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Deliberate Storytelling with Jim Hull

How would you like to fill those gaping plot holes and craft a narrative that is so satisfying and emotionally fulfilling that it receives little to no notes? With our 1-on-1 Personal Story Consulting, you can. Sure, you might be asked to change the color of a character’s hair or the location of a particular set-piece, but when it comes to the actual story elements that make up your narrative—studio executives won’t say a thing. Everyone has a story to tell and yet; everyone has a part of their story they can’t see. Engage our services, and we will show you what you have been missing.

Moving beyond the basics of simple structural plot points or mythical journeys, our 1-on-1 Personal Story Consulting seeks to aid the writer or producer in crafting a complete story—one that is both satisfying and emotionally fulfilling. We have had great success working with executive producers, screenwriters, and directors in helping them write the story they want to write—not a story that fits a list of prescribed beats. We look forward to sharing the same success with you.

The fee for our 1-on-1 Personal Story Consulting is $1900/mo and covers 10 hours of consulting time–more than enough for the dedicated writer. Anyone requiring more time receives expert service at the reduced $200/hr. Fee (compared to our usual $475/hour fee).

This service is world class and miles beyond anything you will find anywhere else.

Proven Track Record of Success

The property we sold to Dreamworks Animation was crafted using our techniques. There wasn't a single story note from executives after the 20-minute pitch—just stunned silence. The only comments were possible casting options.

The multi-season animated television series for a major studio developed with our knowledge. The only note from the head of the studio? Can we make a particular character magical? Not one note about the story or the carefully crafted 78-episode character arcs.

The tentpole animated screenplay we wrote last year? Took six weeks from concept to the first draft using many of the same techniques we discovered during this process. As it makes the rounds in Hollywood, what is the one common response? No notes. Everyone loves it.

We feel strongly about the value of our service. And we love helping people write stories faster and more efficiently. We look forward to blowing your mind with our enthusiasm and our insight:

  • Expert analysis & creative techniques for plugging holes
  • A comprehensive understanding of story you can't find anywhere else
  • Proven track record of success

Learn how to fix your story.

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