Narrative First & Subtext

I hope this reaches someone, as I would just like to extend my appreciation for these past emails I've been receiving, all of which have enriched my ideas and educated me further not only on Dramatica theory but on the principles of storytelling from which it derives. Thank you so very much!

- George Andrade, Novelist

This is such a powerful tool...the best is that it demands you put in deep thought. No surface level 12 steps for heroes here. I'm blown away...blown. away. I also don't think I actually exist anymore. This is all The Matrix.

- John Dusenberry, Novelist & Storyboard Artist

In all the Dramatica sites I visited (then and since) you're the only one that made the theory clear and who illustrated how brilliant it is in clear language. And you can quote me on that.

- Anonymous, Novelist

Mr Hull, I’ve not had the chance to participate in any of your services that require payment outside a few months of the Narrative First newsletter back when it was $5 or so a month. But the services you’ve provided online with your website, podcast, and interactions here on this forum have been priceless. I’ve got a long way to go, but wouldn’t have made it even a step as far as I have without all of your effort. And Dramatica has become such a big thing in my life that I feel like I practically think in Dramatica. I run almost every problem, every interaction through what I know about it. This theory has definitely changed the way I see things for the better.

- Greg Webb, Story Theorist

Hello Jim! ...I would like to express my appreciation for all you've done to help me in developing my stories. I've been reading the articles on your website for years and always look forward to reading more. You explain Dramatica in a way that is so approachable, both through Narrative First and Subtext. Thanks to you, I am now published!

- Anonymous, Novelist

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you stumbled across Dramatica in search of an answer. You wanted to know how to unearth that pristine, complete version of the story you desperately needed to tell, but without digging up every lesser version of it first.

And when you found Dramatica you sensed some type of genius within it. Some insight that bordered on magic that was just beyond your grasp, but which if harnessed would carry you out of the story fog and into narrative bliss.

If only you could find some guide or sherpa—someone able to interpret this esoteric babble and apply it to your story! Imagine the advantage! Once you found such a guru, you’d keep them close, make them your own personal story sage, and never share your secret with anyone!

If that’s what you seek, listen close: Jim Hull is absolutely NOT your guy. Keep looking; this would just be a waste of your time. Try McKee or that Hero’s Journey thing.

Why are you still here?!!

- Jason Loftus, Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, director of Ask No Questions (Slamdance 2020)

Thanks Jim, I spent several hours watching videos and playing with Subtext. Boy, I wished I had found out about this before the several rewrites of my trilogy. It’s brilliant. All of a sudden I’m energized to spend all my time writing, whereas before I was feeling like I was drifting toward despair.

- Michael Brown, Novelist

I am seeing where Subtext, with its simplifying... yet with the capacity to search endlessly for clarification, or textured emotional layers, through your various articles is beginning to be invaluable :)

- Girija Tropp, Writer

I gotta say I’m loving this more and more! I wasn’t sure how helpful it would be, but I’ve put in a few older stories and wow… Subtext really helped tighten up a lot of loose ends and I still haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

- Ruben Ybarra, Animator