Using Dramatica to Assess Narratives in the Real World

              Episode #15

              Main Character Throughline, Main Character Resolve, Story Outcome, and Story Judgment

              We’re very excited to announce that we hired our first two employees here at Narrative First! The explosion in requests for our services over the summer kicked our plans into high gear. We look forward to providing not only a higher quality of service, but also unique and compelling services not available elsewhere.

              Story consultant Jon Gentry will be helping out with story analysis with an emphasis on real world narratives while vitality coach Summer De La Fuente will be using Dramatica to help locate and resolve their own personal issues.

              More detailed info on our site within the coming days…

              In addition, I cover my initial analysis of Florence Foster Jenkins.

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              Narrative First theme by Alex Hull. Hear more on his Soundcloud, Operation Solace

              Never Trust a Hero.

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