Discovering Dramatica and the Genesis of Narrative First: Part Two

              Episode #38

              Four Throughlines, The Storyform, Dramatica, The Hero's Journey, Inciting Incident, Story Driver, and Plot Points

              In this second part of our two part series, we continue our introduction to the development of the Dramatica theory of story and Narrative First. Join us as we unearth the top 16 articles on story structure & story analysis, everything from evaluating competing paradigms to exploring the magic of Dramatica to the essence of perfect scene structure. If you’re new to Dramatica or Narrative First, this podcast series beckons you forth. And if you’re not new—you just mind fond something you missed the first time around.

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              Show Notes & Links

              Narrative First theme by Alex Hull. Hear more on his Soundcloud, Operation Solace

              Never Trust a Hero.

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