How to Outline Your Story with the Plot Sequence Report

A great story employs its own unique approach to narrative structure. The Plot Sequence Report found in Dramatica grants writers an insight into their story's foundation.

Some contend that every story is the same--that the same set of story beats or mythical elements show up every time. The truth is the structure of every story is based upon the Author's intent: what he or she is trying to communicate to their Audience. The Dramatica theory of story, and the Plot Sequence found within, help writers assess the elements needed--and in what order--to effectively and deliberately broadcast what they feel deep inside. This podcast illuminates an approach towards using this report and elements of Dramatica to quickly develop your story's structure.

Deliberate Storytelling is a practice whereby the Author creates with intent and purpose. Collaborate with a story expert today and start down the path towards finally writing and finishing your story.

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