Rewriting The Influence Character

Finding the right foil for your Main Character.

As I finish out my work on the Main Character Throughline for the rewrite of 2015-02, I'm starting to anticipate reworking the Influence Character Throughline. Feedback on this character centers around his tendency towards "bombastic" self-important speeches, an unfortunate result which I'm sure comes from his Domain resting in Psychology. With this rewrite I'm hoping to find something more authentic for his approach:

The Influence Character represents that “devil’s advocate “ voice within ourselves – the part of ourselves that validates our position by taking the opposing point of view so that we can gain perspective by weighing both sides of an issue.  This ensures that, as much as possible, we don’t go bull-headedly along without questioning our own beliefs and conclusions.

Now that I have a better understanding of my Main Character's issues, I'm sure rewriting the Influence Character will come with greater purpose.

In our own minds, we only have one sense of self – one identity.  The same is true for narratives, including fictional stories.  The Influence Character is not another identity, but our view of who we might become if we change our minds and adopt that opposing philosophical point of view.  And so, we examine that other potential “self” to not only understand the other side of the issues, but how that might affect all other aspects or facets of ourselves.  In stories, this self-examination of our potential future selves appears as the philosophical conflict and ongoing argument over points of view, act by act.