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Season 4 Episode 4 | Recorded Aug 27th, 2020

Writing Great Endings to Your Scenes

Using Dramatica and Subtext to turn your story in a different direction

A common deficiency in most writers is the inability to end a scene, even more common is the inability to end a scene meaningfully in context and service of the larger story. With Dramatica and Subtext, those flat scenes become a thing of the past.

In this class, find out why a scene feels like nothing is happening, and how to quickly and purposefully adjust that dramatic unit to significantly improve the quality of your story. Topics covered include the Dramatic Circuit of PRCO, the "atomic" qualities of Storybeats, and a simple and powerful to turn your scenes in a different direction.

If you've ever wondered how to add a "twist" to your scene, or how to have it reach that "disaster" moment--but don't want it to come completely out of nowhere, this class is the one for you.