Narrative Science and the Dawning of the Singularity

              Episode #35

              Main Character Throughline and Influence Character Throughline

              Ready to have complete stories beamed directly into your nervous system? Fear not, Narrative First and Dramatica will be there to help make the transition a smooth and painless procedure.

              This week we discuss the singularity and the hope that those in charge of our Brave New World know a thing or two about the Dramatica theory of story. After all, if you’re going to invade the mind you might as well have a working model of how it problem-solves and justifies, amiright?

              The Spike Jonze indie-tech film her takes center stage for this week’s Throughline Thursdays and we answer email concerning the wacky plot progressions Dramatica offers up for some stories. Oh, and we look at the most perfect 3-Act Structure film of all time, Witness.

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              Show Notes & Links

              Narrative First theme by Alex Hull. Hear more on his Soundcloud, Operation Solace

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