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January 23, 2017

Read Narrative First On Apple News

Our articles and blog posts are now available in Apple’s default News reader.

Super exciting news…Narrative First is now available on Apple News! If you have an iOS device and always wondered what the heck you could possibly use that News app for—well now you know.

*Narrative First* on Apple News

We divided up the channel into four different sections:

  • Main is your everything feed. The place to catch up when you’ve been gone awhile.
  • Articles contain all the weekly long form posts covering everything from Dramatica theory to brainstorming techniques.
  • Thoughts round up all the short daily blog posts (like this one).
  • Analysis completes the quad by offering up reviews rated by both structural narrative and entertainment.

We use News as an easy-on-the-eyes alternative RSS reader.1 The typography is gentle and the transitions between articles makes it feel like you’re reading a newspaper out of Harry Potter.

To read the Narrative First channel and add it to your favorites, open this link on your iOS device.

A *Narrative First* article in Apple News

  1. And Fiery Feeds for those times when we want to do some power reading. ↩︎

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