Story Structure Senioritis

If it sounds like this episode was recorded before Thanksgiving, that’s because it was. Facilitating the initial release of the Narrative First Atomizer consumed most of my waking days and nights these past two months—but the show must go on.

If nothing else, I️ can’t let The Red Lake go unspoken. Follow along as I️ craft a fully realized narrative framework in less than 20 minutes. Seriously. What started out as a completely random narrative based on the story structure of Aliens and Blade Runner: 2049 became an interesting clash between dwarves and halflings high in the mountains above a dark and crimson red lake.

In addition, I️ answer listener email regarding the difference between Doing and Obtaining and its application towards The Dark Knight. And I️ cover unusual storyforms.

Deliberate Storytelling is a practice whereby the Author creates with intent and purpose. Collaborate with a story expert today and start down the path towards finally writing and finishing your story.

Show Notes & Links

Narrative First theme by Alex Hull. Hear more on his Soundcloud, Operation Solace