Inciting Incident

Another nightmare concept of narrative that should go the way of the Dodo, the Inciting Incident is supposed to indicate the start of a story. The tens upon thousands of subjective interpretations of where that start lies require true narratists to ban the concept from their vocabulary. Better to understand Dramatica's concept of the Story Driver and how that works in concert with the inequity that exists at the center of every story.


Plot Points and the Inciting Incident

Understanding when the problem of the story starts sets an author straight.

Plot points can sometimes be difficult to pick out, especially when there is confusion as to the purpose of such a device in a story. If one accepts the idea that stories are about solving problems, the reason for Inciting Incidents and Act Turns becomes all too clear.


How to Train Your Inciting Incident

Understanding that what incites is something easily definable

When it comes to the construction of a solid story, there seems to be some confusion over how it actually begins. In an attempt to generalize and make easily accessible the idea of the initial plot point, many have reduced meaningful storytelling to a generic assumption that can cause confusion among new writers.


The True Nature of the Inciting Incident

Stories begin with an inequity, one that isn't tied to the central character.

It is the event that starts every complete story. Whether an action or an act of deliberation, this inequity-producing force lights the engine that lay dormant within the context of Backstory. It is not, as is so often misunderstood, development of another problem.


Story Goals and Why They Exist

A storytelling cliché pops up from time to time, an easy get that reeks of desperation from low screening numbers: Characters who proclaim their goals out loud. Why must we suffer through this ridiculous conceit?


The Inciting Incident of Star Wars

Every complete story begins with the creation of an inequity, an inequity that requires resolution.

What starts a story? Is it the moment when the Hero receives his Call to Adventure? If one believes stories are transformational journeys of legend, then the answer would be yes. Everything before can simply be thrown out.


What The Inciting Incident Of A Story Really Is

> The subjective nature of the Inciting Incident prevents it from being an effective tool for structuring a story.

The"Inciting Incident" of a story is not what most people think it is. With the Inciting Incident you want to make sure you're simultaneously setting up the Story Goal with that first major Plot Point. If you don't, you really haven't set anything up as much as you may have tied one Throughline to another.


In Regards To The Inciting Incident

A popular term of story matters little in the final analysis.


The First Plot Point Of A Story

An older article from the Vault explains the importance of clearly defining the start of a story.

Over the weekend, I restored two articles into the Vault section of Narrative First: Why You Shouldn't Care How the Dramatica Theory of Story Works and The Most Important Event in a Story.