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Season 5 Episode 14 | Recorded Apr 22nd, 2021

Narrative Analysis of Succession - Season One

An in-depth and enlightening look at this masterpiece of television

In the first ever deep-dive narrative analysis of an entire season of television, Jim covers the phenomenal HBO series, Succession. Investigating both the pilot and second episode of the first season, Jim takes a look at the meaningful story beneath the artistry of captivating performances and expertly paced editing and direction.

This series of classes in the Writers Room will cover the entirety of the series from beginning to end, and will look to see the Storyform for each individual episode as well as possible Storyforms for each season and perhaps the entire series itself.

Live Transcription

00:00:00.000 --> 00:00:18.000 Here we go. Hello everyone welcome to season five Episode 14 of the writers room. Today is the first part of our multi part series where we're going to look at HBO secession is a fantastic show I forgot how amazing it was when I was watching it last night.

00:00:18.000 --> 00:00:37.000 And what I want to do is take each episode a little bit at a time, and kind of get an idea of what maybe the bigger picture story form is for not only the entire series which I don't necessarily think is over quite yet, because this is April, 2021 there's

00:00:37.000 --> 00:00:49.000 been two seasons I'm sure there's going to be more, do you have echo inhibited I should. Everybody, it shouldn't be as bad. Hopefully, let me know is there Echo, does anybody hear echo.

00:00:49.000 --> 00:00:51.000 Okay, Sounds good. Yeah.

00:00:51.000 --> 00:00:57.000 Alright, cool. Um, so yeah so the entire series and quite over yet.

00:00:57.000 --> 00:01:09.000 I'm sure there's going to be more but we're just going to go over the two seasons, and then obviously if it pops up, was the third one. And what I want to do is kind of get the sense of what it might be like if you're trying to write your own series,

00:01:09.000 --> 00:01:20.000 and maybe you have an idea for the first couple episodes but you know not the bigger picture. Also to give different strategies and what it's like to do each individual episode.

00:01:20.000 --> 00:01:25.000 And just to see something that's really well written.

00:01:25.000 --> 00:01:40.000 That might not necessarily have used dramatic and in shape or form to actually form what it's like to use dramatic and or subtext to kind of organize all the different things that are going on to kind of think your way through the series so that you could

00:01:40.000 --> 00:01:54.000 possibly write something of equal or have better exceeding quality. So, the first thing I want to do so last, last week I has to watch the first two episodes of the first season.

00:01:54.000 --> 00:02:11.000 And like I said, we might have inklings of what, there will be a story form for the entire season which is typically how most TV series work, so that at the end of the last episode of season, you get something that sets up the potential for the next season.

00:02:11.000 --> 00:02:32.000 season. I know, HBO is big love the first two seasons were actually part of the same story form, and it was just like a midpoint, which was the first season that didn't went into the second, but I'm pretty sure, as I recall, secession HBO.

00:02:32.000 --> 00:02:43.000 There was one for the first season, there's definitely one for the second season, and then interesting enough and really interesting to see if each episode also has its own sort of story form.

00:02:43.000 --> 00:02:59.000 So the first thing you do when you're trying to figure out what is the story forum is you want to set all the different perspectives, because anything can mean anything until you know exactly where you're situated, and who you're going to position as

00:02:59.000 --> 00:03:08.000 the main character, we want to influence character, and in a TV series, there might also be several different narratives going on so something like Game of Thrones.

00:03:08.000 --> 00:03:24.000 There's certainly a first season story form, which was a setup for further story points and there are other storage forms in that first season that maybe have maybe the first signpost, maybe half the first signpost, but then get wrapped up in subsequent

00:03:24.000 --> 00:03:38.000 seasons. So, there isn't just one narrative for a story, not like a hero's journey and this is the story. There are several different narratives and what sets of narrative, or the perspectives.

00:03:38.000 --> 00:03:54.000 So, we have a bunch of different cast of characters here for secession, and I'm going to share this thing right here writers room. Okay.

00:03:54.000 --> 00:03:59.000 So, this is the clip documentary vehicle afterwards to go over it.

00:03:59.000 --> 00:04:05.000 We have the objective scoring through line, the main character.

00:04:05.000 --> 00:04:14.000 Line influence character, and the relationship story. And for those of you who are super familiar with all this.

00:04:14.000 --> 00:04:23.000 Forgive the repeat of stuff can never hurt to go over it again. And then for people that are brand new it's great for them to actually understand what the heck we're talking about.

00:04:23.000 --> 00:04:33.000 So, in the broad sense of the first two episodes of secession.

00:04:33.000 --> 00:04:43.000 What is everybody concerned with what's the big thing going on. Anybody have any clue what that would be.

00:04:43.000 --> 00:04:45.000 Who's going to run the company.

00:04:45.000 --> 00:04:54.000 Okay, who's going to run and the company is called waste.

00:04:54.000 --> 00:04:59.000 Waste are really Co. Ok,

00:04:59.000 --> 00:05:01.000 Back to my quick.

00:05:01.000 --> 00:05:06.000 Yeah, he's gonna run it if they're the father's slogans incapacitated.

00:05:06.000 --> 00:05:10.000 Interesting.

00:05:10.000 --> 00:05:11.000 Okay.

00:05:11.000 --> 00:05:14.000 My transcription.

00:05:14.000 --> 00:05:19.000 Okay, who was going to run

00:05:19.000 --> 00:05:22.000 or Co.

00:05:22.000 --> 00:05:29.000 Just a question was, it is that transcription is still the bug or did it just up and disappear. Yeah, I still see it. Okay, cool.

00:05:29.000 --> 00:05:41.000 Alright so who's gonna run waste our waco. All right, and who are the different options for people who could possibly play that part

00:05:41.000 --> 00:05:43.000 can go.

00:05:43.000 --> 00:05:49.000 And oh,

00:05:49.000 --> 00:05:56.000 no, Roman were some of the other players.

00:05:56.000 --> 00:06:05.000 What's sister's name I couldn't understand it, they said shift on okay.

00:06:05.000 --> 00:06:12.000 Jeff is like weapon prison.

00:06:12.000 --> 00:06:14.000 They throw out.

00:06:14.000 --> 00:06:19.000 Jerry right.

00:06:19.000 --> 00:06:21.000 That was on the second episode.

00:06:21.000 --> 00:06:25.000 I think she was an actress. She was in Come in.

00:06:25.000 --> 00:06:39.000 Kendall Roman getting all the players here oh there's Connor, right, that's the older guy with the girlfriends Kindle Roy Roy a

00:06:39.000 --> 00:06:44.000 worship there yes yeah Siobhan

00:06:44.000 --> 00:06:49.000 lying on

00:06:49.000 --> 00:06:51.000 the daughter.

00:06:51.000 --> 00:06:57.000 Well we have, obviously, Frank the right hand man.

00:06:57.000 --> 00:07:00.000 I can't predict him.

00:07:00.000 --> 00:07:03.000 Logan Roy.

00:07:03.000 --> 00:07:06.000 Frank was praying right was his right hand man. Yeah.

00:07:06.000 --> 00:07:12.000 Frank burnin says old friends

00:07:12.000 --> 00:07:16.000 are some of the players actually let's just get on with players.

00:07:16.000 --> 00:07:26.000 Like I don't remember what the wife's name is Marsha Marsha Marsha right wife number three.

00:07:26.000 --> 00:07:31.000 Right three Thank you. It's great. And then,

00:07:31.000 --> 00:07:39.000 we don't mention people, people from the woman is like.

00:07:39.000 --> 00:07:40.000 You hear me.

00:07:40.000 --> 00:07:41.000 Yes.

00:07:41.000 --> 00:07:44.000 Yeah, we don't see them but dimension.

00:07:44.000 --> 00:07:52.000 Some people inside the company that that would really, really, that could take over.

00:07:52.000 --> 00:08:02.000 We don't know we don't know them, but they are like in the way from inside the company, other people, some other Insider.

00:08:02.000 --> 00:08:03.000 Yeah.

00:08:03.000 --> 00:08:16.000 I think what there was one of them was the pasty face square foot square faced guy who was talking to Jerry about in the boardroom. The makeshift boardroom at the hospital.

00:08:16.000 --> 00:08:22.000 He was seemed to be one of the candidates so that we don't get a clear name for him yet.

00:08:22.000 --> 00:08:28.000 Yeah, that was the American Psycho guy right which was the car.

00:08:28.000 --> 00:08:34.000 No, yeah Carlson's right yeah.

00:08:34.000 --> 00:08:42.000 Somebody that would take the company, away from the family. Eventually, yeah.

00:08:42.000 --> 00:08:45.000 But in Jerry, the operating.

00:08:45.000 --> 00:08:54.000 She's a lawyer. She's Chief Counsel counsel right okay, right. All right. She and Frank know where the bodies lay.

00:08:54.000 --> 00:08:56.000 Yes.

00:08:56.000 --> 00:09:01.000 Oh, great. So I'm Greg.

00:09:01.000 --> 00:09:04.000 Greg is the,

00:09:04.000 --> 00:09:16.000 none of us really think that he has a shot at that but. And of course, the guy.

00:09:16.000 --> 00:09:17.000 And there is stuff.

00:09:17.000 --> 00:09:23.000 Oh yeah, Tom Yeah, I'm so sure.

00:09:23.000 --> 00:09:32.000 Two of them are great. Okay. And then, I think that's it well then you could put as long as you're putting long shots out there, Logan Roy's brother.

00:09:32.000 --> 00:09:37.000 Oh yes, we do but we don't really have a clue as to who that is. Yeah, right.

00:09:37.000 --> 00:09:40.000 Sure it's grandfather for Greg.

00:09:40.000 --> 00:09:42.000 Yeah.

00:09:42.000 --> 00:09:50.000 He what we do what we do know is that he has a seat on the, on the big powerhouse board.

00:09:50.000 --> 00:10:08.000 And then they, in the first episode, there is an encounter with a guy who's running an online company that they're trying to. Oh yeah, which is vaulter right as the name right, which appears to be Fox.

00:10:08.000 --> 00:10:11.000 See,

00:10:11.000 --> 00:10:17.000 just want to get him down as a player not necessarily just take over.

00:10:17.000 --> 00:10:32.000 Ultra studio and his name was Mr dye.

00:10:32.000 --> 00:10:48.000 Okay, yeah. And he's the one that's like balter like in, in, in pole vault, or is it like vaulting over somebody who's in your way.

00:10:48.000 --> 00:10:54.000 Alright. Perfect. Okay, so in.

00:10:54.000 --> 00:10:57.000 Yeah. So in the first episode.

00:10:57.000 --> 00:11:05.000 It's all about who's gonna win that taking over. And then the dad has a brain aneurysm.

00:11:05.000 --> 00:11:12.000 At the end of the first episode and then that goes into the second where she's in the hospital the entire time.

00:11:12.000 --> 00:11:20.000 And they're all trying to figure out, you know what's going on and who's going to take over and stuff. So I would just disagree a little bit.

00:11:20.000 --> 00:11:32.000 I think that there's a split between the first and the second that the first episode is about the takeover. That's what everyone seems to be concerned about the second one is about more about who's really going to run the company.

00:11:32.000 --> 00:11:37.000 Even whether it's just temporary.

00:11:37.000 --> 00:11:43.000 Because the first one, they barely touch upon

00:11:43.000 --> 00:11:48.000 the taking over in the running of the company is just set up for the second second episode.

00:11:48.000 --> 00:11:57.000 In my opinion, and the by takeovers You mean like to take over a Vaulters that thing. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

00:11:57.000 --> 00:12:08.000 And everyone's concerned with that that's why Roman goes down there that's why dad checked in with Roman as to what was happening down there. That's why the guy who's the heir apparent.

00:12:08.000 --> 00:12:19.000 Why, Kendall is, is, is so concerned in the whole first episode is that he needs to prove his bone a few days.

00:12:19.000 --> 00:12:33.000 By closing the deal. And in fact, that's why he loses extensively it looks like why he loses his position is because he actually came to see his father's birthday, as opposed to closing the damn deal, Right.

00:12:33.000 --> 00:12:38.000 So, that's kind of a big thing. Okay. right.

00:12:38.000 --> 00:12:40.000 Yeah.

00:12:40.000 --> 00:12:45.000 Right, everyone else's and everyone else is involved in it.

00:12:45.000 --> 00:12:55.000 Everyone has been involved in but that is kind of like his thing right like everybody's given him gruff about you know him either. Some people think he can do it.

00:12:55.000 --> 00:12:58.000 Some people think he can't do it.

00:12:58.000 --> 00:13:06.000 That's like taking care of parent is his thing. I think buying the company is what the episode was about.

00:13:06.000 --> 00:13:16.000 Oh, yeah, yeah, no, I'm not disagreeing with you I'm just moving on to Kendall so because I thought that was interesting about the heir apparent stuff, or as putting that into Kindle.

00:13:16.000 --> 00:13:20.000 What's Romans sort of issue.

00:13:20.000 --> 00:13:27.000 Is there one that you can tell

00:13:27.000 --> 00:13:32.000 what Daddy wants them back in

00:13:32.000 --> 00:13:39.000 and Roman doesn't seem to have any sense of control.

00:13:39.000 --> 00:13:44.000 He doesn't fit in with the corporate world or personality,

00:13:44.000 --> 00:13:57.000 corporate world, right he was in Hollywood for a while working with frame, but all his ideas that was really listened to him right, it's just like a figurehead sort of thing.

00:13:57.000 --> 00:14:00.000 You're in Hollywood.

00:14:00.000 --> 00:14:12.000 And then of course somewhere in the first episode his dad offers them, or they work it out that he would take over for Frank, so that he could have some sort of power and Shiv.

00:14:12.000 --> 00:14:23.000 I don't really think the first two episodes we have an idea of what her deal is definitely the rest of the season, particularly second one, get a lot more of that.

00:14:23.000 --> 00:14:31.000 What is Connor.

00:14:31.000 --> 00:14:35.000 She's done politics, not family business.

00:14:35.000 --> 00:14:39.000 And for Connor.

00:14:39.000 --> 00:14:43.000 What's his deal when it comes to the company.

00:14:43.000 --> 00:14:56.000 Stay not involved, you guys figure it out I don't want to be. He's tired of games. Yeah, we're interested in making sourdough bread. yeah.

00:14:56.000 --> 00:14:59.000 Don't forget he's going to hoard water.

00:14:59.000 --> 00:15:07.000 Water. Yes, because that's the future and but his eyes will be saved from any light pollution

00:15:07.000 --> 00:15:10.000 family. Okay.

00:15:10.000 --> 00:15:20.000 Um, let's talk about. So we have a basic sort of idea of what the objective story is there's some stuff that's going on.

00:15:20.000 --> 00:15:33.000 What about main characters, there are some sense in the first two episodes at least or. Let's just do the first episode. Is there a sense of who the main character would be.

00:15:33.000 --> 00:15:36.000 Take candle.

00:15:36.000 --> 00:15:41.000 Candle right like I think that's really super clear.

00:15:41.000 --> 00:15:57.000 And his his issue of being heir apparent I mean that's like, that's completely it totally expects. He's so comfortable with it, that he's like hey dude and talking to was very disrespectful and just like I'm just going to get this it's no big deal and

00:15:57.000 --> 00:15:57.000 it was really nervous about it.

00:15:57.000 --> 00:16:05.000 really nervous about it. But, you know, things don't quite work out the way that he had hoped.

00:16:05.000 --> 00:16:14.000 In that first episode who would be the influence character and kind of challenges him to grow personally.

00:16:14.000 --> 00:16:20.000 Logan Logan.

00:16:20.000 --> 00:16:28.000 I didn't hear who was

00:16:28.000 --> 00:16:31.000 character. All right.

00:16:31.000 --> 00:16:36.000 And what is his point of view.

00:16:36.000 --> 00:16:42.000 That is different from the way that Kendall does things

00:16:42.000 --> 00:16:44.000 Business over family.

00:16:44.000 --> 00:16:51.000 Definitely business over family that's very specific like how do you do the business ruthless.

00:16:51.000 --> 00:16:53.000 Yeah.

00:16:53.000 --> 00:17:05.000 I'll try to keep it clean but there are some analogies to how we were supposed to take care of takeovers when people, you know, in the meetings don't necessarily agree with you.

00:17:05.000 --> 00:17:13.000 And what's the big contest, so to speak. Yeah.

00:17:13.000 --> 00:17:21.000 What is, and then so what is Kimball's approach

00:17:21.000 --> 00:17:27.000 is trying to please and appeases father at first kind of whatever you want.

00:17:27.000 --> 00:17:31.000 It's almost like a people pleaser right like if anybody challenges him.

00:17:31.000 --> 00:17:41.000 It's like, Well what what was the what is it going to take, like, just give a dog a card I get you more money. When it's like it has nothing to do with that whatsoever and somebody turns it down as a cycle, I please I'm not gonna make him happy.

00:17:41.000 --> 00:17:51.000 That's a cycle, I please I'm not gonna make him happy. Right. Yeah. And that goes even worse when, when he talks to his dad like in the first half of the first episode.

00:17:51.000 --> 00:18:00.000 Every time his dad called him, he was like, he would always say, everything's going great like everything's good everything's good you know even when things going terrible.

00:18:00.000 --> 00:18:04.000 He always says it's going good.

00:18:04.000 --> 00:18:21.000 And then so Sophie have the main character, the first character and we have a really good sense of the objective story is there also a relationship story through line in that first episode

00:18:21.000 --> 00:18:35.000 No, I think, I think it's there I mean like you get you don't get a sense of like the whole family relationship being just like totally messed up.

00:18:35.000 --> 00:18:40.000 So definitely in the family is very dysfunctional Right. Yeah.

00:18:40.000 --> 00:18:53.000 And I think there is a relationship between Kendall and his dad that's you see it in like those moments when you know like when it when he he came to the birthday party.

00:18:53.000 --> 00:19:00.000 And, you know, the way that he was sort of like rejected about that kind of.

00:19:00.000 --> 00:19:02.000 It

00:19:02.000 --> 00:19:06.000 was going on there. Yeah.

00:19:06.000 --> 00:19:17.000 I mean there's a great scene of those left that when he when he basically tells him know at the party and then he just kind of storms off like he got sent to his room.

00:19:17.000 --> 00:19:34.000 But the grown adult child whose father is just scolded him. Yeah, there's definitely. And I have to say. He's the only one with Father issues, because obviously Logan's not the nicest are the easiest father to get along with.

00:19:34.000 --> 00:19:36.000 They all have that.

00:19:36.000 --> 00:19:53.000 But I would tend to think like maybe in the first episode, certainly like their dynamic, which could go in with the business versus family sort of thing, because the ruthlessness is, you know, kind of point of view, whereas the people pleaser.

00:19:53.000 --> 00:20:00.000 And then, how you're like, you know, supposed to run the company stuff would likely be the relationship story.

00:20:00.000 --> 00:20:02.000 Right.

00:20:02.000 --> 00:20:06.000 So, Good for.

00:20:06.000 --> 00:20:24.000 I also thought that the way that the episode started was that the Logan was, actually, that there had been a decision before the story before we see the story that Logan had was about to announce that Kendall was going to leave the company right that

00:20:24.000 --> 00:20:24.000 was what was about to happen so the inciting incident is that Logan changed his mind.

00:20:24.000 --> 00:20:32.000 what was about to happen so the inciting incident is that Logan changed his mind. And so that's.

00:20:32.000 --> 00:20:42.000 And it seems like Logan was having an issue himself about it.

00:20:42.000 --> 00:20:48.000 So I didn't hear a lot of that, I don't know if everybody got to hear it but it was kind of choppy for me.

00:20:48.000 --> 00:20:52.000 It was everybody able to hear what that was.

00:20:52.000 --> 00:20:53.000 Yeah.

00:20:53.000 --> 00:21:06.000 She's right, it's a decision as this decision of Kendall being in charge was taken at the beginning of the first episode,

00:21:06.000 --> 00:21:09.000 he was, he was going to be to be in charge.

00:21:09.000 --> 00:21:16.000 And then, Roy changed his mind

00:21:16.000 --> 00:21:18.000 on

00:21:18.000 --> 00:21:31.000 he changes his mind when he sees the top of the magazine because they're just about to announce candles, just about to make the announcement about Kendall leaving the leading the company and Logan stepping down.

00:21:31.000 --> 00:21:39.000 And that's it was when he saw the magazine with candles picture on the top right after that, that's when he.

00:21:39.000 --> 00:21:46.000 That's when it seemed to me that he changed his mind, Logan changed his mind.

00:21:46.000 --> 00:21:59.000 What he says is, it's an accumulation of things. The fact that that he was at his birthday, instead of staying

00:21:59.000 --> 00:22:04.000 in the room to negotiate.

00:22:04.000 --> 00:22:09.000 So

00:22:09.000 --> 00:22:20.000 he's i mean he's also trying to manipulate everyone with the, with the power of attorney to trust power of attorney thing.

00:22:20.000 --> 00:22:30.000 Agenda too. Yeah. And so we try to play everybody with that. And so course Kindle immediately Sally I will do whatever I'll do whatever you say and then we are you having trouble hearing the rest of us to.

00:22:30.000 --> 00:22:45.000 Are you having trouble hearing the rest of us too. Yes, so I was I keep asking if everybody's having that problem and nobody's answering me so I don't know if nobody here. Yeah, we can hear you.

00:22:45.000 --> 00:22:49.000 We can hear you must not be able to hear us. Can you hear me.

00:22:49.000 --> 00:22:51.000 That's fun.

00:22:51.000 --> 00:22:53.000 Maybe it's called.

00:22:53.000 --> 00:22:55.000 Right.

00:22:55.000 --> 00:23:05.000 So, yes, uh, I didn't really want to get into like the drivers and that kind of thing right what I wanted to talk about, because we're still talking about the four three lines.

00:23:05.000 --> 00:23:16.000 And since we know where the.

00:23:16.000 --> 00:23:34.000 My next question would be, when it comes to the personality, for the series does there seem to be a certain arrangement of the four three lines that feels closer to a sense of what it's about, that it will be consistent throughout the entire series, you

00:23:34.000 --> 00:23:36.000 know it's not.

00:23:36.000 --> 00:23:41.000 When it comes to something like this where you look at the four three lines and you see how they're all related to one another.

00:23:41.000 --> 00:23:51.000 Um, they, they don't necessarily, they wouldn't necessarily shift from episode to episode it's gonna feel like a completely different series.

00:23:51.000 --> 00:24:06.000 There might occasionally be a time when it changes but for the most part, it'll stay consistent from beginning to end. So, we could go start with the objective story, get start with the main character, how about objective story does it seem something

00:24:06.000 --> 00:24:18.000 that's more in the universe something about physics something psychology something influence character or. Does anybody have a sense of all four at once because really, you got to kind of look at all for it once.

00:24:18.000 --> 00:24:24.000 Anyways, to make it's just like the Godfather without the crime parts so it's a political.

00:24:24.000 --> 00:24:39.000 The political drama about succession. That's what I mean that's it's right in the title. It's a political family drama about succession, which is also what the Godfather is about but it has crime and injustice in it but this, at least for the first two

00:24:39.000 --> 00:24:42.000 episodes I don't see that.

00:24:42.000 --> 00:24:50.000 So to piggyback off of that then the objective story sitting in obtaining feels right like universe.

00:24:50.000 --> 00:25:03.000 And that universe was the other side activity, because they're there yet. The active they're willing after they have a problem of the activity of obtaining control the company.

00:25:03.000 --> 00:25:13.000 And then to carry off of that the main character has a concern of the future like am I going to be in control, I'm not going to be controlled we're going to have a family I'm going to be a drug addict, and let me do this was the booking.

00:25:13.000 --> 00:25:20.000 So there's my two cents. Okay.

00:25:20.000 --> 00:25:23.000 Anybody else have anything to add.

00:25:23.000 --> 00:25:28.000 Sets Angela here Can you hear me. Yes, yes.

00:25:28.000 --> 00:25:35.000 I felt that the object or the overall story was in psychology.

00:25:35.000 --> 00:25:48.000 Okay, because everybody is concerned, or all kinds of speculation going on all the time.

00:25:48.000 --> 00:25:50.000 Okay.

00:25:50.000 --> 00:26:02.000 And that would give it a very different feel from the object destroying physics, which would be more about the actual activities that they're doing this would be much more about the psychological nature of it and the manipulations that go on and that

00:26:02.000 --> 00:26:04.000 kind of stuff.

00:26:04.000 --> 00:26:05.000 Right.

00:26:05.000 --> 00:26:17.000 I, I think that from my opinions that ROI is is a is a big manipulator.

00:26:17.000 --> 00:26:20.000 So we would be would be

00:26:20.000 --> 00:26:26.000 secateurs psychology

00:26:26.000 --> 00:26:39.000 and Kendall is trying to be the king, instead of the king so is an activity is doing everything for that.

00:26:39.000 --> 00:26:43.000 And the relationship

00:26:43.000 --> 00:26:53.000 is, is there is there is the opinion of of the father to his son.

00:26:53.000 --> 00:27:02.000 It's what what and what does the sun think that his father thinks of instance of VM admin for Kindle.

00:27:02.000 --> 00:27:04.000 Okay.

00:27:04.000 --> 00:27:11.000 And then the objective story is just that, that would be just.

00:27:11.000 --> 00:27:14.000 Yeah, the future of the company.

00:27:14.000 --> 00:27:16.000 Okay.

00:27:16.000 --> 00:27:27.000 Does anybody have any other so far we've got the objective story in physics, we have it in psychology we have it in future.

00:27:27.000 --> 00:27:35.000 Now I shift I shift to manipulation psychology for objective story that feels really right

00:27:35.000 --> 00:27:48.000 along with Nicholas I don't know if I understand the three lines enough anyways fairly but yeah, so I wouldn't be able to discuss it. Yeah. Um, so I agree with Angela.

00:27:48.000 --> 00:28:09.000 Also, and with Jill on manipulation for the OS seems to be where all the problems are arising out of instead of everybody being forthright with each other what we see is that the game has been ship in taking over Baltar, we see the gamesmanship on on

00:28:09.000 --> 00:28:25.000 the, the testing that's going on, such as dad going down there and saying oh it's my birthday. And, you know, you only get so many and then of course he disinherit him or remove them from being heir apparent when he actually shows up for the birthday,

00:28:25.000 --> 00:28:35.000 we see, she not committing, even though she's committed to not signing the trust documents.

00:28:35.000 --> 00:28:47.000 Later on we'll even see that dad has taught all his kids how to manipulate each other and in the helicopter ride before he has a stroke they say that it's just an opening position.

00:28:47.000 --> 00:28:52.000 Oh yes, that's perfect yes yes, the two that actually know what they're doing.

00:28:52.000 --> 00:29:11.000 That they was they were playing games right like so the part I think is a really great illustration of psychology victim story because that's that involves everybody like talking to Bob, even when they're just talking to the people on the hospital and

00:29:11.000 --> 00:29:27.000 like, well we don't we're not going to lie but you know we can just let out certain amount of information so that we can manipulate the stock market like everything's this like gamesmanship who's going to take over and do this, and I mean that first episode

00:29:27.000 --> 00:29:38.000 first episode is just him completely manipulating everybody so you can also see it with the outside the family it with with Walter.

00:29:38.000 --> 00:29:44.000 Because in carry over a little bit to the second second story I think but the second episode but.

00:29:44.000 --> 00:30:03.000 So, so, Kendall says, you know, basically threatened vaulter to keep its mouth shut and says I own you and, and then Walter says, and the upshot is that Kendall says well you don't you're not going to get this deal that I just sweeten the pot for you

00:30:03.000 --> 00:30:14.000 if you don't pony up, and then Walter right away says, it says that you Walter says, Well I have that piece of paper and he says that piece of paper is worth nothing.

00:30:14.000 --> 00:30:32.000 And so then Walter says to itself Fine, then we're going to put it out there. And that's what they do is they put out all the news so that way the stock is going to drop on all the family machinations that are going on.

00:30:32.000 --> 00:30:44.000 If the objective stories in physics, as something like Stranger Things, or x file you know like these sort of physical room for, or any of the Marvel things that are on Disney plus.

00:30:44.000 --> 00:30:52.000 It's the physical activities of trying to investigate something figure out something, or whatever, beating up people.

00:30:52.000 --> 00:31:08.000 That's a very different genre and the, you would look at the conflicts that come out of the things that people are actually doing and if they just stop it, then it would be fine to have it in universe, then there's actually something that's stuck, something

00:31:08.000 --> 00:31:15.000 in the extra little that start that you have to either remove or take out of place or replaced with something else.

00:31:15.000 --> 00:31:31.000 In order to fix all the problems in the story. And so, I don't know if that would necessarily fit when it comes to something like secession because there isn't just like one thing there's a whole bunch of different things that are going on down here in

00:31:31.000 --> 00:31:49.000 this area right so all the psychological manipulations all the gamesmanship stuff that's coming up. That seems to be the area where the greatest amount of objective story conflict is coming from because it involves everybody, and particularly like even

00:31:49.000 --> 00:31:57.000 the people who have nothing to do with anything like the people that are working the grounds for the baseball game at the end.

00:31:57.000 --> 00:32:12.000 That's really twisted is really cool because you get to see how messed up the family is where they're trying to manipulate the just like playing games with him if you had to pick one of these forests, like, what, what kind of problem that is, it's certainly

00:32:12.000 --> 00:32:19.000 not the top two it's probably one of the bottom two and most likely this one in the bottom left because it's really messed up.

00:32:19.000 --> 00:32:24.000 It's very dysfunctional and other people are having to deal with all the fallout from that.

00:32:24.000 --> 00:32:28.000 And it stays pretty consistent definitely the first two episodes.

00:32:28.000 --> 00:32:42.000 The manipulation director story goal is what's going on in the first episode, trying to get all the kids to sign off on the new trust, right, because he wants mom there to give her an extra spot.

00:32:42.000 --> 00:32:49.000 The second one is Kindle, being the new guy in charge, while dad is out.

00:32:49.000 --> 00:32:57.000 Those are very clear like psychology intention, we got to get this. Who can I bring on board.

00:32:57.000 --> 00:33:09.000 What can I say to you to make you change your mind, all that stuff. Is here, I would just say instead of Mom, it's probably best to refer to his wife.

00:33:09.000 --> 00:33:26.000 So, yeah, cuz mom's later on. So, the relationship story then would be between if it's a father son dynamic in the first. There's a lot of stuff between the Father and the Son over how properly to actually run the business which I think is where all the

00:33:26.000 --> 00:33:38.000 family versus business stuff comes in, where he knows full well his son's going to show up but like in the back of his kind of hoping that he won't actually be the killer that needs to be.

00:33:38.000 --> 00:33:52.000 And then he still shows up and completely disappoints in and totally confirms that he's on the right track when it comes to that kind of stuff. So that's where that conflict is coming from is actually running the business.

00:33:52.000 --> 00:34:05.000 And then for Kendall and his dad personally and the ruthlessness versus the, you know, era parents. I mean, heir apparent is universe, 1,000%.

00:34:05.000 --> 00:34:19.000 He's the next in line he's been groomed for it is on the cover of magazines like there are external reminders of what is should be his new position, and he's not getting that both in the first episode.

00:34:19.000 --> 00:34:22.000 And then the second episode so stays consistent.

00:34:22.000 --> 00:34:36.000 And then definitely his dad has a certain persona, a certain fixed attitude doesn't want people to be standing next to the elevator when he comes out doesn't want to surprise.

00:34:36.000 --> 00:34:46.000 He is completely cold, it was like he does not care, his best friend, a, you'll get your payoff Don't worry about it.

00:34:46.000 --> 00:34:51.000 Everything worked out in the end for you, does not care.

00:34:51.000 --> 00:35:13.000 So this is the personality of secession as far as the genre elements go the top level. And then the next thing would be to look to see where the plot elements are landing whether or not they're part of this family where it's more about the past understanding

00:35:13.000 --> 00:35:16.000 and conceptualizing and memory.

00:35:16.000 --> 00:35:28.000 Whether or not it's about this family, which is about progress, doing being in pre conscious. This family which is future obtaining becoming and subconscious.

00:35:28.000 --> 00:35:44.000 And then lastly, present learning conceiving, and conscious. Now, all four families will show up as something that happens within the narrative regardless of what story form you're looking at, but one of these groups will stand out as basically opinion

00:35:44.000 --> 00:35:59.000 a really good picture of the kind of conflicts that are going to be coming up throughout, not necessarily the entire series because that might change concerns from episode to episode but or do any of those for stand out before that are like completely

00:35:59.000 --> 00:36:17.000 no way this is not about it. Does anybody have any number two. Number two. Okay, why is that, wow, that all these really do seem to fit like, like, because being is also playing a role so it's like, who's going to who's going to be in that role take note

00:36:17.000 --> 00:36:33.000 taking over the company right or or running the company, and then I'm like, for the influence character stuff you talked about with the elevator and not wanting to be surprised that fits really well with impulsive responses or pre conscious.

00:36:33.000 --> 00:36:50.000 And I also think he kind of like influences candle a lot around like the sort of like impulsive sort of like nervous responses like you see at one point where Kindles like gripping his fist and another point where he's like his hands are like moving really

00:36:50.000 --> 00:37:00.000 fast because he's on nervous and stuff. And I think that that a lot of that just sort of comes from. Are you crying Kendall. Are you crying tears.

00:37:00.000 --> 00:37:03.000 progress, it's pretty good too right where he's.

00:37:03.000 --> 00:37:17.000 It's the progress of, you know, is he is he going to be, how are things going in terms of his getting to run the company is it going to be in. Tomorrow is it going to be a year is it going to be 10 years, that kind of thing.

00:37:17.000 --> 00:37:24.000 And that doing fits pretty well with what you said about the business of actually running. Right.

00:37:24.000 --> 00:37:36.000 Right. And also, yeah when he pulls up his fist is second you get going to hit me like a physics teacher I didn't, I totally forgot about that.

00:37:36.000 --> 00:37:42.000 Yes. Oh, actually that's really nice too yeah so the family dysfunctional here the natural plane in the game.

00:37:42.000 --> 00:37:49.000 It's like an external manifestation of their internal dysfunctions, that's where that balance comes in. That's really nice.

00:37:49.000 --> 00:37:55.000 And it's a big hint that they don't bother to call it baseball, they call it, the game.

00:37:55.000 --> 00:37:58.000 Yes. Oh, that's cool.

00:37:58.000 --> 00:37:59.000 All right.

00:37:59.000 --> 00:38:00.000 Any other.

00:38:00.000 --> 00:38:11.000 Yes. Could you look at number three. Number three. Okay.

00:38:11.000 --> 00:38:13.000 Do you want me to go over it.

00:38:13.000 --> 00:38:20.000 I'm just thinking, get this, that was the one that stood out to me I'm not sure why.

00:38:20.000 --> 00:38:26.000 Probably because the main character concern.

00:38:26.000 --> 00:38:29.000 Future,

00:38:29.000 --> 00:38:37.000 and other, and also the objective story.

00:38:37.000 --> 00:38:51.000 I'm not sure if that's becoming but Angela support was I was thinking in future initially as well but then if you also think about Kendall and how things are changing like initially is concerned about the future, I'm going to be the king I'm going to

00:38:51.000 --> 00:39:11.000 be on top and then suddenly, Logan shifts the playing field so then I think is concerned becomes more becomes more justified and how things are changing versus solely focusing on the future does that help a bit to narrow it in a different corner.

00:39:11.000 --> 00:39:17.000 Because it's very very rarely that that he's that he talks about what you do in the future.

00:39:17.000 --> 00:39:23.000 You always want to do. He wants to be the king now.

00:39:23.000 --> 00:39:25.000 Yes, I can see that.

00:39:25.000 --> 00:39:35.000 You know, you know, maybe five maybe 10 years. But that's not even a consideration.

00:39:35.000 --> 00:39:48.000 So that that's, that would be more difficult to argue for, or I mean not are you so much but to see be realized in the narrative, that's actually probably a better way to think about it.

00:39:48.000 --> 00:39:51.000 Okay, so we have.

00:39:51.000 --> 00:40:00.000 The second one is anybody like this one past understand conceptualizing memory.

00:40:00.000 --> 00:40:07.000 Quite right and then this one here present learning and conceiving conscious

00:40:07.000 --> 00:40:11.000 knows everybody just allow the second present.

00:40:11.000 --> 00:40:14.000 Oh for tenable Yeah, yeah. It's like, very present.

00:40:14.000 --> 00:40:29.000 Like, very present. What about. So when it comes to using a story forum or organizing an episode around the story form. It really isn't a ton of time to do stuff right it's like less than 60 minutes.

00:40:29.000 --> 00:40:41.000 You don't have the two hours to be able to go over anything so get to be really clear about what the goals, particularly this story is

00:40:41.000 --> 00:40:57.000 really clear about what the actual goal of the story is so that you know exactly what's going on.

00:40:57.000 --> 00:41:20.000 So, and let's just take the first episode. What would be the goal of being that is being worked towards what is, what seems to be the driving force of all the conflict in the first episode that everybody is concerned with

00:41:20.000 --> 00:41:26.000 you being in charge, or pleasing God.

00:41:26.000 --> 00:41:30.000 Yeah, who's going to be in charge at the

00:41:30.000 --> 00:41:43.000 beginning charge. Okay, so let me go back to my quick documents.

00:41:43.000 --> 00:41:47.000 Think that's what it was going to run the waste our Co. Okay.

00:41:47.000 --> 00:41:56.000 So then how, when it comes to who's going to run the way star co How is being going to resolve.

00:41:56.000 --> 00:42:02.000 who's going to run that way start coke.

00:42:02.000 --> 00:42:11.000 Everybody behaving correctly and they need to behave differently.

00:42:11.000 --> 00:42:24.000 Well, according to Logan, I would say that to a certain degree, as he keeps didn't really do that in the first two episodes but bounces from him to one child to another.

00:42:24.000 --> 00:42:30.000 Right. But as he is he purposely moving towards getting them to behave a certain way.

00:42:30.000 --> 00:42:40.000 But I feel like that's going to solve the problem that's what i mean that's what it is that's why they all have to work together that's why they have, that's where all the,

00:42:40.000 --> 00:42:53.000 the cloak and dagger black you know the, that's what the story is about it says pull up the political maneuverings decide everything because they try to get the three siblings to agree to sign the paper that the way that it is and I don't know how that

00:42:53.000 --> 00:43:04.000 fits into dramatic political psychology going, totally agree with that. that's all the blood has been shipped right

00:43:04.000 --> 00:43:14.000 makes complete sense, but now you want to, what kind of political maneuvering is it conceptualizing which would be scheming

00:43:14.000 --> 00:43:27.000 being, which is a being, certainly, becoming an ultra be transforming

00:43:27.000 --> 00:43:30.000 company landscape,

00:43:30.000 --> 00:43:38.000 or conceiving, it's really been unique.

00:43:38.000 --> 00:43:43.000 So Jim, I have a question. Just to be sure.

00:43:43.000 --> 00:43:46.000 If I understand you correctly.

00:43:46.000 --> 00:43:50.000 The solution to the inequity

00:43:50.000 --> 00:43:57.000 will arise in the same quad as the inequity exists in.

00:43:57.000 --> 00:44:00.000 Yeah. Okay.

00:44:00.000 --> 00:44:10.000 So well it's also that if we're looking for how is being going to resolve it the other way the flip side would be saying is how it's being causing the problems.

00:44:10.000 --> 00:44:18.000 Yeah, that sounds right not causing, but like, as a signal to to it I mean Yeah, pretty much.

00:44:18.000 --> 00:44:20.000 Okay.

00:44:20.000 --> 00:44:31.000 And Didn't we say being ruthless was what Logan was looking for. So, looking for the kids to be ruthless in order to see who would wear the crown.

00:44:31.000 --> 00:44:37.000 All right, so, me being, what's the problem.

00:44:37.000 --> 00:44:44.000 So on the first episode is pursuit, and consider.

00:44:44.000 --> 00:44:49.000 Avoid reconsider.

00:44:49.000 --> 00:44:53.000 Say Kendall pursue read.

00:44:53.000 --> 00:44:57.000 avoid might be what

00:44:57.000 --> 00:45:04.000 what is Kindle percent in the first episode that is affecting everybody

00:45:04.000 --> 00:45:13.000 is write a book next leader, like I don't know, a deal that one deal that he's pursuing.

00:45:13.000 --> 00:45:18.000 You know he's trying to get that the deal that, that it opens on.

00:45:18.000 --> 00:45:33.000 It's not just the deal. The deal was to be the secret sauce to the announcement at 4pm that day that was supposed to be with the board, where he is formerly the heir apparent.

00:45:33.000 --> 00:45:38.000 Like main character, grow their parents stuff.

00:45:38.000 --> 00:45:39.000 Right.

00:45:39.000 --> 00:45:52.000 And it's really not affecting. I mean, there are conversations with the siblings, and there are conversations with Eric, and other people that are in there, what I mean.

00:45:52.000 --> 00:46:06.000 So, I don't we flip it like Logan is pursuing getting them to sign that the trust papers, because that was a big part of episode one as well.

00:46:06.000 --> 00:46:14.000 Okay, that would definitely be pursuit and consider, but it doesn't seem to involve everyone.

00:46:14.000 --> 00:46:20.000 Okay. So,

00:46:20.000 --> 00:46:22.000 Does it, I think.

00:46:22.000 --> 00:46:30.000 Login login is is actually looking for for somebody to give his company to.

00:46:30.000 --> 00:46:43.000 And then that and that's that's what that was decided at the very beginning of the of the series, it was decided that big, but Kendall

00:46:43.000 --> 00:46:57.000 seems not to be able to the end he suddenly realized that, that's being is being is is not being up to the task.

00:46:57.000 --> 00:47:07.000 That's the problem of an everybody, everybody was was kind of okay with Kendall being being king.

00:47:07.000 --> 00:47:11.000 Nobody was was really reluctant to this.

00:47:11.000 --> 00:47:13.000 Except Logan.

00:47:13.000 --> 00:47:17.000 At some point, because he failed,

00:47:17.000 --> 00:47:23.000 or tended to take over. I think nobody liked the idea.

00:47:23.000 --> 00:47:38.000 I don't think anybody that was working for him. Yeah, I agree with Nicholas they were all resigned to him taking over. They will maybe they will not do we're not happy but they will not doing anything to stop it, they will they will not avoiding it, they

00:47:38.000 --> 00:47:46.000 will they all gave him the the brown nose. Congratulations.

00:47:46.000 --> 00:47:49.000 So, no one has a problem with Kindle taking over the company.

00:47:49.000 --> 00:47:58.000 What's the problem in the first episode when it when it suddenly Logan.

00:47:58.000 --> 00:48:01.000 Understand that is that is not able to.

00:48:01.000 --> 00:48:03.000 He's not ready yet.

00:48:03.000 --> 00:48:04.000 Okay.

00:48:04.000 --> 00:48:10.000 So then why is it getting everybody to sign the papers.

00:48:10.000 --> 00:48:16.000 I think he's planning for succession that's he wants Marcia to have, he wants Marcia to.

00:48:16.000 --> 00:48:31.000 He's making it so that it's sort of like nobody can be on top he's giving Marsha, a lot of power and that sets them against each other, which assures what.

00:48:31.000 --> 00:48:38.000 But even if he's not working, they're just trying to get it wrong. Yeah.

00:48:38.000 --> 00:48:41.000 So

00:48:41.000 --> 00:48:47.000 it's all about succession.

00:48:47.000 --> 00:49:02.000 Again, how does being resolved that see really working towards the kids being certainly.

00:49:02.000 --> 00:49:17.000 I guess I sort of felt like the whole thing had something to his whole change of attitude had something to do with him more than it did Kendall but I need you know I needed to see, I needed to have more data to to make that decision but to me it could

00:49:17.000 --> 00:49:28.000 be just as much internal that he's not ready to give up power and he just needed an excuse, versus that Kendall, you know, Kendall gave him the excuse that he was looking for.

00:49:28.000 --> 00:49:32.000 He didn't feel so good about it.

00:49:32.000 --> 00:49:37.000 Alright, let's try it great. What is great trying to do.

00:49:37.000 --> 00:49:42.000 Greg's the cousin, get into the fold.

00:49:42.000 --> 00:49:47.000 might be more becoming.

00:49:47.000 --> 00:49:54.000 How is great finding it difficult to get into the company,

00:49:54.000 --> 00:49:57.000 because he's a screw up.

00:49:57.000 --> 00:50:01.000 But aside from that one really more than

00:50:01.000 --> 00:50:04.000 problem with screw ups.

00:50:04.000 --> 00:50:09.000 Do they take care of their dysfunction.

00:50:09.000 --> 00:50:14.000 I mean, they do but do they do anything about it.

00:50:14.000 --> 00:50:17.000 No, not really. right like becoming.

00:50:17.000 --> 00:50:28.000 And to a certain extent being if they had a problem with the behavior, there's a little bit where the data is a little annoyed with Roman doing his thing, you know, the groundskeepers son and stuff.

00:50:28.000 --> 00:50:46.000 But I don't see any transformation stuff like that gets problematic, it's not, they're not trying to change the entire thought process of everything completely mature into something else.

00:50:46.000 --> 00:51:01.000 Especially when he's trying to get the kids all the conversations with the kids, as far as like getting them to sign the paper, what's the back and forth, sort of stuff is it, they're not behaving the right way or they need to change the way they're thinking,

00:51:01.000 --> 00:51:04.000 or.

00:51:04.000 --> 00:51:12.000 I mean, trying to bribe them into saying it really like your job and

00:51:12.000 --> 00:51:24.000 it seems like scheming around this. How do they go about the brain is it scheming, or is it, giving someone an inclination or an idea.

00:51:24.000 --> 00:51:27.000 Oh yeah, I do that.

00:51:27.000 --> 00:51:46.000 Is it every conversation like well you know I did do good in Hollywood but Frank got in the way so maybe I guess if, if I was to be made like Chief Operating Officer and Frank somehow did something else, maybe I would sign it.

00:51:46.000 --> 00:51:54.000 That's total conceiving, that's like, up and down.

00:51:54.000 --> 00:51:59.000 There you go, Angela was all about the president for Kendall

00:51:59.000 --> 00:52:04.000 president for kindle if you look under the issues for the President.

00:52:04.000 --> 00:52:19.000 I mean, I don't think, you know, these people are aware of subtext the dramatic or anything but if you look at them.

00:52:19.000 --> 00:52:21.000 You have work.

00:52:21.000 --> 00:52:33.000 Applying oneself to something known to be within one's ability like I can do this, you can do is you can write attraction.

00:52:33.000 --> 00:52:42.000 You know, he's drawn towards obviously it has a history of drug abuse, that kind of stuff.

00:52:42.000 --> 00:52:58.000 Perhaps has a difficulty attracting the right kind of talent around him, the repulsion stuff is all the vaulter sort of stuff, right, like, that's, it's just not working out, and then the nice counterbalance to the doing stuff as the attempting right

00:52:58.000 --> 00:53:05.000 trying to do something you've never done before I can do it like that's a nice balance to those two.

00:53:05.000 --> 00:53:21.000 So, I, I think like the president is much more representative of what's going on, definitely in the first episode, and quite possibly the second with the Kindle objective, you know, the main character versus the victim story.

00:53:21.000 --> 00:53:40.000 And then the whole negotiation stuff, which you can look to I mean it's basically like he's going one sibling after the other, I mean he gets the gets Kendall to sign the contract by just telling them, oh it's just basic stuff, which is conceding like,

00:53:40.000 --> 00:53:42.000 and he knows he has no idea of what it is.

00:53:42.000 --> 00:53:47.000 And then he's not telling anybody has plan.

00:53:47.000 --> 00:54:05.000 I know I'll come up with something. Right now, like so how, what's the plan. It's not like there's an actual plan. It's like, not the idea that this just not ready to leave yet, and I'm going to make sure when I manipulate the whole thing.

00:54:05.000 --> 00:54:14.000 Oh, because then it gets said originally that he's a huge manipulator I think he's a huge manipulator. I don't think he's antagonist. He's protagonist, trying to get people to.

00:54:14.000 --> 00:54:21.000 To do this sort of thing. And then his balance then would be, and conscious.

00:54:21.000 --> 00:54:37.000 So, everybody is totally concerned with what he thinks of them, like Greg is or I'm sorry, Tom is a super good example of that, where he's like do you think I don't want to give them a president that doesn't say you know what will you think if I get this

00:54:37.000 --> 00:54:46.000 get this gift or in she's like well I don't even think about it like he's not going to care what you get him anyways because he doesn't even consider you at all.

00:54:46.000 --> 00:54:49.000 Like that's where all the.

00:54:49.000 --> 00:55:00.000 That's his persona is coming from has appraisals of people with those reappraising for sure has doubts like as told doubt about Kindle.

00:55:00.000 --> 00:55:14.000 And then the investigation stuff I don't know enough to think about that one but definitely these three are really quite clear. And then we looked at the learning part of it.

00:55:14.000 --> 00:55:21.000 You have the initial steps you have so just real quick before we pass on the investigation.

00:55:21.000 --> 00:55:28.000 He clearly set Roman down or he interrogates Roman about what was happening with the closing.

00:55:28.000 --> 00:55:34.000 And then he himself goes down there to take a look at how things are going.

00:55:34.000 --> 00:55:43.000 Yes, that's actually really good one. Yes, it's like, what are you doing here. Yeah, like him walking in while he's sitting there eating that burrito or whatever.

00:55:43.000 --> 00:55:56.000 And him just showing up like, Oh, what do you do and he's just like he's there sizing stuff up and like, Oh, no, I mean actually that's more appraisal but yeah him, checking out looking into things.

00:55:56.000 --> 00:55:59.000 That's definitely investigation. That's really good.

00:55:59.000 --> 00:56:13.000 Before you go off influence character can you just click on pre conscious for a sec. Yes, like, and this may be, it's really hard to see the whole story from when you've only seen the first two episodes but I was just saying like I did see a lot of like

00:56:13.000 --> 00:56:19.000 value and worth in there kind of because I felt like there was a lot of that coming from him.

00:56:19.000 --> 00:56:35.000 You know toward candle like making candle feel like he isn't worthy and that kind of thing but yeah I mean. See, I wouldn't necessarily be able to tell you from the first two episodes which which ones are stronger like which quad is stronger the conscious

00:56:35.000 --> 00:56:38.000 one or the pre conscious one but.

00:56:38.000 --> 00:56:49.000 Oh, for sure and I there might be a completely different story form for the entire series. I actually think there are two separate story for, for the first episode and there's one for the second episode.

00:56:49.000 --> 00:56:54.000 Oh, you're talking about an episode level story farm.

00:56:54.000 --> 00:57:11.000 Yeah, it in conjunction with the whole series so it's like we're looking at the whole season, as a whole, like fractal almost like you're looking at the individual scenes of that big story one season, a season wide story form.

00:57:11.000 --> 00:57:22.000 Yeah, the season Why could be pretty conscious. It seems like the first two episodes are very much in psychology and very much in conceiving because there are.

00:57:22.000 --> 00:57:27.000 In each episode. There are two big changes that happen.

00:57:27.000 --> 00:57:42.000 That almost resolve, what it was that was set out from the beginning of the episode. Ah ok ok cool, I wasn't looking at everything on it could shift and then by the time we get to the end of the first season.

00:57:42.000 --> 00:57:46.000 Look back at the like, Oh, this was the whole story phone going on.

00:57:46.000 --> 00:57:54.000 And then these are the individual story forums that may or may not relate to the bigger picture of a pretty sure they do.

00:57:54.000 --> 00:57:56.000 Right, okay.

00:57:56.000 --> 00:58:02.000 So yeah and I could the pre conscious one would be difficult so if we're just looking at the first episode.

00:58:02.000 --> 00:58:07.000 That would be difficult because when you look at it Kendall.

00:58:07.000 --> 00:58:18.000 I mean there's some security things and some sort of fantasy like some of these are there, but definitely like all four of these are here for him.

00:58:18.000 --> 00:58:37.000 And then I would also say, when it comes to the Father Son stuff, your strategy, right, business, this is all work family balance right preconditions specific written family balance prerequisites are the initial steps like already taking care of everything.

00:58:37.000 --> 00:58:49.000 Oh yeah, we gotta get things done. The analysis of how things are going like this is all that, that whole dynamic going on there. Okay. Yep.

00:58:49.000 --> 00:59:00.000 Right. So then, so if we were to come here, and then see if we did this so then this is down here.

00:59:00.000 --> 00:59:08.000 So, In the first episode we have Logan as the influence character and Kindle, as the main character Right.

00:59:08.000 --> 00:59:18.000 Which one of them, changes and which one remain steadfast

00:59:18.000 --> 00:59:20.000 in those changes.

00:59:20.000 --> 00:59:22.000 And how does Kindle change.

00:59:22.000 --> 00:59:39.000 Um, he's like goes from the top to the bottom like he's like I've got it made and then he kind of crashes down, and then he becomes I guess at the end he's wants to, you know, seek revenge is

00:59:39.000 --> 00:59:50.000 ok okay so his status may change, right, although technically he's in the same style, but his approach to how he goes about solving things.

00:59:50.000 --> 00:59:59.000 Is it, we can all agree it's not Logan, right, he remained steadfast to the point of getting brain aneurysm right like.

00:59:59.000 --> 01:00:01.000 Yeah.

01:00:01.000 --> 01:00:13.000 Yeah. So, clearly it's, it's, Kendall and do we actually see some kind of change in the way he handles situations.

01:00:13.000 --> 01:00:16.000 In just the first episode.

01:00:16.000 --> 01:00:27.000 Yeah.

01:00:27.000 --> 01:00:28.000 anybody.

01:00:28.000 --> 01:00:31.000 How does he deal with the vulture guy and the very first thing.

01:00:31.000 --> 01:00:38.000 He's crazy arrogant and, you know,

01:00:38.000 --> 01:00:44.000 This is kind of clueless right, like, yeah.

01:00:44.000 --> 01:00:48.000 Hey dude,

01:00:48.000 --> 01:00:55.000 I'm a little bit more ruthless maybe worse right a little more ruthless.

01:00:55.000 --> 01:01:05.000 Oh at the end. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Thank you. Yeah, so I don't think he becomes more ruthless I think he becomes more.

01:01:05.000 --> 01:01:13.000 He becomes sharper. So, initially, he's getting played by Mr. T.

01:01:13.000 --> 01:01:20.000 You know, I came to you I came all the way up here or whatever and, and,

01:01:20.000 --> 01:01:26.000 and, and he didn't have the concept that there were problems with what was going on that he was being played.

01:01:26.000 --> 01:01:29.000 But by the end.

01:01:29.000 --> 01:01:39.000 He is giving instructions to frank about how to how to get the funding bank to pull it support for what he was going to do so that way there would be no other support.

01:01:39.000 --> 01:01:53.000 And then, and then he's also sweetening the pot to where he cannot refuse it, because if you remember when he opens up, Mr. He says, I think I can deliver more value for my for my shareholders.

01:01:53.000 --> 01:02:00.000 Well, he gets that value to the point that he cannot walk away from the deal.

01:02:00.000 --> 01:02:04.000 So he's, he's sharpened his instincts he's sharpened.

01:02:04.000 --> 01:02:10.000 His awareness of, of how to do business.

01:02:10.000 --> 01:02:15.000 I mean, in the beginning, he's just assuming that he's gonna get it right like I mean, and then he.

01:02:15.000 --> 01:02:17.000 Right.

01:02:17.000 --> 01:02:27.000 He thinks that he thinks that that that that the the white tie people are the white collar and the Thai people have negotiated the deal.

01:02:27.000 --> 01:02:33.000 It's just going to be handed to him right kind of the job.

01:02:33.000 --> 01:02:38.000 And it's me and then he actually had to work for it right is what you're saying. Yep.

01:02:38.000 --> 01:02:41.000 And he doesn't clear change right.

01:02:41.000 --> 01:02:43.000 Okay.

01:02:43.000 --> 01:02:47.000 How about in Episode Two.

01:02:47.000 --> 01:02:53.000 We have a bit of an issue because Dan's out for most of it.

01:02:53.000 --> 01:03:03.000 Do you think the other characters kind of like there's even a line they can forget her name, the redhead gal.

01:03:03.000 --> 01:03:18.000 Just something like I'm basically talking as that, you know, I think a few of the other characters might say something similar. So I do think that there might be like a consistency with them but still being that but I do think it's like other characters

01:03:18.000 --> 01:03:21.000 are kind of taking that rain.

01:03:21.000 --> 01:03:26.000 Yes, and who would be the characters that take that over.

01:03:26.000 --> 01:03:27.000 You mentioned.

01:03:27.000 --> 01:03:37.000 Yeah, I forget what what her name was, and then some of the other siblings I think to

01:03:37.000 --> 01:03:47.000 romance should kind of team up on. Yeah, they try to get together and worship in Roman, they basically are proxies for.

01:03:47.000 --> 01:03:54.000 That's what they design on proxy proxy for dad. And

01:03:54.000 --> 01:04:06.000 so between Kendall and the ship Roman combo, which group changes or website changes, if there is one.

01:04:06.000 --> 01:04:14.000 I mean I think they started acting like they don't really care like oh, we'll just you know whatever and then they get more interested in what's happening.

01:04:14.000 --> 01:04:32.000 Well, so so shipping Roman concede to me they can they can seed, they were not going to have, they were not going to be subsidiary to to Kendall, and by the end of Episode Two, they came in as a unified family saying that it's going to be Kendall who's

01:04:32.000 --> 01:04:42.000 going to be at top and didn't she said something specific though she didn't just like, say, Okay, he's in charge at the end.

01:04:42.000 --> 01:04:51.000 Don't in the middle they try to get Jerry to do it and so they don't want you can't remember they not want Kindle do it they propose Jerry and then

01:04:51.000 --> 01:05:01.000 she goes on about how it's just like a terrible idea and it's going to lead to the destruction of the company I can't remember exactly what she said.

01:05:01.000 --> 01:05:06.000 Right, but she does change, they actually work in the end Kendall here and stuff. That's right.

01:05:06.000 --> 01:05:08.000 Yeah.

01:05:08.000 --> 01:05:17.000 Perfect. Okay, so then that's a really good dynamic for those two. Um, Let's look at the first episode.

01:05:17.000 --> 01:05:23.000 What drives the first episode, what drives and so

01:05:23.000 --> 01:05:28.000 actions or decisions

01:05:28.000 --> 01:05:33.000 like decisions, probably.

01:05:33.000 --> 01:05:41.000 Yeah, so the whole episode with a decision.

01:05:41.000 --> 01:05:45.000 I decided to stay on whoa what.

01:05:45.000 --> 01:05:53.000 And then the decision at the end, which is.

01:05:53.000 --> 01:06:01.000 Oh, that'd be interesting. Let's see if that decision actually happens at the end, but certainly in the second episode.

01:06:01.000 --> 01:06:11.000 Just go with. Okay, let's choose Kindle resolves whatever actions are going on in that second episode.

01:06:11.000 --> 01:06:14.000 So,

01:06:14.000 --> 01:06:18.000 which is really really nice there.

01:06:18.000 --> 01:06:22.000 Let's look at,

01:06:22.000 --> 01:06:26.000 well let's just get this three judgments.

01:06:26.000 --> 01:06:32.000 In the first episode, good or bad.

01:06:32.000 --> 01:06:38.000 So Kendall stands up to vaulter guy tells him to his shorts, all that stuff.

01:06:38.000 --> 01:06:40.000 What's the judgment of day.

01:06:40.000 --> 01:06:43.000 Is that a good or a bad thing that he did that.

01:06:43.000 --> 01:06:49.000 from the authors point of view,

01:06:49.000 --> 01:06:50.000 anyone.

01:06:50.000 --> 01:06:57.000 Okay, bad because he ends up reading the article about him.

01:06:57.000 --> 01:06:59.000 Right.

01:06:59.000 --> 01:07:02.000 Right. But is he.

01:07:02.000 --> 01:07:09.000 Well actually, it's weird because like at the end that's when he said hey I got. Did you get the news.

01:07:09.000 --> 01:07:13.000 And the news is that they sign right.

01:07:13.000 --> 01:07:20.000 But actually, your dad had 234

01:07:20.000 --> 01:07:36.000 may or may not be outside the bounds of these two story forms, it might actually be a part of the giant series right, which is very sorry for maybe action driven as opposed to being decision driven broken into that.

01:07:36.000 --> 01:07:43.000 Well, is there a sense of him at the end of the second episode.

01:07:43.000 --> 01:07:46.000 For Kindle.

01:07:46.000 --> 01:07:54.000 Like, you shouldn't be trying out that right i mean does it was until you got that news about the deck.

01:07:54.000 --> 01:07:57.000 Yeah, I mean that's.

01:07:57.000 --> 01:08:03.000 It's like, I got the job I always wanted Oh, crap. Yeah.

01:08:03.000 --> 01:08:13.000 Geez, also kind of doesn't seem that worried about it, in a sense, I mean he might be but he kind of plays it off as well handle it, you know.

01:08:13.000 --> 01:08:15.000 So I don't know.

01:08:15.000 --> 01:08:20.000 There's definitely success.

01:08:20.000 --> 01:08:22.000 Bad i don't i don't know if that's supposed to be.

01:08:22.000 --> 01:08:30.000 Yeah, I think it's access bad because the, he knows he's clearly aware at the end of the second episode that falters already published this stuff.

01:08:30.000 --> 01:08:44.000 There's not going to be much you can do to affect the drop in the stock that's going to be coming, and he just found out that if it drops too much, which we can probably guess it will that and in fact he's anticipating it because it's already anticipating,

01:08:44.000 --> 01:08:47.000 how to take out the lender.

01:08:47.000 --> 01:08:57.000 Other ways to get some other different lender, who might be able to pay off the lender who he now anticipates is going to call the loan.

01:08:57.000 --> 01:09:04.000 Perfect. And then the first episode, they get the success involved there. Right.

01:09:04.000 --> 01:09:06.000 Right.

01:09:06.000 --> 01:09:12.000 We're going to sign in as the judgment good or bad,

01:09:12.000 --> 01:09:16.000 good or bad.

01:09:16.000 --> 01:09:25.000 Nobody knows when like when does the first episode and like does it include the dads, stroke, cuz.

01:09:25.000 --> 01:09:33.000 Yeah, that can make it good or bad. So,

01:09:33.000 --> 01:09:44.000 what is actually what is the end results of.

01:09:44.000 --> 01:09:46.000 Interesting. Okay.

01:09:46.000 --> 01:09:52.000 What am I think I think the End of Episode One, that, that, that.

01:09:52.000 --> 01:10:00.000 So, the heart attack is a cliffhanger or the brain, the brain hemorrhage is the cliffhanger that propels us into intersection to.

01:10:00.000 --> 01:10:04.000 But, as they're entering that helicopter.

01:10:04.000 --> 01:10:08.000 They were talking about their opening positions.

01:10:08.000 --> 01:10:22.000 In, and the prizes were dangled out in front of everyone. So other than Frank and Kendall. I didn't see a lot of angst in there.

01:10:22.000 --> 01:10:39.000 And I'm not 100% sure where we're Kindle was on that I know he sent them in a different helicopter, or just can't remember the where it was at the end of the baseball game.

01:10:39.000 --> 01:10:49.000 So, I would, I would say that that as far as nx goes, that it was a good at the end of episode one.

01:10:49.000 --> 01:10:53.000 Dad was pretty sure he was going to get those signatures.

01:10:53.000 --> 01:11:04.000 Sn even said, so they're opening positions right is another way and that's a decision driver, right, like we're signing that's a way of getting.

01:11:04.000 --> 01:11:13.000 Oh, you got that conceiving goal. Right, so they, but they're still playing with that goal right but considering area of it.

01:11:13.000 --> 01:11:32.000 And then I would imagine the brain aneurysm as a result of them playing games right. Isn't that the action that the decision but to still do that lead to actions.

01:11:32.000 --> 01:11:48.000 oh now you're going to have this nice brain aneurysm. That would be an action that was caused by a decision, or, or, you know, or a number of deliberations yeah like that deliberations.

01:11:48.000 --> 01:11:52.000 So then, so that was success.

01:11:52.000 --> 01:12:03.000 So then, good or bad, but everybody kind of, I don't know if it's a triumph right isn't it kind of does it doesn't feel doesn't feel good.

01:12:03.000 --> 01:12:18.000 The guy also is very happy that to hear that. Logan is a stroke, and he says something like. Now I'm going to to eat, to eat you or something like that.

01:12:18.000 --> 01:12:27.000 Right, because a part of this part of the deal, they had to give them a seat on the board. So the Fox was in the chicken coop. Exactly, yeah that's that's what he said.

01:12:27.000 --> 01:12:47.000 And, yeah, and probably the death of Logan means a lot of turbulence for for the company. So, so we have two episodes, both with psychology objective stories, both driven by decisions, both ending in progress, and both with the judgment of bad, which

01:12:47.000 --> 01:13:02.000 gives the flavor of secession, kind of like the narrative personality of the series. And what have been really interesting this totally explains why I like the series so much because success better my favorite kind of stories, um, it'll be really interesting

01:13:02.000 --> 01:13:06.000 to see if this continues, in the next couple of episodes.

01:13:06.000 --> 01:13:15.000 I'm feeling it does if as I recall how the first season ends in the second season.

01:13:15.000 --> 01:13:18.000 This is what makes it less.

01:13:18.000 --> 01:13:28.000 It adds to the flavor of it to what what it actually feels like to go through the story. So let's look at.

01:13:28.000 --> 01:13:42.000 Just to wrap up, because again, I don't want to get into like super detail for the two story forms, because it's, there's not enough time to go over it as far as

01:13:42.000 --> 01:13:45.000 the amount of time that they had to actually work through it right.

01:13:45.000 --> 01:13:53.000 So let's go to the group to do we'll see if we can figure out seating.

01:13:53.000 --> 01:13:57.000 Alright so for the first episode.

01:13:57.000 --> 01:14:18.000 If you were to think about what it was focusing on in terms of permission. Need expediency and efficiency when it comes to trying to get the kids to sign up on the trust and feeling of what the problems are permission is what you can do anything you just

01:14:18.000 --> 01:14:36.000 what you need and didn't do expediency is what you should and shouldn't do. And deficiency is what you want, or you won't do any of these four standout or a pair standout like permission stand up because he's trying to get your permission to change the

01:14:36.000 --> 01:14:45.000 trust. Yeah, for sugar, which would bring up problems of certainty and potential reality acceptance and acceptance.

01:14:45.000 --> 01:14:54.000 Well, I would put in for for expediency and everything's about what you should do with relationship to to the Father.

01:14:54.000 --> 01:15:00.000 Yes, so that's reduction production in action and protection. All right.

01:15:00.000 --> 01:15:05.000 Um, but the other ones.

01:15:05.000 --> 01:15:18.000 Also see deficiency older deficiency, okay motivation based on lack so probability possibility evaluation and reevaluation.

01:15:18.000 --> 01:15:30.000 That would certainly go towards vault, the Walter scenarios lately yeah This to me is like, oh that's falter. Um, well then the one on the left is need.

01:15:30.000 --> 01:15:35.000 Oh action reaction, the action, action.

01:15:35.000 --> 01:15:40.000 So I have a guest, and this is what I was thinking.

01:15:40.000 --> 01:15:46.000 I actually feel like the first episode is somewhere between permission and deficiency.

01:15:46.000 --> 01:15:52.000 And I feel like the second episode somewhere between me and expediency.

01:15:52.000 --> 01:16:03.000 So what whereas the deficiency of the first episode is like, Oh, I'm good enough, all the stuff with Walter, Greg.

01:16:03.000 --> 01:16:18.000 You know, Tom, you know, obviously, everybody's state of not, you know, a place where there's a lack of it, deficiency with the people working the grounds.

01:16:18.000 --> 01:16:33.000 And then all the permission stuff like what you know whether you can or can't do something that you're supposed to be doing like oh we already had all this set up, whereas the second one is there almost under, not a real time limit like a dramatic a timeline,

01:16:33.000 --> 01:16:50.000 timeline, but they're under the gun to make some decisions like we need to decide what to do in terms of, you know, who's going to take over and Casey passes, and definitely like Nick was saying, tons of should stuff in there like what we shouldn't do

01:16:50.000 --> 01:17:04.000 do this shouldn't do that. And also you glossed over just a little bit with the time factor but actually, when I think about the second episode. They brought up that six o'clock am opening, and they need to get their announcement done before that quite

01:17:04.000 --> 01:17:08.000 a number of times in that episode.

01:17:08.000 --> 01:17:12.000 It's a very good point.

01:17:12.000 --> 01:17:19.000 I know, but I don't want to get into that right now because it's a little too detailed but yeah you make a really good point.

01:17:19.000 --> 01:17:31.000 It's like, But is it the people that they were choosing, but I could see the time. Okay, so then that would be, to me, that's what I was thinking when I was watching this last night it's like oh that's actually really interesting that both episodes are

01:17:31.000 --> 01:17:41.000 dealing with conceiving, but one is primarily with this angle and one's primarily dealing with this angle.

01:17:41.000 --> 01:17:46.000 And what's neat about that is so if we go into deficiency.

01:17:46.000 --> 01:17:59.000 So Kendall changes in the first, and it goes from kind of being like, right, you know hey dude what's on the sheet shaker it's going to be handed to me, to them like taking over right.

01:17:59.000 --> 01:18:08.000 So his arc is going to be one of these pairs, it's either you know going to go from one corner to another corner this corner to the other corner.

01:18:08.000 --> 01:18:14.000 That's going to represent his change that goes in that first episode.

01:18:14.000 --> 01:18:17.000 And this one.

01:18:17.000 --> 01:18:31.000 They would be the change that would go between shift enrollment and those kind of he would be a little more, or he would be definitely steadfast so whichever pair that's in him.

01:18:31.000 --> 01:18:38.000 In the second episode would be more the focus and direction because he's the steadfast character.

01:18:38.000 --> 01:18:41.000 So,

01:18:41.000 --> 01:18:48.000 when it comes to and, I mean, I could also see the first episode maybe also coming into expediency.

01:18:48.000 --> 01:18:53.000 But just for the sake of conversation, if you're to look at.

01:18:53.000 --> 01:18:59.000 Kendall, and it was just strictly deficiency.

01:18:59.000 --> 01:19:12.000 Does any of these four standout has been his initial problem that has resolved at the end when he kind of stands up to.

01:19:12.000 --> 01:19:15.000 You're talking about second episode here Yes.

01:19:15.000 --> 01:19:17.000 No, the first episode.

01:19:17.000 --> 01:19:22.000 Right, wasn't it wasn't. Oh yeah yeah that's where you change Yeah, yeah, yeah.

01:19:22.000 --> 01:19:28.000 I'm just gonna throw something out there I don't know how good it is but he, he started out.

01:19:28.000 --> 01:19:36.000 He was probably going to take you know he's the heir apparent so he's probably going to take the reins right.

01:19:36.000 --> 01:19:42.000 And that was kind of good enough for him at the start like he was just in that mode Yeah, I'm probably going to do it, everything's probably gonna go.

01:19:42.000 --> 01:19:56.000 And then at the end, he he ended up making it impossible for the vaulter guy to say, you know, like he was like, you know, he made an offer so good that it was impossible.

01:19:56.000 --> 01:19:59.000 Yeah, I love that.

01:19:59.000 --> 01:20:10.000 thousand thousand percent. Yeah, I'd like. And then what that would mean his dad is all about reevaluation to evaluation. Right.

01:20:10.000 --> 01:20:24.000 Right. Oh, and that's the majority of, you know, the conversations in that first episode, I have a question. So I thought, the first episode he was that Kendall was in situation.

01:20:24.000 --> 01:20:27.000 Yes. And that would be present.

01:20:27.000 --> 01:20:34.000 Yes, so his personal arc should be about work attract yeah those.

01:20:34.000 --> 01:20:35.000 Right.

01:20:35.000 --> 01:20:39.000 And and not anything to do with deficiency, that's where the story is going to arc.

01:20:39.000 --> 01:20:42.000 Yes. Okay.

01:20:42.000 --> 01:20:45.000 So,

01:20:45.000 --> 01:20:55.000 he was showing me how in the Baltar the objective part of it, like getting that idea that it was just that some of the questions maybe think you were talking about.

01:20:55.000 --> 01:20:59.000 Candles arc as being involved with deficiency.

01:20:59.000 --> 01:21:20.000 Okay, so then if Kindle is personally because it's like I said it's only like an hour so there's going to be crossover it's gonna be like super clean his probability of the possibility that doesn't sound like repulsion would be a good, a good issue of

01:21:20.000 --> 01:21:23.000 his.

01:21:23.000 --> 01:21:24.000 Yeah.

01:21:24.000 --> 01:21:31.000 Right, let's see, pretty clear all over the place between between the drugs.

01:21:31.000 --> 01:21:43.000 He's got an estranged wife, his dad is a little bit repulsed a nice repulsed by the way his dad his acting towards him.

01:21:43.000 --> 01:21:47.000 So that seems to be a number of the issues going on.

01:21:47.000 --> 01:21:52.000 And he can't get all the stuff that he wants right like the production stuff.

01:21:52.000 --> 01:21:56.000 So,

01:21:56.000 --> 01:22:10.000 reducing all the conversations down to like, Okay, what do I need to get you like a car, I didn't get you some money what what is it going to do to make this work out. And in reality would be the possibility. Like, for the most part This to me is the

01:22:10.000 --> 01:22:23.000 biggest chunk, or the biggest thing that you would actually see in an episode like this was then that character change so, and its growth right it's not going to be a completely different character by it because you're going to want to make it so that

01:22:23.000 --> 01:22:38.000 it goes throughout the entire series, but just having this anchor feels really good because then dad is all about his source of drive would be reduction, which is completely where he's coming from everything needs to be small, don't want a big deal about

01:22:38.000 --> 01:22:41.000 anything. Keep it.

01:22:41.000 --> 01:22:46.000 you know, keep it all contained

01:22:46.000 --> 01:22:54.000 see some benefits probability, and then for the relationship story.

01:22:54.000 --> 01:22:58.000 The problem wouldn't be accepted.

01:22:58.000 --> 01:23:12.000 So, that one feels great for the first episode, I'm feeling pretty good about that the reason why I like to deficiency, primarily objective story was the preconditions because I just felt, getting, you know, the business family dynamic.

01:23:12.000 --> 01:23:27.000 So, really, really good to me and that's paired with the deficiency and then the expediency I just felt like every conversation the second episode is like we should do this we should do this need to do this like everything is there so on that second episode.

01:23:27.000 --> 01:23:32.000 This real quickly on the first episode then you had him as being linear.

01:23:32.000 --> 01:23:45.000 I didn't think so. Right. Both episodes, both episodes. Yeah, I think we're gonna find it's going to be consistent for the whole series, it's not like you like the show.

01:23:45.000 --> 01:23:59.000 And then I can go over this more when we come back to it, you know, you want to watch it again. And so, just for the sake of time let me just go to the seating expediency okay so now.

01:23:59.000 --> 01:24:04.000 So now this would be one of these pairs will be candles.

01:24:04.000 --> 01:24:16.000 Step math books and direction and the other will be the kind of shift proxy for dead, moving from one location to the other.

01:24:16.000 --> 01:24:34.000 He's kind of like wanting to act, and everybody else is kind of not wanting to act so maybe something was an action like protection in international protection would be the focus and inaction is the response, I don't know, just because I just, I'm looking

01:24:34.000 --> 01:24:47.000 at the other characters to just, like, they, they all seem to be like no, let's just we need to focus on dad and he's just like no, we need to figure out what we're doing with the company, you know.

01:24:47.000 --> 01:24:49.000 Yeah.

01:24:49.000 --> 01:25:06.000 So then if it's slit. Let's say it was inaction and protection was the focus and direction that's another way you can come at it is then Kindle. His whole thing would be an attempt right so, because he would match the same protection in action and he

01:25:06.000 --> 01:25:14.000 would be driven by reevaluation, there's that one, or.

01:25:14.000 --> 01:25:25.000 He is here again and repulsion I don't know if he's actually dealing with the same issues right, I feel like they would naturally be different.

01:25:25.000 --> 01:25:38.000 They these don't feel as good to me as this, because it's like, oh, like when he walks into the room he sees the whole war room and it's like oh shoot him I am actually ready for this.

01:25:38.000 --> 01:25:49.000 And then, so is it. You guys aren't doing anything and we need to protect ourselves, or is it. We need to protect ourselves and we should not do anything.

01:25:49.000 --> 01:25:58.000 I think, Kendall would be on the side of we need to like protect the company and everything and everybody else is like you just sit it out kind of.

01:25:58.000 --> 01:26:09.000 Okay, that's a really good way to do it so what leave I just did is, you look at inaction and protection, and because of the way the crucial element works and the theory.

01:26:09.000 --> 01:26:16.000 The main character is going to be attached to one of these elements, and the influence character will be attached to the other because that's where the conversation.

01:26:16.000 --> 01:26:23.000 The connection point between the main character and the objective story are happening. So when it comes to inaction and protection.

01:26:23.000 --> 01:26:29.000 I mean, just depends as it is kindled.

01:26:29.000 --> 01:26:36.000 Yeah. Is it the district kept arguing for not doing anything.

01:26:36.000 --> 01:26:44.000 Right. And then, and then Kendall would be protection right.

01:26:44.000 --> 01:26:56.000 So then that would mean the direction is where Kendall will be because when we have a main character in the universe, and an objective story in psychology.

01:26:56.000 --> 01:27:11.000 There's a vertical relationship. And what that means is the main character will sit on the direction because the focus of the story is on that start dynamic, so the main characters tied to the objective story is the direction element, as opposed to the

01:27:11.000 --> 01:27:15.000 focus on the story.

01:27:15.000 --> 01:27:29.000 So that would mean, I think this is the focus, and this is the direction then the reevaluation would be his drive, that makes sense to my everybody following along.

01:27:29.000 --> 01:27:36.000 So that would mean the shift.

01:27:36.000 --> 01:27:46.000 Roman sort of stance is on production and their changes to a reduction.

01:27:46.000 --> 01:27:59.000 That actually feels really good so if they're like, oh, we're going to be part of that city we're thinking, you know, we're in this headspace of like all our potential I'm going to be taking over theme parks and he's going to be this new, you know, he's

01:27:59.000 --> 01:28:04.000 going to be in charge of this sort of thing and by the end they take a more productive stands.

01:28:04.000 --> 01:28:19.000 And maybe that's where her speech comes in where she's like just you know I'm still not totally into this right where she kind of downplays it, that would be a reductive approach, it's not like wow this is gonna be the greatest thing in the world and

01:28:19.000 --> 01:28:38.000 we're going to produce, you know, we're going to increase production 1,000%, it's going to be this reduction and also Jim like the whole episode The influence characters are trying to produce more potential people to take over like, oh, how about up Clark

01:28:38.000 --> 01:28:50.000 or whoever that guy's name was, remember the other guy we didn't really see how about the Jerry How about this, how about that right so they're just thinking producing more options.

01:28:50.000 --> 01:28:53.000 They reduce it down to just while the only option that's really viable.

01:28:53.000 --> 01:29:01.000 Yeah, the whole thing in the hospital at this hospitals a good enough like watching was like yeah all that.

01:29:01.000 --> 01:29:11.000 And then yeah there you aren't doing anything for our dead, you need to protect it. So yeah, this is definitely the path.

01:29:11.000 --> 01:29:24.000 And then that would be the second episode so we actually have to really clear story forms that essentially have a lot of the same dynamics right the main character resolve is different, which is interesting because he's changed in the first ones that

01:29:24.000 --> 01:29:24.000 fast in a second so be interesting to see if that keeps doing this sort of action.

01:29:24.000 --> 01:29:41.000 in a second so be interesting to see if that keeps doing this sort of action. And then they're both basically in the same sort of area conceding, the objective story, main character and future it'll be interesting to see if that holds out through the

01:29:41.000 --> 01:29:41.000 entire series or season, at least for the first season.

01:29:41.000 --> 01:29:53.000 series or season, at least for this first season. So yeah, does anybody have any questions about those first two episodes.

01:29:53.000 --> 01:29:59.000 No, a lot. It's already an hour.

01:29:59.000 --> 01:30:16.000 As a light easter egg, I would just say Logans name is really great the whole family's name Roy, think of ROI French for King. Logan is Scottish for a hollow like a hollow by a lake, but you put the two together and it's the hollow king.

01:30:16.000 --> 01:30:21.000 That's Fred also liked him is like conversation.

01:30:21.000 --> 01:30:30.000 And the first episode where he's like, I don't know, five years 10 years kind of like however long this show last you know,

01:30:30.000 --> 01:30:35.000 however long I can keep showing up being an amazing actor that.

01:30:35.000 --> 01:30:41.000 Yeah, that's fantastic. Okay, so.

01:30:41.000 --> 01:31:11.000 All right, so then next week we're going to do, neither confirm nor deny which is the third blacklist film so we'll just take a little bit of a break.