Believe it or not, the structure of your story determines who will be sitting in the Audience. Guys can't stand it when Main Characters think holistically. Girls can't stand it when a story has a deadline or some kind of time limit. Sure, there are exceptions to everything, but for the most part stories that feature a Main Character who solves problems linearly and limit that problem-solving to a set number of options gather the greatest Audience. The smallest audience? Try pairing a holistic problem-solver with a time limit. No bueno.


Predicting Who Will Listen To Your Story

Slight adjustments to the structure of your story can guarantee a larger audience.

Writing a story is one thing, finding an Audience to sit still and embrace your story is quite another. Many understand now that a functional narrative functions because it models the mind's problem-solving process; and many understand that men and women solve problems differently. Appreciating that difference makes it possible for writers to predict who will be drawn into their story, and who will simply be observers.