The Manual

Your Subtext Subscription

The writing process is one of development, followed by execution, followed by more growth, and so on and so on. Write, rewrite, write, rinse, repeat.

Subtext honors this process by making it easy for the writer to start and stop their subscription to our service. Engage Subtext for as long as it takes for you to get a firm idea of what story is about, then pause while you get down to the business of actually writing.

You can find access to your Subtext Subscription on your Settings page.

Stopping a subscription is really just putting Subtext on hold. When you finish, Subtext retains all your stories and keeps them safe for when you’re ready to return—whether to dive deeper into the story you’re working on now or when you’re feeling the itch to develop something new.

Pricing Options

Subtext offers two levels of subscription service:

  • $29/monthly
  • $290/yearly

If you put your subscription on hold before the end of your current pay period, Subtext will continue to work until the very last day. In other words, if you sign up for a yearly subscription, then promptly put your subscription service on hold minutes later, Subtext will continue to work for the next 365 days.

The Lack of a 10-Day Free Trial

Most SaaS applications (Software as a Service) offer a 10-day brief trial period. Subtext does not.

Developing a full-fledged complete story with Subtext is a process that could conceivably take 2 or 3 days--it's really that powerful. Offering a trial period would make it easy for someone to take advantage of the service by signing up, working out the intricate details of their story, then cancelling before the trial ends. Leaving this option open would make it impossible for us to continually update and improve the service.

We want Subtext to grow into something more.

Benefits of Continuing Your Subscription

Subtext is an application that is continually unfolding. New narrative structures are added weekly, and our extensive collection of Storytelling Suggestions continues to grow exponentially.

Also, a subscription to Subtext grants you access to our weekly Writers Room meetings where we gather together to discuss best practices and share our experiences writing with purpose and intention.

While you’re free to start and stop anytime, we strongly suggest staying with Subtext as a means to improve your understanding and appreciation of narrative structure.


NOTE: If you do cancel and want us to delete all your material permanently, please contact us directly.