Objective Characters

Who wants to write an objective character? Characters are fun and lively and emotive and interesting--why stifle them with objectivity? The answer is: characters function as parts of a larger whole, as a part of the Story Mind. Sure, you have Subjective Characters in the Main and Obstacle Character, but the objective Objective Story Throughline demands objecctive characters. Here, characters are seen less as people, and more as functions within the narrative.


How to Train Your Inciting Incident

Understanding that what incites is something easily definable

When it comes to the construction of a solid story, there seems to be some confusion over how it actually begins. In an attempt to generalize and make easily accessible the idea of the initial plot point, many have reduced meaningful storytelling to a generic assumption that can cause confusion among new writers.


Tying Objective Characters to the Story Goal

Frame each player’s motivation within the context of the central goal.

One of the very best things you can do for your story is to tie each and every character to the Story Goal.