Transforming Real Life Into A Story and Disney's Moana

              Episode #13

              Influence Character Throughline, Relationship Story Throughline, and Main Character Throughline

              After a brief interlude for follow-up, we cover an effective technique for turning events in the real world into a full functional complete story. Understanding the deep thematic elements of your narrative is key to connecting with your Audience.

              -Transforming Real Life into a Story our article on how to do it - Storyforming Screencast Series screencasts designed to show you how to use Dramatica to analyze a story - The Dark Horse deep Dramatica analysis of this great film - The Tendency of a Main Character to Drive a Story explanation of Dramatica’s story point Tendency - Dramatica’s Grand Argument Story and what it means for a narrative - Our deep analysis of Eddie the Eagle - Our technique of Dramatic Playgrounds for use with Dramatica - Disney’s animated feature Moana - Dave Pimentel’s Instagram see what Dave looks like and all of his awesome drawings

              And don’t forget…

              Narrative First theme by Alex Hull. Hear more on his Soundcloud, Operation Solace

              Never Trust a Hero.

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