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Season 5 Episode 3 | Recorded Jan 28th, 2021

A Re-analysis of Hitchcock's Rear Window

Building a more comprehensive understanding of narrative structure

In this class, we re-visit the original Dramatica anlsysis of Rear Window to discover the true subtext lying beneath the more superficial aspects of the story. Once aligned to a different source of conflict, the structure and meaning of the story becomes more visible and enlightening.

After making an argument for this new understanding of the film, Jim then proceeds to explain how Subtext now accomodates the Holistic perspective of time into the actual structure of a storyform. Instead of relying on the default Linear appreciation, Subtext now shifts its presentation of narrative to account for the Holistic's unqiue take on the progression of life's events.

The result?

An exciting and illuminating look at the inequities that compel many to count this film a classic.