December 12, 2017

              The very best way to understand a specific problematic story point is to experience the same in a completely different story. You can read the same definition over and over again until you kind of sort of understand it—or, you could sit down and participate in that problem and allow it to become a part of your own understanding.

              New to the Narrative First Atomizer: instant search now scans the entire catalog of 350+ storyforms to quickly provide you with stories that share similar problems.

              A search for Inertia

              Does your story feature a Steadfast Be-er with an Overall Story Problem of Accurate? Search for steadfast be-er accurate and you’ll find the one film that shares the same thematic structure: Pillow Talk.

              Searching for Steadfast Be-er Accurate

              Or maybe you want a listing of the Tragedies that feature Changed Main Characters?

              Searching for Changed Tragedies

              It’s true—you can find similar examples elsewhere, but how long will you spend refining your Google searches before you finally find the answer to your questions? And even then—how can you be sure that what you find is accurate?

              With the Narrative First Atomizer you not only find exactly what you’re looking for—you find it quickly. Spend more time writing with confidence and less time trying to understand what it is you’re writing.

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