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Season 3 Episode 8 | Recorded Feb 27th, 2020 | Series: Blacklist Script Analysis

JoJo Rabbit and the Blacklist Script Analysis of Move On

We begin covering the clever thematic construct behind 2019's Academy Award winner for Best Adapted Screenplay, JoJo Rabbit. In addition, we explore how the unique narrative structure behind this film matches two films from last year--almost as if everyone is collectively exploring the same thematic issues.

We then move on to the Dramatica analysis of the Blacklist script, Move On, fully expecting it to be a short and disappointing venture...only to find out that the reason the film scored highest on everyone's charts for 2019 was because of its unique exploration of an under-serviced area of narrative. Find out why the most popular un-produced script of 2019 could very well end up on the stage.