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The Relationship Between Dramatica and Subtxt

Mar 11th, 2021

Since I receive this question quite often...

Dramatica is a theory of story. Dramatica Pro/Story Expert are applications of the theory. Subtxt is another application of theory, but with several added features to support the progression and development of the theory over the years.

​As you note, I'm a huge fan of the Dramatica theory and believe that understanding its core concepts is the key to writing really great stories (recently found out that one of my clients/users of Subtxt just got on the 2020 Blacklist!). After writing about the theory for over a decade, I began to develop my own understanding of narrative structure that pushes Dramatica beyond its original inception. This includes concepts like the Narrative Premise, The Holistic Premise, and most recently, the Holistic Progression of Time (which changes the sequencing of events within a story).

​Dramatica Pro/Story Expert is in active development and I have great relationships with both Chris and Melanie (who I consider masters of narrative theory and story).

​Subtxt is my greatest passion and will continue to be developed for years to come. It combines my love of story, design, programming, coaching, and narrative analysis all into one package. 😊 I am the sole developer and LOVE being able to instantly add a new feature or new understanding of theory to the package, and have it rolled out across the world with the touch of a button.

​You can integrate Dramatica Pro/Story Expert with Subtxt. I provide an easy way to upload both the Story Engine Settings report and the Plot Sequence Report (both key to establishing narrative progression) so that you can write from the original basis while simultaneously taking advantage of everything Subtxt has to offer.

​Subtxt works on all modern devices, from phones to tablets to desktops, and supports the latest operating systems. I am Subtxt's number one user so its important to me as well that everything is up-to-date and speedy quick!

And that's the relationship between the two applications. ✌️