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Class begins September 21st!

This 9-week intensive Page Master Course is designed to give you everything you need to quickly identify what’s not working in a story, and have ready-made solutions at hand to make it better quickly and efficiently.

Sh-***y first drafts are NOT necessary

If you've been led to believe otherwise, then this course will save you a ton of time re-writing what you could have done right the first time.

I would like to express my appreciation for all you've done to help me in developing my stories. I've been reading the articles on your website for years and always look forward to reading more. You explain Dramatica in a way that is so approachable, both through Narrative First and Subtxt. Thanks to you, I am now published!

Jacob Willden

Come study with like-minded artists, ready to take their narrative skills to the next level.

Everything you need to know to identify story problems and fix them begins Sep. 21st, 2021

Student access to The Page Master Course includes:

  • weekly LIVE lectures
  • class recordings
  • private forum to collaborate on projects
  • ONE YEAR subscription to our premier writing app, Subtxt
  • certificate of completion
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    Help others (and yourself) see the light

    An understanding of story unlike any other

    Based on the same weekend workshops I ran for the Dramatica theory of story and the same curriculum I used at CalArts, this course introduces you to a revolutionary way of understanding story structure:

    • What it means to write a complete story.
    • The difference between the Main Character and the Protagonist.
    • Building a strong thematic Premise.
    • Combining character-driven and plot-driven stories into one.
    • Where Character Archetypes come from.
    • How to write meaningful endings.
    • How Character Arc connects to the plot of a story.
    • The role Genre plays in defining structure.
    • The plot differences between Linear and Holistic Mindsets.
    • The fractal structures of Acts, Sequences, and Scenes.

    Frequently asked questions

    Why would I want to be a "better" story consultant?

    You know when you watch a movie, or read a book, and you feel as if it would've been so much better if only the had done this or that? That's a story consultant. Someone who can look at stories from the outside, figure out what needs to be fixed, and provide practical solutions for making them better.

    Whether you're giving feedback to a friend or you get paid to read, your critique makes you a story consultant. The Page Master Course makes you better at giving quality feedback.

    And you can even use what you learn to consult on your own stories.

    What experience do you have doing this kind of work?

    Several professional writers, directors, and producers have turned to me for help on their projects. Among them: the Tangled animated series for Disney TV, the #3 Blacklist 2020 Blacklist spec script Neither Confirm, Nor Deny, and the creative minds behind Netflix's uber-successful The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

    What is a "cohort" course?

    It's a fancy way of saying you're taking this course with other students at the same time--essentially, just like it would be if you were taking it at a university. Only you get to do it from the convenience of your home.

    Who is the instructor?

    Jim Hull, the founder and brains behind Narrative First and the writing app, Subtxt. Jim taught Story Development at CalArts for seven years. He also taught several Weekend Workshops at the Dramatica headquarters in Burbank, CA. With over twenty years of experience in the animation industry as an animator, storyboard artist, and director, Jim knows how important it is to get the narrative first--before anything else.

    What if I miss the live lecture?

    Every class is recorded and available in the private student forum. In addition, there is a 20-30 min. "office hours" session every Thursday where I'll answer any questions submitted within the forum (and I'll do this LIVE as well if you'd like to ask in person).

    What is the curriculum like?

    Imagine everything you read here on Narrative First but LIVE and open for you to interrupt and ask questions. That's what this course is all about.

    Check out the course curriculum

    Is it just a lecture?

    The first hour or so of every week is a lecture based on key concept of narrative structure. The following hour is an open QnA where students can ask whatever questions they might have. We'll also go over any group work from the week before.

    Do you expect the class to go longer than 2 hours?

    Two hours will likely be the length of pertinent "useful" information. We're more than willing to extend beyond the two hours to go over assignments, answer questions, etc. But we feel that--generally speaking--everyone's ready to go after the two hour mark. There won't be any key info past those two hours.

    Group work? You mean there are weekly assignments?

    Yes. While participation is completely voluntary, students are encouraged to gather with other students (in the private community forum) and work on the assignments given from the week before. Group learning has been proven to be the very best way to learn a practical application of theoretical concepts.

    How long do you expect the homework assignments to take?

    It really depends on how much you want to put into it. At the most, we're talking 3-4 hours at the most (and that could be considerably shorter if you only wanted to take one pass on it).

    What time is the class?

    While we would love it if everyone lived on the West Coast here in America, we recognize that there are a couple billion non-residents out there who would also like to learn all these concepts at a convenient hour. Depending on demand, and those who enroll, we would consider running an alternate track (two different days) that accomodates those further across the world (looking at you UK and Europe).

    Can I spread out the payments for the course?

    Monthly installment plans are available. A slight increase in tuition fees applies to cover the monthly payments.

    When do classes begin?

    The Fall 2021 track begins September 21st, 2021.

    How is this different from Your First Act service?

    It's different from Your First Act in that it's much more like a university-level course where you take it as a group. Much more learning about Dramatica and all the concepts that go into Subtxt, and how to use that knowledge to make stories better.

    Your First Act is an intensive and focused 1-on-1 course where we go step-by-step through each Storybeat, working together to give you a complete outline from which to begin writing.

    What is the difference between Subtxt and Dramatica?

    Subtxt is an application built to help you leverage the concepts of Dramatica theory by using a real-world tested approach. Think of Subtxt as the next evolution, complete with new advancements in the theory based on my consulting projects.

    In addition, Subtxt uses an enhanced set of algorithms to calculate a more accurate set of Storyforms (story structures).

    What will I leave the course with? What will I have learned?

    By the end of the nine weeks, you will have a solid understanding and appreciation of narrative structure from a Dramatica theory story point-of-view. What that means is that you'll know narrative structure so well that you'll be able to fix any story with relative ease.

    If you consult on your own projects, you'll leave the course knowing how to write with intention, rather than having to guess all the time what to write next.

    In other words, bye bye writer's block.


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