a process of thought that determines potential

Original Dramatica Definition

Almost like deduction in reverse, Production arrives at a future truth by limiting out what can not happen, rather than arriving at a present truth by limiting out what cannot be. Anything remaining when the impossible is ruled out has potential. The problem for the character representing the Production characteristic is that Potentiality is often mistaken for Certainty if he fails to realize that any overlooked or unknown information can completely alter the course of the future. CLARIFICATION: Production determines potential. Passively, it rules out everything that is impossible. Whatever remains has some degree of potential, no matter how unlikely. Actively, it is the generation of raw creative concepts. Whatever one can imagine has some degree of potential, no matter how impractical. Conversationally, production might be defined as the effort to create something, though this is not strictly accurate.

syn. determining potential, noticing possibilities, ruling out future impossibilities, discovering of potential