

In fact, they love them so much they nominated De Castell for a Hugo award this year.

For me it’s one of those things where you start jamming through the first half because you can’t stop reading…and then you read a page a day because you don’t want it to ever end.

If you love great stories—and chances are you do because you’re here—prop your feet up and dive into Falcio’s world…your life will be better for it.

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