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Season 2 Episode 1 | Recorded Apr 21st, 2021

Sources of Conflict and the Main Character - Part One

Developing a fully realized and personal throughline for your story

John returns for a brand new season and an in-depth look at developing the Main Character Throughline. By diving deep into what it means to write a comprehensive Source of Conflict, John unwraps the complexity of deep narrative theory with a practical approach that anyone can use to write their story.

Live Transcription

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:02.000 Then, let's go there.

00:00:02.000 --> 00:00:07.000 Welcome back to Catholic corner. This is season two episode one.

00:00:07.000 --> 00:00:12.000 I hope you all had a good couple weeks off Spring Break time.

00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:22.000 We're going to dive in to a whole new thing with the main character thrilling. Same story from his before. So we're still using this Gladiator escape overall story.

00:00:22.000 --> 00:00:37.000 So, just to go over for anybody who's new or for anybody's watching or working with this story form just a random spawn story for him it's a failure bad like a tragedy drivers or action driven.

00:00:37.000 --> 00:00:50.000 The main character resolve is steadfast, which is this this is the stuff we're going to be dealing with now the mindset of the story is a linear mindset so like logical progression of steps.

00:00:50.000 --> 00:01:03.000 And he's a beer, which means he prefers to like get other people to solve things rather than go out there and do them themselves I guess that's the easiest way to say that.

00:01:03.000 --> 00:01:09.000 And then the growth, start has to do with his alignment with the rest of the story.

00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:15.000 He needs to stop confusing.

00:01:15.000 --> 00:01:23.000 His problem with the relationship stuff and start seeing that the problem is up here.

00:01:23.000 --> 00:01:41.000 So what I've done is pulled over the basic elements and I think today, what we're going to do is go through the issue and all these problem quad elements.

00:01:41.000 --> 00:01:58.000 And then if we have time, we can start looking at the signposts, but just just to get things, situated bearskin, this is kind of to develop the, the personality of the character, and to get us familiar with, with his, his arc.

00:01:58.000 --> 00:02:04.000 In the story, which I think we did for the overall story if not we definitely should have done it.

00:02:04.000 --> 00:02:08.000 We may have just taken it this far, which it can be enough.

00:02:08.000 --> 00:02:21.000 But this gives us more opportunities to think about new instances of conflict that we wouldn't necessarily see below, like you're not going to run into hope below.

00:02:21.000 --> 00:02:37.000 So, before we get going. Does anybody have any questions or anything left over from overall story stuff in the two weeks that we've been waiting.

00:02:37.000 --> 00:02:44.000 No. Oh good. Oh, well not necessarily the latter either but

00:02:44.000 --> 00:02:49.000 who is this guy like what is his name.

00:02:49.000 --> 00:02:52.000 The main character.

00:02:52.000 --> 00:02:56.000 I remember his girlfriend's name really well.

00:02:56.000 --> 00:03:03.000 Nima, I was I was going to suggest that we don't know his name yet until we talk about this stuff.

00:03:03.000 --> 00:03:10.000 Okay, we'll wait to define him. So, this is something that we had come up with ages ago.

00:03:10.000 --> 00:03:22.000 So this is the through line and the concern combined together which gym on your thing you call the narrative personality maybe here we can call the character personality.

00:03:22.000 --> 00:03:39.000 So this is basically the the main gist of what he's going through, personally, it just to wrap people's head around main character. This is the most well it's not the most objective I guess that'd be relationship but it's it's like the closest thing to

00:03:39.000 --> 00:03:41.000 the eyes of the story.

00:03:41.000 --> 00:03:53.000 So like it's it's the closest thing to the audience what they're going to latch on to, you know that they're going to get in line with this perspective, and see the whole movie through this perspective.

00:03:53.000 --> 00:04:12.000 So we'll use I instead of the to build these conflicts and and just sort of get everything to reflect back on you as an individual and your, your subjective take and we'll see how that paints all the conflicts.

00:04:12.000 --> 00:04:27.000 So we left off with this from I mean this was months ago, I think, but I should avoid rejection to, to prevent sadness, unless cultivating a persona of creativity draws people towards you.

00:04:27.000 --> 00:04:31.000 So because it's still feeling good about that i think i think it basically works.

00:04:31.000 --> 00:04:40.000 You know, it's just like I shouldn't I should not get involved with people right I should avoid rejection, I should not put myself in situations. So this is his attitude.

00:04:40.000 --> 00:04:42.000 He doesn't want to feel sad.

00:04:42.000 --> 00:04:44.000 So he's going to avoid.

00:04:44.000 --> 00:04:47.000 And he's any sort of situation that will do that.

00:04:47.000 --> 00:05:00.000 Unless, putting himself out there, draws people toward him, which will prevent sadness, so he can't quite do both at the same time that's what he's grappling with.

00:05:00.000 --> 00:05:10.000 So, let me pull up another instance, this window before we went.

00:05:10.000 --> 00:05:21.000 So we're gonna be dealing first with the issue of hope and coming up with a source of conflict that has to do with hope.

00:05:21.000 --> 00:05:35.000 So again john question for you. In this lineup with the focus direction source of drive and the D motivator, is the problem somewhere in here are we not focusing on the problem because of course the initial steps.

00:05:35.000 --> 00:05:43.000 So with. Yeah, yeah. the problem is the source of drive, which is

00:05:43.000 --> 00:05:47.000 a step past character.

00:05:47.000 --> 00:06:01.000 Copy is going to remain in this element, you'll definitely see this element of free, but it's never going to like switch over to that element to this story is it's going to be.

00:06:01.000 --> 00:06:10.000 He's always going to see this as a bad choice, I guess this way you think about it makes total sense and if he were change, it would not be a de motivator be.

00:06:10.000 --> 00:06:13.000 Yeah.

00:06:13.000 --> 00:06:15.000 Got it, okay clear.

00:06:15.000 --> 00:06:27.000 This, this pulling from the terms that Jim has up on subtext. When you create a story instead of problem, it will say source of drive and instead of solution it will say, the motivator, if it's a steadfast character.

00:06:27.000 --> 00:06:29.000 Perfect. Thank you.

00:06:29.000 --> 00:06:34.000 So, just to refresh everybody's memory before we get into it.

00:06:34.000 --> 00:06:41.000 The basic formula for coming up with a source of conflict is conceiving.

00:06:41.000 --> 00:06:54.000 In order to being less leaving leads to and this is a linear story. So this leads to conceptualizing.

00:06:54.000 --> 00:07:01.000 So this is our want can need should.

00:07:01.000 --> 00:07:06.000 In order to eligibility desire.

00:07:06.000 --> 00:07:14.000 Unless, same thing is to make conceptualizing his situation.

00:07:14.000 --> 00:07:22.000 Circumstances circumstances, state of being, and

00:07:22.000 --> 00:07:27.000 sense of self.

00:07:27.000 --> 00:07:37.000 Right, so this is elements of conceptualizing being is made up of this

00:07:37.000 --> 00:07:40.000 conceiving is the want need can shed.

00:07:40.000 --> 00:07:48.000 It's just a way to express in words. What these mental processes are talking about.

00:07:48.000 --> 00:07:50.000 So keep that there.

00:07:50.000 --> 00:07:57.000 And now we're looking at, at hope, so we're gonna be coming up with either side of this potential source of conflict.

00:07:57.000 --> 00:08:03.000 By looking at hope. So if we look at all the elements of hope here.

00:08:03.000 --> 00:08:16.000 It's just a way to justify something good or bad about when your mind is going through the process of, hoping for something, or hoping about something or being hopeful.

00:08:16.000 --> 00:08:19.000 So if we look at these it's like you know being optimistic.

00:08:19.000 --> 00:08:23.000 Looking forward to something,

00:08:23.000 --> 00:08:26.000 hoping to get a day, losing all hope.

00:08:26.000 --> 00:08:30.000 And before we start thinking about like his personal character.

00:08:30.000 --> 00:08:46.000 I'd like to try to keep it, you know, intentionally devoid of conflict of context, so that we get to like to sort of universal truth.

00:08:46.000 --> 00:09:01.000 So any of these jumping out at you guys about, you know, I want to have hope to do something or, or,

00:09:01.000 --> 00:09:05.000 you know, I shouldn't have hope, or

00:09:05.000 --> 00:09:07.000 I need to.

00:09:07.000 --> 00:09:30.000 I need to hope for something like what what's the reason people hope or, or don't hope.

00:09:30.000 --> 00:09:34.000 Maybe I want to hope,

00:09:34.000 --> 00:09:41.000 or I want to pull one over.

00:09:41.000 --> 00:09:50.000 And if it's like that idea where it's like, you shouldn't hope for something because then you're just going to get disappointed. Sure.

00:09:50.000 --> 00:09:53.000 I shouldn't.

00:09:53.000 --> 00:09:54.000 Pope or something.

00:09:54.000 --> 00:09:57.000 To avoid being disappointed.

00:09:57.000 --> 00:10:00.000 Yeah, hope for better days maybe how about that.

00:10:00.000 --> 00:10:07.000 Just to make it specific is to avoid being disappointed.

00:10:07.000 --> 00:10:16.000 And then the other hand or butter, except.

00:10:16.000 --> 00:10:20.000 On one hand you're, you're, you're rationalizing with yourself.

00:10:20.000 --> 00:10:25.000 I really shouldn't hope for better days, because I'm just going to be disappointed.

00:10:25.000 --> 00:10:38.000 But on the other hand, and then the the easiest way here is to look at conceiving leads to conceptualizing, and to try to think of that in terms of the elements so if we look at conceiving.

00:10:38.000 --> 00:10:46.000 You know, it's all about coming up with an idea, getting insights to something.

00:10:46.000 --> 00:10:55.000 You know, being inspired, having a sudden idea like an aha moment kind of feeling

00:10:55.000 --> 00:11:05.000 something about that some idea is going to lead to conceptualizing which is like figuring out how to implement that idea.

00:11:05.000 --> 00:11:08.000 So when we look at this.

00:11:08.000 --> 00:11:14.000 You're thinking well i i shouldn't hope for, for better days to avoid disappointed.

00:11:14.000 --> 00:11:27.000 Although, and then you have an idea that leads to some way to implement something that sort of, it'll it'll conflict with this or you can or can't do both at the same time.

00:11:27.000 --> 00:11:34.000 The conflict with being disappointed.

00:11:34.000 --> 00:11:37.000 It could conflict with being disappointed.

00:11:37.000 --> 00:11:45.000 I think it would more conflict with the idea of that I shouldn't hope for better days.

00:11:45.000 --> 00:11:47.000 Right, so like.

00:11:47.000 --> 00:11:50.000 Does anybody have a.

00:11:50.000 --> 00:11:55.000 What about something like being someone's last hope.

00:11:55.000 --> 00:11:58.000 Or being the last hope.

00:11:58.000 --> 00:12:16.000 So you so that you shouldn't have for better days, unless you have a response that I'm trying to figure out how to state this, but you shouldn't have a better days unless you have a responsibility to provide hope for others.

00:12:16.000 --> 00:12:16.000 See it shouldn't.

00:12:16.000 --> 00:12:23.000 Shouldn't unless you have responsibility to provide hope for others, probably a better way to say that.

00:12:23.000 --> 00:12:28.000 No, I think I think it works.

00:12:28.000 --> 00:12:33.000 So are you saying that the,

00:12:33.000 --> 00:12:39.000 like, providing hope is a different thing than hoping

00:12:39.000 --> 00:12:45.000 I'm right so like, Yeah, something like that.

00:12:45.000 --> 00:12:57.000 Like, providing hope is kind of altruism, right, like you have, like, it's one thing to say for yourself like, you know, if you're if you're saying to yourself I shouldn't.

00:12:57.000 --> 00:13:05.000 I shouldn't have any hope for better days, but then when you look around you and you're seeing all these other people hopeless and you're the only one who can provide hope, right, then.

00:13:05.000 --> 00:13:21.000 So what does that then have to do, how does it affect you and your chip to hoping, like what would your mood your other justification be about hoping.

00:13:21.000 --> 00:13:30.000 As far as your God complex. Sorry, Say that again, it satisfies your God complex, because, yeah.

00:13:30.000 --> 00:13:48.000 It could heal you maybe if you hoping can, I don't know, lift your spirits heal your soul, something like that. And I would say being the last hope like what lucky said said, I get to be the last hope like everybody's looking to me.

00:13:48.000 --> 00:13:53.000 So okay so I think what you're saying is,

00:13:53.000 --> 00:14:04.000 you know, let's you know hope is the thing that that fuels you that that kind of what you mean like,

00:14:04.000 --> 00:14:09.000 I'm sorry what.

00:14:09.000 --> 00:14:11.000 Is that what you meant to be.

00:14:11.000 --> 00:14:13.000 Yeah, I think that works.

00:14:13.000 --> 00:14:19.000 Yeah, get to how it gets back to the I perspective,

00:14:19.000 --> 00:14:33.000 which yeah this does hope satisfies your God put complex, which is another way of saying this, with basically saying that you shouldn't hope because you'd be disappointed but on the other hand, how hope is, is in your corner like hope is the thing that

00:14:33.000 --> 00:14:42.000 that pushes you forward just a motivation or you need one of the four. You need situation circumstance.

00:14:42.000 --> 00:14:52.000 Yeah, so I was just gonna say we need to complete this in order to in order to leads to.

00:14:52.000 --> 00:14:57.000 So if we look here Jim is saying.

00:14:57.000 --> 00:15:04.000 So fuels you to wet or in

00:15:04.000 --> 00:15:16.000 sense of self I mean, it's here let's just combined into fuels your God complex networks.

00:15:16.000 --> 00:15:19.000 Right. This is.

00:15:19.000 --> 00:15:24.000 I mean, it leads to a sense of self, I guess.

00:15:24.000 --> 00:15:38.000 Yeah, I really liked the being the last hole, because that's a little more specific. Otherwise, all you're doing is like, hoping for better days and then you're just like, but hope is the thing that feels

00:15:38.000 --> 00:15:42.000 seems like it should be like a little more spelled out.

00:15:42.000 --> 00:15:45.000 So you're saying it should be.

00:15:45.000 --> 00:15:53.000 Well the original illustration that like he's grabbed was being the last hope, being the last hope. Okay.

00:15:53.000 --> 00:16:09.000 If you're looking at the math and I guess it's the AI part right I'm just trying to follow along but that is part of the math, no. So if you're being the last, if you're being the last hope.

00:16:09.000 --> 00:16:24.000 And it just changes it from hoping, like you're not hoping somebody else's hoping, like it's evolving and it's it's still okay I think if it.

00:16:24.000 --> 00:16:29.000 If the hope comes from an external source.

00:16:29.000 --> 00:16:38.000 As long as it gets it back to this, I perspective, how it affects the main character.

00:16:38.000 --> 00:16:52.000 Is that, is that how you would paint it as well Jim like, Oh yeah, that's great. I like the idea that I'm the last one, but and then I would just say it was my god complex just kills my good catch.

00:16:52.000 --> 00:17:04.000 Right, because we're trying to phrase this all in the eye perspective, because when we get into this we're going to be, especially in mind in the character's head with all these conflicts.

00:17:04.000 --> 00:17:10.000 So you can see how this is starting to build right you have this guy who wants to avoid objections they didn't feel bad.

00:17:10.000 --> 00:17:24.000 Unless he's going to be really outgoing which is going to draw people toward him to make him not feel bad, right, and then a subset of that is you know this this feeling like oh I'm just gonna be disappointed if I hope for something.

00:17:24.000 --> 00:17:33.000 Unless this idea that like, I'm the one providing hope gives me a god complex like it empowers him.

00:17:33.000 --> 00:17:34.000 Right.

00:17:34.000 --> 00:17:44.000 Well I'll add that Diane, put a suggestion in the chat room saying, unless I think it was an ad being in the sun makes you long for life.

00:17:44.000 --> 00:17:52.000 The quiet pastoral life as a farmer.

00:17:52.000 --> 00:17:55.000 Here,

00:17:55.000 --> 00:18:01.000 being the sun makes you long for life this is the hoping

00:18:01.000 --> 00:18:01.000 store life as a farmer.

00:18:01.000 --> 00:18:17.000 your life as a farmer. Well, I can definitely being the sun makes it so that is the being of the Sun part the god complex do is everything.

00:18:17.000 --> 00:18:23.000 And then this is the hoping

00:18:23.000 --> 00:18:34.000 it's kind of it's kind of saying the same thing where yeah hope hoping for something, puts you in a different situation.

00:18:34.000 --> 00:18:41.000 Okay, so as we build this character out. I'm gonna leave that in here

00:18:41.000 --> 00:18:47.000 for trying to get a sense of this character's mindset, right.

00:18:47.000 --> 00:18:58.000 So we moved down to feeling this is the thing that that the easiest way to describe it is that this is the thing that if you were to talk to this character.

00:18:58.000 --> 00:19:14.000 They would say this is the problem right it's it's it's really a product of this, that they have this big problem of control right which you can already see coming from, part of what we're talking about like having a god complex or putting yourself into

00:19:14.000 --> 00:19:21.000 a certain situation like you're controlling things and you want to have control.

00:19:21.000 --> 00:19:32.000 But this character doesn't even recognize that that's like a subconscious thing to them what they think is something to do with feeling is the problem.

00:19:32.000 --> 00:19:39.000 So if you look at feeling here is three page. Yes.

00:19:39.000 --> 00:19:56.000 An emotional sense of how things are going right so there's some sort of justification that this person has, in which feeling is like an icky thing they want to avoid like this they don't want to deal with feeling or having feelings about things sort

00:19:56.000 --> 00:20:00.000 of pushes them away.

00:20:00.000 --> 00:20:08.000 And what it's going to do is it's going to push them towards logic, Right there. If they look at this.

00:20:08.000 --> 00:20:16.000 And they're like, No, no, I can't that's that's a problem area I'm going to do this.

00:20:16.000 --> 00:20:35.000 So the same same formula is before where we're talking about a justification for feeling being being happy you know I want to feel happy I need to feel happy, kind of thing I should feel happy or sad or whatever it is what's jumping out at you guys.

00:20:35.000 --> 00:20:39.000 for this character are they feeling.

00:20:39.000 --> 00:20:49.000 Do they want to avoid feeling something are they, is it that they will they have this underlying desire to feel something.

00:20:49.000 --> 00:20:59.000 There's gonna be something to contradict that like I want to be happy in order to do this, except, and then something pulls them away from it.

00:20:59.000 --> 00:21:02.000 About I need to try not to get frustrated.

00:21:02.000 --> 00:21:05.000 I see frustrated with on there.

00:21:05.000 --> 00:21:14.000 You can try not to get frustrated in order to

00:21:14.000 --> 00:21:19.000 something in the desire something in order to be nice or something, or an order to.

00:21:19.000 --> 00:21:23.000 So, sometimes equilibrium or something.

00:21:23.000 --> 00:21:28.000 Right, yeah. Sometimes I get stuck on the being part.

00:21:28.000 --> 00:21:34.000 I look to the concern or the issue.

00:21:34.000 --> 00:21:52.000 Start thinking of it in those terms like if the whole through line is about some sort of subconscious thing for going after hope, and maybe here has to do with hope, right in order to be hopeful that works.

00:21:52.000 --> 00:21:57.000 Right.

00:21:57.000 --> 00:22:01.000 That makes sense you guys like

00:22:01.000 --> 00:22:11.000 this is still being as far as, you know, their ability or their desire the way they think

00:22:11.000 --> 00:22:18.000 be helpful. So I just have a question. The in.

00:22:18.000 --> 00:22:35.000 Maybe it's because this is steadfast or maybe I didn't quite understand focus in direction correctly but if focuses the I looking outward and seeing the problem is being feeling.

00:22:35.000 --> 00:22:44.000 But now we're bringing it inside. Oh yeah I don't think it needs to be looking outward necessarily.

00:22:44.000 --> 00:22:47.000 Okay, It's just the.

00:22:47.000 --> 00:22:51.000 When you're looking at that problem quad, which is this.

00:22:51.000 --> 00:22:58.000 It's wherever their attention lands, whether it's outside or inside, whether it's external, internal, which I'm not sure.

00:22:58.000 --> 00:23:03.000 Once you get this mixed up, which is which.

00:23:03.000 --> 00:23:08.000 You know which one of the external elements. What's an internal element.

00:23:08.000 --> 00:23:26.000 I think the the critical thing is that it's it's the mental process about feeling right but one is where do you see the mental process of feeling is being outside of yourself like others are causing me problems because of their mental processes of feeling

00:23:26.000 --> 00:23:28.000 versus.

00:23:28.000 --> 00:23:32.000 I'm causing myself problems because of my feelings.

00:23:32.000 --> 00:23:36.000 Right, and but I think the mental process is the same.

00:23:36.000 --> 00:23:48.000 Whether it's coming from an external source, right, like, right, right. Okay, so you're saying it doesn't matter. No. Yeah, I don't think it does that, especially when you have no context to put on this.

00:23:48.000 --> 00:23:56.000 Just I need to avoid feeling frustrated. This could be by others, with myself.

00:23:56.000 --> 00:24:02.000 In order to, you know, be hopeful.

00:24:02.000 --> 00:24:05.000 Right, okay.

00:24:05.000 --> 00:24:07.000 Unless

00:24:07.000 --> 00:24:27.000 it's an hour we're looking at the other side here again this conceiving leads to conceptualizing So, what is the idea that he has that has to do with feeling that leads to a whole different situation or, you know, way that they see themselves.

00:24:27.000 --> 00:24:44.000 Well Diane's text suggestion here Diane, not sure this is for this unless part but feel feeling brings dissatisfaction with what is, like, I need to feel I need to avoid feeling frustrated, in order to be hopeful Unless Unless feeling brings dissatisfaction

00:24:44.000 --> 00:24:55.000 with what is that was meant for this half but does that feel worrying. So what are we talking about here with the, With the what is Park.

00:24:55.000 --> 00:24:59.000 Like the situation the reality of things.

00:24:59.000 --> 00:25:09.000 Last feeling that like satisfied, you can get frustrated, but if you don't get frustrated, it might not poke you to go do something about it.

00:25:09.000 --> 00:25:12.000 True. So, okay, unless.

00:25:12.000 --> 00:25:27.000 So I'm just going to paraphrase This, I think, so what did you just say jelly said, Unless feeling frustrated motivates you to do like it, or feeling frustrated, is the thing that that motivates you.

00:25:27.000 --> 00:25:38.000 Thank you. Basically, I was kind of what I was going to say to feeling frustrated, is the very thing that motivates you.

00:25:38.000 --> 00:25:49.000 What awaits you what motivates you to that's kind of what I was to act.

00:25:49.000 --> 00:25:49.000 Civic.

00:25:49.000 --> 00:25:59.000 Civic. It just said should should have something to do with this here is your situation

00:25:59.000 --> 00:26:05.000 or yourself.

00:26:05.000 --> 00:26:15.000 Chris, to improve your standing area.

00:26:15.000 --> 00:26:28.000 Right, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna keep this discuss a little bit more clear and stepping up as an action not a sense of luck not in the body like, like you said, improve your standing.

00:26:28.000 --> 00:26:34.000 Yeah, it's the girls I was trying to get away from that because we're in mind. Yes, I get it.

00:26:34.000 --> 00:26:44.000 Yeah. And if anybody who doesn't get it like yeah we were talking about things that are like it like actions which would be in activity or physics.

00:26:44.000 --> 00:26:53.000 And so getting this mental process to be in its domain, the way we write it here will help down the line, when we're piecing things together.

00:26:53.000 --> 00:26:59.000 So that you don't start to like accidentally talk about overall story or whatever that through line is.

00:26:59.000 --> 00:27:15.000 This has more to do with this character, thinking about themselves, the way they think their attitude about themselves like mind remember is the same as a fixed attitude and in other places.

00:27:15.000 --> 00:27:29.000 So eat avoid feeling frustrated, in order to be hopeful, unless feeling frustrated is the very thing that motivates you to improve your standing so you can kind of see how this is a version of hope.

00:27:29.000 --> 00:27:31.000 Right.

00:27:31.000 --> 00:27:40.000 So we're saying well I need to avoid these feelings to be helpful. Unless, giving into those feelings, is going to be helpful. So how can you avoid them.

00:27:40.000 --> 00:27:45.000 If you have to give in to them at the same time.

00:27:45.000 --> 00:27:50.000 And that's that's how that becomes a source of conflict.

00:27:50.000 --> 00:27:56.000 So that would be improved my standing right yes thank you

00:27:56.000 --> 00:28:03.000 need to avoid feeling pressure with others, standing. Thank you.

00:28:03.000 --> 00:28:08.000 Great. Okay, so this is the key area for this character.

00:28:08.000 --> 00:28:25.000 Right. And so that's going to push them in this direction so all of the things that were their mind goes when they're dealing with that, sort of, and on the can't solve that.

00:28:25.000 --> 00:28:28.000 It's just this mental process where they're like, I don't know which one to pick.

00:28:28.000 --> 00:28:36.000 So instead of dealing with that, they go here to logic

00:28:36.000 --> 00:28:40.000 fact which one is our problem quiet, this one right.

00:28:40.000 --> 00:28:43.000 So here's you can see like an illustration of the problem quad.

00:28:43.000 --> 00:28:45.000 We're in hope.

00:28:45.000 --> 00:28:51.000 And so, the main problem is this. This is the real problem, which drives them.

00:28:51.000 --> 00:28:57.000 Right, they don't see that all they see is this feeling things that I don't know which way to think about that.

00:28:57.000 --> 00:29:10.000 So I'm not going to deal with that. I'm gonna jump over here, and this is going to push everything that I do in the story, this is my mental process that I really go with.

00:29:10.000 --> 00:29:17.000 But even this is going to have some sort of conflict because this is not a solution.

00:29:17.000 --> 00:29:25.000 Right, the solution would be this, which was still have a conflict but it would be a conflict that they're okay with having right now they're telling themselves.

00:29:25.000 --> 00:29:39.000 This is the conflict, I'm okay with having, but it's still causing them grief and anxiety, whatever it is, because they're not seeing this as the real problem.

00:29:39.000 --> 00:29:48.000 So Dan said being a. It says loved logistician makes me a leader.

00:29:48.000 --> 00:29:57.000 So, we're to phrase that in the, the IC.

00:29:57.000 --> 00:30:09.000 I should be logical about things in order to lead others.

00:30:09.000 --> 00:30:12.000 Right and leading others.

00:30:12.000 --> 00:30:15.000 You can see that playing into hope.

00:30:15.000 --> 00:30:25.000 Right. And you could see that playing into this fixed attitude and wanting things like wanting to feel things.

00:30:25.000 --> 00:30:30.000 So I think that works. Thank you, Dan.

00:30:30.000 --> 00:30:35.000 Let's do the standard unless.

00:30:35.000 --> 00:30:51.000 So what's the flip side of this justification so you think I should be logical to to lead others or to let's let's just say be a leader.

00:30:51.000 --> 00:31:05.000 Diane back with a suggestion unless she say here, I don't want to be responsible,

00:31:05.000 --> 00:31:17.000 others.

00:31:17.000 --> 00:31:32.000 So I'm going to just going to amend this to make it a bit more to do with the element that we're talking about so unless

00:31:32.000 --> 00:31:42.000 say unless the idea of being responsible for others.

00:31:42.000 --> 00:31:54.000 doesn't make much sense.

00:31:54.000 --> 00:32:00.000 Right, so this is like a

00:32:00.000 --> 00:32:06.000 pre to say like you know what's the problem.

00:32:06.000 --> 00:32:10.000 You could say,

00:32:10.000 --> 00:32:15.000 You know how, how can I.

00:32:15.000 --> 00:32:28.000 Why would I.

00:32:28.000 --> 00:32:32.000 I'm going to do things to become a leader.

00:32:32.000 --> 00:32:38.000 If I don't, if that idea you know if

00:32:38.000 --> 00:32:45.000 I'm turned off by that idea

00:32:45.000 --> 00:32:53.000 is that making sense to you guys.

00:32:53.000 --> 00:33:00.000 Right, so it's like this is, this is the it's it's the direction that he goes in,

00:33:00.000 --> 00:33:04.000 about like okay what about all the feelings stuff is bad.

00:33:04.000 --> 00:33:07.000 And that doesn't solve anything. So I'm going to go to this other place.

00:33:07.000 --> 00:33:16.000 It's like if I'm if I'm just logical about things, I can, I can like be in a leadership position. But on the other hand, like, I don't want to be a leader.

00:33:16.000 --> 00:33:27.000 Right, like the that that whole idea sounds bad like I don't, I'm trying to overthrow our leaders like, but then it's a problem because it's like well how do you how do you get a group of people to overthrow your leaders.

00:33:27.000 --> 00:33:36.000 This is rubbing in some overall story stuff but just personally like he doesn't want to be the guy in charge.

00:33:36.000 --> 00:33:40.000 But it seems like the only logical thing to do is to do that.

00:33:40.000 --> 00:33:46.000 Now he's in conflict here

00:33:46.000 --> 00:33:57.000 that I called everybody is that making him questions or

00:33:57.000 --> 00:33:59.000 so.

00:33:59.000 --> 00:34:06.000 Just a quick question. So where are we putting this in.

00:34:06.000 --> 00:34:13.000 In developing a plan and are conceptualizing.

00:34:13.000 --> 00:34:17.000 Okay, so you're saying for.

00:34:17.000 --> 00:34:28.000 But what sort of. Yeah, the situation. You mean is that is that words. Okay, possible for others.

00:34:28.000 --> 00:34:36.000 Right, that's the that's the situation or the circumstances that he's in.

00:34:36.000 --> 00:34:47.000 Okay, it's just because it was so, so close to responsibility in the other quad.

00:34:47.000 --> 00:34:50.000 Oh, in which one was it.

00:34:50.000 --> 00:35:02.000 I'm psychology isn't that to the second in responsibility under changing one's nature becoming.

00:35:02.000 --> 00:35:04.000 Oh, I see.

00:35:04.000 --> 00:35:06.000 Because it's this.

00:35:06.000 --> 00:35:08.000 Yeah, yeah.

00:35:08.000 --> 00:35:16.000 That may because it came from Diane is very holistic, but it still works right it's it's I mean we could phrase it in a more linear way.

00:35:16.000 --> 00:35:32.000 But, I think, you know, the I do think it works that's why I was just asking where you were putting it yeah because this isn't here being responsible for others is a situation or circumstance right.

00:35:32.000 --> 00:35:36.000 And then, doesn't make much sense

00:35:36.000 --> 00:35:43.000 to me.

00:35:43.000 --> 00:35:49.000 Cool. Anything else before we move on to the source of Dr.

00:35:49.000 --> 00:35:56.000 Dan says my father be extremely offended that he will don't see my perfectly sound.

00:35:56.000 --> 00:36:03.000 It's very logical, it works.

00:36:03.000 --> 00:36:07.000 Okay so under lying all this.

00:36:07.000 --> 00:36:17.000 The reason why they're having such trouble with this basically, right, they have probably here. They what they're focusing on does not compute makes them feel bad.

00:36:17.000 --> 00:36:23.000 Even the direction that they choose to go in. doesn't really compute makes them feel conflicted.

00:36:23.000 --> 00:36:26.000 Right. It's all because underneath that.

00:36:26.000 --> 00:36:30.000 He's steadfast He just won't give up.

00:36:30.000 --> 00:36:34.000 Another conflict that has to do with control.

00:36:34.000 --> 00:36:49.000 Right. And this is this is like the major one that's, that's really the thing if we were to look at him and say this, this is your problem. Obviously, Can't you see that this is that element.

00:36:49.000 --> 00:36:57.000 So, what is it that he likes a consciously thinking to control.

00:36:57.000 --> 00:37:03.000 Right, so it's defined as a method based on the organization or constraint.

00:37:03.000 --> 00:37:15.000 So if we look at these it's like you know control over something being rigid being domineering keeping something of a control.

00:37:15.000 --> 00:37:21.000 And this can be something that's an attribute of him or attributed to him. Yes. Okay.

00:37:21.000 --> 00:37:26.000 Yeah, I can go either way it's either some external thing or just the way he thinks about himself.

00:37:26.000 --> 00:37:31.000 I mean if we're in would that include being controlled.

00:37:31.000 --> 00:37:35.000 Yeah, I mean I think because we're in mind.

00:37:35.000 --> 00:37:51.000 The idea of control is it's it's in his head like he's, he's putting up walls or he's restricting himself, or he is, you know, containing his inner person.

00:37:51.000 --> 00:38:02.000 Like here like restraining yourself, he's being some dude he's some doing some aspect of his personality it's trying to control something about himself.

00:38:02.000 --> 00:38:07.000 Okay.

00:38:07.000 --> 00:38:18.000 Yeah, the only reason I push it more internal is because of our domain that we're here in mind, fixed attitude subconscious right just gets further and further internal.

00:38:18.000 --> 00:38:33.000 So Diane like the restraining on so. So let's just let's go with that so need to build on that. Let's do it. I need to strain myself.

00:38:33.000 --> 00:38:43.000 So, so why what's the reason people would feel justified restraining themselves.

00:38:43.000 --> 00:38:58.000 I don't hurt others with anger or something I don't see myself so I don't end up hurting people.

00:38:58.000 --> 00:39:05.000 less.

00:39:05.000 --> 00:39:11.000 Then, Dan said something about, because he knows he's a killer,

00:39:11.000 --> 00:39:27.000 which we could play with that idea so like, I think that fits with what I said to right yeah So on one hand he needs to restrain himself, so that he doesn't end up hurting people.

00:39:27.000 --> 00:39:33.000 Unless, you know,

00:39:33.000 --> 00:39:38.000 refreshing, depression, leads to,

00:39:38.000 --> 00:39:40.000 you know, or oppression.

00:39:40.000 --> 00:39:45.000 You don't try and say like people to repress themselves.

00:39:45.000 --> 00:39:49.000 What's, what's what's so bad about repressing yourselves.

00:39:49.000 --> 00:39:58.000 It leads to an explosive incident

00:39:58.000 --> 00:40:03.000 explosive incidents,

00:40:03.000 --> 00:40:06.000 Maybe,

00:40:06.000 --> 00:40:16.000 you know, dangerous exclusive incidents or outbursts

00:40:16.000 --> 00:40:22.000 right which yeah that's exactly the way I was thinking, or dances ulcers.

00:40:22.000 --> 00:40:27.000 Or else,

00:40:27.000 --> 00:40:40.000 it's like on one hand, subconsciously he has this deep seated justification, and he has this attitude that he if he doesn't restrain himself he's going to hurt people.

00:40:40.000 --> 00:40:46.000 At the same time he recognizes restraining myself or repressing myself, it's it's.

00:40:46.000 --> 00:40:49.000 I'm going to burst one day.

00:40:49.000 --> 00:40:56.000 You also supply more because it keeps it more internal or is that getting a little too internal, external at that stage.

00:40:56.000 --> 00:41:11.000 I missed the first part of what you said What was that again. So, It was said, like a dangerous, dangerous, an explosive outburst yes and then ulcers feels like, oh that's internalizing yeah first which feels more like is that more appropriate to keep

00:41:11.000 --> 00:41:29.000 it that internal or is that I think because this all points back to, to him, his thought process right it points back to, you know, his, I imagine this is his dangerous explosive outburst and or his ulcers.

00:41:29.000 --> 00:41:40.000 Right, right, like it could, it could be both it could end up playing in the story as both where you know he

00:41:40.000 --> 00:41:51.000 hits he just keeps controlling his feelings, locking them up blocking him up. And he explodes and he yells and then punches over because he's like oh god and I'll

00:41:51.000 --> 00:42:03.000 write it like that there's there's there's no reason you can't illustrate this and you get to it as both right because one leads to the other. Yeah, exactly.

00:42:03.000 --> 00:42:19.000 Oh, Dan says here except the uppers are imaginary feel sir internal bleeding from depression just saying, Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, but both of these at this point are potentials, right, because like nothing is happening yeah this is just his mental

00:42:19.000 --> 00:42:21.000 process.

00:42:21.000 --> 00:42:31.000 It lead it will lead to this and this is it's less to do with the things I mean you could just replace all of this with something bad.

00:42:31.000 --> 00:42:38.000 Right, that's what his mind is going through, like I need to restrain myself to stop something bad.

00:42:38.000 --> 00:42:48.000 Unless restraining myself. Please do something bad, like well hold on how can you, how can you do both How can restraining lead to both things you can't.

00:42:48.000 --> 00:42:55.000 You can't parse that he can't write that that's not going to resolve.

00:42:55.000 --> 00:42:57.000 Cool. So we have now.

00:42:57.000 --> 00:43:01.000 The the flavor of this character.

00:43:01.000 --> 00:43:06.000 Sorry guys.

00:43:06.000 --> 00:43:15.000 Does anybody have any name suggestions based on everything before we do the past the sidebar.

00:43:15.000 --> 00:43:25.000 You guys, Diane, my dog has happened to say Mathias Diana say is, OK.

00:43:25.000 --> 00:43:30.000 OK, so maybe dance. Yes, something.

00:43:30.000 --> 00:43:37.000 There's, there's always something cool to do when you look at the through line.

00:43:37.000 --> 00:43:51.000 See if any names jump out at you even just from these elements like is there a name that feels like subconscious hope, or control.

00:43:51.000 --> 00:43:54.000 You know what I mean like,

00:43:54.000 --> 00:44:00.000 because their name is sort of embodies that you have somebody named

00:44:00.000 --> 00:44:07.000 something, I don't know,

00:44:07.000 --> 00:44:21.000 and says, metal Oh my Lord, how do you say that now or yes Laureus.

00:44:21.000 --> 00:44:31.000 Anybody else got anything else or you like these.

00:44:31.000 --> 00:44:39.000 They're fine for now. Okay, yeah.

00:44:39.000 --> 00:44:46.000 When when you work through this stuff, you know, you start to really get a flavor of who this person is the way they think.

00:44:46.000 --> 00:45:01.000 And then as an author, at least the way I approach it is like it's always fun to use that to fuel, you know, a name that sort of represents that.

00:45:01.000 --> 00:45:12.000 Of course the strongest one would be a name that's like something to do with control like you know his name is, you know, yes.

00:45:12.000 --> 00:45:18.000 Sergeant or catch us waiting. Maxwell.

00:45:18.000 --> 00:45:24.000 For those of us who are old enough for Maxwell smart.

00:45:24.000 --> 00:45:32.000 This is a really deep point is I just looked at that quad for character, a real life character I'm working with and it totally speaks to His nickname.

00:45:32.000 --> 00:45:36.000 Oh really. Yeah.

00:45:36.000 --> 00:45:46.000 Yeah, like, you know, if this guy had a nickname and it was you know something about control like,

00:45:46.000 --> 00:45:51.000 You know,

00:45:51.000 --> 00:45:54.000 like,

00:45:54.000 --> 00:46:01.000 I mean this isn't a pilot film but if his if his nickname was like you know pilot or ace.

00:46:01.000 --> 00:46:06.000 Or, you know what I mean.

00:46:06.000 --> 00:46:09.000 We can circle back on that we got some options to play with.

00:46:09.000 --> 00:46:19.000 Let's use these last minutes real quick to go over the motivator. So, Given the nature of this story form.

00:46:19.000 --> 00:46:22.000 It's a.

00:46:22.000 --> 00:46:25.000 He's going to be steadfast right.

00:46:25.000 --> 00:46:34.000 And so this is the thing that he's never really going to do that he objectively should do if he's going to ever get out of this.

00:46:34.000 --> 00:46:41.000 This little pickle that he's in right because basically what's happening

00:46:41.000 --> 00:46:43.000 here.

00:46:43.000 --> 00:46:48.000 This is like a circuit that will complete.

00:46:48.000 --> 00:46:54.000 Right, it starts here, shoots them here, ping pong back around it goes back and forth.

00:46:54.000 --> 00:47:04.000 He just never, he like sees this here, but it's just, it never switches over right if you were to switch over to this.

00:47:04.000 --> 00:47:09.000 Suddenly it would stay there and everything would be at rest again.

00:47:09.000 --> 00:47:16.000 And it would stop doing this live as a great one.

00:47:16.000 --> 00:47:17.000 Right, It's.

00:47:17.000 --> 00:47:22.000 Sorry back to the names. That's really funny because it sounds like Roman or something.

00:47:22.000 --> 00:47:29.000 Right, is it might be a little, little comical.

00:47:29.000 --> 00:47:40.000 But yeah, so you see I was made about like the quad like the mind is basically his his mind is going to be looking and looking and looking and be like, It's here.

00:47:40.000 --> 00:47:50.000 It's here, it's definitely not that tier it's one of these two right, it's this or this. This definitely not that I'm not going to think about this.

00:47:50.000 --> 00:47:54.000 Right somebody comes in and be like, Why are you looking at these two things it's this.

00:47:54.000 --> 00:48:02.000 Hey guys, you, you don't know what you're talking about, it's it's it's it's this is the problem and I needed to do this, they're like no you need to do free.

00:48:02.000 --> 00:48:08.000 He's like you know you don't know what you're talking about.

00:48:08.000 --> 00:48:13.000 So, let's look at free.

00:48:13.000 --> 00:48:29.000 I mean you can already get a sense of based on what we've written about this guy so far that this guy just needs to let go, right, he needs to. He needs to give up he needs to let us inhibitions go he needs to abandon this thought process.

00:48:29.000 --> 00:48:39.000 You know he needs to let himself be a little directionless. It's going to find something good in that.

00:48:39.000 --> 00:48:42.000 Right. So,

00:48:42.000 --> 00:48:44.000 come here.

00:48:44.000 --> 00:48:52.000 Start off with, you know, let's use the need because this is, this is really the thing he needs to do.

00:48:52.000 --> 00:48:56.000 Or maybe should if he's justifying it to himself.

00:48:56.000 --> 00:49:00.000 So I should

00:49:00.000 --> 00:49:03.000 let go of things in order to.

00:49:03.000 --> 00:49:15.000 And then again here we could, we were doing some form of being but

00:49:15.000 --> 00:49:20.000 sure to, you know,

00:49:20.000 --> 00:49:28.000 feel truly helpful maybe.

00:49:28.000 --> 00:49:36.000 That makes sense.

00:49:36.000 --> 00:49:38.000 It's supposed to tie back to the issue.

00:49:38.000 --> 00:49:44.000 Yeah, it can. I mean, I always do that because

00:49:44.000 --> 00:49:53.000 it sort of keeps it in line with a whole line that we're looking at like this is all like his attitude about his subconscious feelings.

00:49:53.000 --> 00:49:59.000 The issue is hope so it's all like painted with the same brush. Great.

00:49:59.000 --> 00:50:06.000 So I always find it helpful if you can be more general, but like, why not tied into these things.

00:50:06.000 --> 00:50:19.000 So yeah like I should let go of things in order to feel hopeful, there was another one that Dan said, which was and they break this down.

00:50:19.000 --> 00:50:22.000 I should let go.

00:50:22.000 --> 00:50:32.000 go things in order to be worthy.

00:50:32.000 --> 00:50:34.000 Right.

00:50:34.000 --> 00:50:41.000 Like either those work.

00:50:41.000 --> 00:50:50.000 Diane How do you see being worthy as a product of letting go of things, maybe to be a bit more specific of that.

00:50:50.000 --> 00:50:58.000 She's on the chat worthy of self direction,

00:50:58.000 --> 00:51:02.000 where they have self direction.

00:51:02.000 --> 00:51:05.000 Okay.

00:51:05.000 --> 00:51:15.000 Right, because wouldn't his uh his argument of I shouldn't have hope come from a place of lack, on some level.

00:51:15.000 --> 00:51:22.000 I started to say that out loud and I don't know if I hadn't figured it out but I'm feeling what she's putting down I just don't know how to put it into words yet.

00:51:22.000 --> 00:51:30.000 Yeah, I mean I see what you're saying like this feeling hopeful is you're seeing this as the element of desire.

00:51:30.000 --> 00:51:38.000 Right, but it's it's it's in a positive sense right like a lack of desire.

00:51:38.000 --> 00:51:55.000 Is that what you meant like, like, I feel good about things like I'm not worried I'd have that I have a lack of of desire like I'd have a positive outlook if if if I was like oh things and say like whatever it's gonna happen it's gonna happen.

00:51:55.000 --> 00:52:10.000 It's like a positive. Hope it's like a lack of this other type of desire, where you know like oh I hope this doesn't screw everything over, which is like a negative.

00:52:10.000 --> 00:52:13.000 Dan edit and he's a gladiator he's controlled by others.

00:52:13.000 --> 00:52:19.000 There's a sense of worthiness. that is needed to your own freedom.

00:52:19.000 --> 00:52:24.000 Yeah, yeah, I understand what she's saying in that.

00:52:24.000 --> 00:52:30.000 I'm trying to figure out the best way to phrase it in terms of this conflict, actually let go of things in order to.

00:52:30.000 --> 00:52:39.000 I should let go of things in order to. I think she's talking about feel worthy

00:52:39.000 --> 00:52:41.000 of.

00:52:41.000 --> 00:52:44.000 And she said your own freedom.

00:52:44.000 --> 00:52:49.000 He'll,

00:52:49.000 --> 00:52:50.000 Phil.

00:52:50.000 --> 00:53:01.000 I guess I think I'm worthy to of being free that self control

00:53:01.000 --> 00:53:07.000 self control is which part self control the feeling where they being free.

00:53:07.000 --> 00:53:11.000 The second part, yeah.

00:53:11.000 --> 00:53:16.000 I mean, at that point, it gets subjective right like.

00:53:16.000 --> 00:53:23.000 But which one of these you're talking about like,

00:53:23.000 --> 00:53:29.000 Are you talking about your circumstances are you really just talking about yourself. Are you talking about both.

00:53:29.000 --> 00:53:34.000 It has more to do with like the conceptualizing like it could be any of them.

00:53:34.000 --> 00:53:47.000 It's just this idea of like feeling worthy of being free is a way of like, implementing this idea, like there's this idea that if you let go of things something can happen.

00:53:47.000 --> 00:53:56.000 Right. And so your sense of self is is that element at play there. does that make sense.

00:53:56.000 --> 00:54:01.000 Yes. So you're looking for the positive thing of letting go.

00:54:01.000 --> 00:54:03.000 Yes.

00:54:03.000 --> 00:54:11.000 Yeah and either these either these could work I think this too is going to have a flip side to it.

00:54:11.000 --> 00:54:15.000 So what's another

00:54:15.000 --> 00:54:25.000 instance of free.

00:54:25.000 --> 00:54:29.000 That has to do with you know

00:54:29.000 --> 00:54:35.000 your situation and this this idea about your situation in terms of free.

00:54:35.000 --> 00:54:48.000 So again, free is like being unrestrained living free restraints, letting go, being sloppy.

00:54:48.000 --> 00:54:53.000 Maybe like

00:54:53.000 --> 00:54:55.000 I just lost my train of thought.

00:54:55.000 --> 00:54:56.000 That's cool.

00:54:56.000 --> 00:55:02.000 Dan said rage would be a kind of freedom to be afraid of.

00:55:02.000 --> 00:55:04.000 So I think she's saying.

00:55:04.000 --> 00:55:21.000 Unless, you know, the, the idea of, of being free is is a scary,

00:55:21.000 --> 00:55:26.000 scary situation I guess you could say.

00:55:26.000 --> 00:55:35.000 What if his freedom unleashes then hit the killer side of him which he ultimately doesn't want to do or people in control want him to unleash and that's not what he wants.

00:55:35.000 --> 00:55:45.000 Is there something in that. Yeah, it's like, I think this is a How would you define that like I wrote situation but I think that's exactly what you're talking about.

00:55:45.000 --> 00:55:52.000 like what is that situation it's it's a scary.

00:55:52.000 --> 00:55:58.000 Maybe we could do you know Leads Leads to, like, uncontrolled rage.

00:55:58.000 --> 00:56:05.000 Yeah, like, well,

00:56:05.000 --> 00:56:15.000 are you saying that in place of the free here know the the idea of being free leads to like and I mean basically if the idea is that the person is a killer and they're repressing themselves.

00:56:15.000 --> 00:56:17.000 and if they're free.

00:56:17.000 --> 00:56:25.000 You know, it's kind of like the the rage that and whatever that whatever that killing urge is gets really what it was.

00:56:25.000 --> 00:56:30.000 So keep that general.

00:56:30.000 --> 00:56:34.000 I mean I think we said earlier that that's the thing he's afraid of right.

00:56:34.000 --> 00:56:37.000 Right. Yes.

00:56:37.000 --> 00:56:40.000 Right. That's why he doesn't want to be free.

00:56:40.000 --> 00:56:54.000 Let's just say that that being free leads to the thing I'm afraid of right because the thing about this element, and that it's in conflict is that you know if this were a happy story.

00:56:54.000 --> 00:57:09.000 He switched over to be in Korea, he would still be going through this mental process but he would be in a good place with it, right, like I need to let go of things in order to feel hopeful or to feel like I'm worth being free, except that this idea of

00:57:09.000 --> 00:57:13.000 being free is the thing that scares me.

00:57:13.000 --> 00:57:22.000 right but if this were a positive story he would go through this mental journey to arrive at this same solution.

00:57:22.000 --> 00:57:25.000 And be okay with it.

00:57:25.000 --> 00:57:34.000 Right like yes it's scary, but I feel worthy of being free right so so like if this were.

00:57:34.000 --> 00:57:50.000 Is it another way, is this, this is a tragedy. So it's a warning story. And, and the lesson that we learned from this morning is. He should have changed, and this is what the change should be. And then we would have had happy instead.

00:57:50.000 --> 00:57:53.000 Yes, yes.

00:57:53.000 --> 00:58:00.000 So, we don't want to say that he should have changed, and it would be terrible also.

00:58:00.000 --> 00:58:14.000 Yeah, we should every time this comes up in our storytelling once we get into things will see this pop up will see somebody point their finger at him and say man Don't you get it like you can like go things to get this hope that you're after this this

00:58:14.000 --> 00:58:17.000 is your main issue your main issue is hope.

00:58:17.000 --> 00:58:18.000 Right.

00:58:18.000 --> 00:58:26.000 And like it's not that you should avoid being disappointed like hope is the thing that's going to like if you just let go, you'll feel that hope in a good way.

00:58:26.000 --> 00:58:30.000 You know, and they'll say well yeah but I'm afraid I can't I'm afraid to do that.

00:58:30.000 --> 00:58:46.000 They're like you need to be okay with that. You need to be okay with being a little afraid to feel to teach you to reap the benefits of letting go.

00:58:46.000 --> 00:58:58.000 Also leaves it for the context because I'm not being specific of what the, the afraid of thing is, we might as a reader as an audience we might be afraid of that too.

00:58:58.000 --> 00:59:05.000 Oh, yeah, of course yeah I mean whatever we painted as in the storytelling and the illustrations.

00:59:05.000 --> 00:59:11.000 I mean, even if we get specific here in our story form.

00:59:11.000 --> 00:59:23.000 It's some version of the thing you're afraid of. So you'll, you'll pick up as the reader on that metaphor that like okay this character is afraid of becoming a monster.

00:59:23.000 --> 00:59:38.000 That's just like in my life I'm afraid of, you know, becoming a bad parent, or you know whatever it is, you'll, you'll you'll make that mental connection but that's why I like breaking it down to this level where we don't have any context, because we're

00:59:38.000 --> 00:59:51.000 getting to the root of that universal thing that everybody can can relate to everybody's going to have a thing they're afraid of. And that also gets the story stakes that's the actual story stake right there.

00:59:51.000 --> 00:59:55.000 For the main character, yeah for the main character Yeah, that's what's at stake for them.

00:59:55.000 --> 01:00:03.000 Yeah that's that's what they feel is, You know, when they look at the solution.

01:00:03.000 --> 01:00:12.000 They definitely feel like that's the problem right like he's afraid that the real underlying thing here.

01:00:12.000 --> 01:00:17.000 So he feels like he needs to restrain himself right which is the opposite of letting go.

01:00:17.000 --> 01:00:19.000 Because he's going to hurt people.

01:00:19.000 --> 01:00:23.000 But he's also at the same time afraid of like these dangerous efforts.

01:00:23.000 --> 01:00:30.000 Right, so he's, he's afraid of these things is afraid of hurting upset him, sorry he's afraid of hurting other people.

01:00:30.000 --> 01:00:35.000 If you restrain himself, and also if he doesn't restrain himself.

01:00:35.000 --> 01:00:49.000 And it's really just looking at it from the other side of that coin this free element that like man just stop worrying so much just let it go.

01:00:49.000 --> 01:00:54.000 But this isn't a happy story for him.

01:00:54.000 --> 01:00:57.000 So we'll see this play out with him.

01:00:57.000 --> 01:01:03.000 So next week when we come back to this will start to see what will keep this here.

01:01:03.000 --> 01:01:08.000 I might summarize it so it's not so much to read

01:01:08.000 --> 01:01:22.000 and use that as a sort of guiding principle to, to keep it our minds as we start detailing out. The signposts, and then we break it down and we'll look at, you know, the individual sequence beats.

01:01:22.000 --> 01:01:31.000 And hopefully, we might be able to look at a level lower at the scene element if we want to go that far for this class.

01:01:31.000 --> 01:01:36.000 Sounds good. Yeah. And if anybody has any more name suggestions in the time off.

01:01:36.000 --> 01:01:39.000 Let me know

01:01:39.000 --> 01:01:46.000 and Diane is singing from Frozen in the chat.

01:01:46.000 --> 01:01:47.000 Great.

01:01:47.000 --> 01:01:53.000 Any questions before we stand for the for the week.

01:01:53.000 --> 01:01:54.000 Nope.

01:01:54.000 --> 01:02:24.000 Thank you. Well, I hope this is helpful. It's going to be fun to do.