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What to Expect

Total weekly time requirements: anywhere from 5-10 hours. This may vary according to the individual and will be adjusted accordingly. Note that these requirements reflect the time spent by the student on an individual basis and do not reflect additional time spent with the Mentor. Time spent communicating with the Mentor (asking questions, further elaboration, etc.) may add additional time on top of this.

Beyond that, expect to completely revolutionize your understanding of story after just six months together.

Frequently Asked

We are confident that you will find this program to be an experience unlike any other. Our mission is to make sure you will never look at story the same way again. You can't help but develop your understanding of narrative. Why not accelerate that growth process?


How is this different from other writing courses?

The Dramatica Mentorship Program is designed to develop your sense of story and narrative structure. Everyone who wants to write can write; there is no special club reserved for those born with ability. However the level to which one's concept of narrative has developed varies--even amongst the experts. Dramatica Mentor accelerates this process by revealing key insights into how narrative works and how to use that insight to actually write a compelling story. At the end of the program you'll have a complete and thematically-robust outline from which to write. Even more, you'll understand story on a level far beyond your peers and far beyond even the masters of old.

Dramatica Mentor is also more personal than other writing programs. More than a collection of videos and pre-made worksheets, Dramatica Mentor seeks to develop a working relationship with the student. We want our students to write great stories--and that requires dedicated one-on-one attention.

What is the online community like?

Learning accelerates exponentially when it is done with peers. The Narrative First Dramatica Mentorship Program offers an opportunity for you to meet fellow writers:

- An active Slack community where you can exchange feedback, comments, and advice with fellow students.

- Regularly scheduled Office Hours where you can talk about the various assignments and have any pressing questions answered immediately.

Can I customize the curriculum in any way?

Definitely--you can work with your mentor to alter writing exercises or projects that are more in line with your skill level and intentions. We know what works, but we're willing to adjust it to suit your needs.

How does mentoring work?

Think of your Dramatica Mentor as your own personal writing coach--available most hours of the day (we do have to sleep!) to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Your mentor will leave written feedback on all your work (within 48 hours), and is available to connect online through voice chat and/or regularly scheduled Screenhero sessions (similar to Skype). Your mentor will help answer any questions, challenge your sense of story, and push you to be the very best you can be. There's no better way to learn writing than to learn Dramatica, and no better way to learn Dramatica than to work with a certified Dramatica Story Expert.

Can I speed up the process?

The program is designed to last six months, though if you're motivated and dedicated you could possibly finish in less time. Typically our students take the full six months and some even decide to stay on longer (they can't get enough!). Again, we are always willing to modify the program to suit the skill level and motivation of the individual student.

Who will be my mentor?

Eventually we aim to provide a whole host of Dramatica Mentors, all certified through the Dramatica Story Expert program. Until then, there is only one: James R. Hull, the man behind Narrative First and a certified Dramatica Story Expert with over 20 years experience in narrative theory.