Obstacle Character

The Obstacle Character's only purpose in a narrative is to challenge the Main Character to resconsider his or her justifications. This influence can be on purpose or it can be accidental--regarldess, it is the perspective that matters, not the character. Because of this, the Obstacle Character role can be handed off to a bunch of different people (the Ghosts in A Christmas Carol, the Joker, Robin, Alfred and Barbara Gordon in The LEGO Batman Movie.


Dumbing Down Dramatica

Narrative theorists managed to dilute their insights by trying to make their work more palatable

Familiarity and ease of use comes with a cost. Making things simpler confuses something that needs a degree of complexity to be understood. Stories exist as analogies to our minds ability to solve problems. While those minds might be simple, the tools to examine them shouldn't.


What Is an Obstacle Character?

The Obstacle Character is the point-of-view that blocks the Main Character from just sweeping their personal problems under the carpet.

Subtxt reverts to the original core understanding and foundation of Dramatica theory, way back when first released in the early to mid-nineties. At that time, when the theory first introduced the point of view to challenge the Main Character and fuel their personal growth, it was known as the Obstacle Character.


Who is the Obstacle Character?

Obstacle Characters are powerful tools for the storyteller, but it's important to remember that stories are for the audience, not for the characters.

The Obstacle Character is a powerful addition to the storyteller's craft. A perspective often conflated with the Antagonist of a story, the Obstacle Character is the point-of-view responsible for challenging the Main Character to face their personal justifications.