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Season 5 Episode 4 | Recorded Feb 4th, 2021

Writing a Story with Holistic Story Structure

Appreicating the importance of time before space

In this milestone class, story guru Jim Hull shows how a revolutionary understanding of time makes it easier for those writers interested in relationships to structure their stories. Many fight structure as if alien to their essence--when all they really needed was a system that appreciated their unique perspective of time and space.

Covered in this class:

  • Show new Storyforms
  • Go over where the “patterns” come from. (Interpretations of the quad)
  • Relate the article The Holistic View of Time
  • Difference between Plot and Theme (Linear and Holistic)
  • Should we split into four OR a summary of all four?
  • Confirmation bias and accuracy (holistic, linear more-so)

Validation of the new Holistic Storyform Thematic Conversations can be found here on the Discuss Dramatica forums. Writer Michael Lucas actually suggests that the last two Beats of Choice and Preconception be switched...and put in the Main Character Throughline. Something Subtext did years later programmatically.

List of Holistic Storyforms with Thematic Conversations




The Blacklist Spec Script for next month is Headhunter.