Run With Me

              Episode #40

              Experience writing with us.

              What happened to the Narrative First podcast? We’ve actually been writing on several different projects. One a big budget animated feature, the other a super low-budget indie animated film, and the last an epic adult animated cult series. Details on all to be provided in the months to come, but for now—we’re freakin’ busy!

              When we’re heads down and plugged in and focused we tend to obsess over one song. It’s not unusual for us to listen to the same song over and over again on repeat simply because we’re too into what we’re writing to bother changing to the next track. Once we find our groove, we lay into it and listen to it incessantly for hours at a time.

              At CalArts it was Van Halen, when we started it was Girl Talk (inspired by CGP Gray and Myke Hurley’s Cortext podcast), and this year—at least this last week—it’s something completely brand new.

              So sit back, strap in, and experience the thrill of what it sounds like to write with us.

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              Never Trust a Hero.

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