Story Coaching

              Your unfinished story is not your fault.

              We offer three different options of working with us, but first—you’ll likely want proof that what we do works…

              And we’d love to add you to the list.

              Read Through & Notes

              If you’re just looking for notes and a single round of feedback (one call), we can help you out. This involves reading your screenplay, finding the unique narrative structure of your story through the lens of Dramatica, and then meeting with you over Zoom to discuss what is working and what isn’t.

              A Read-Through & Notes session is $1200.

              Story Coaching

              (This is our most popular option)

              If you want something more comprehensive, we do offer a monthly retainer service.

              Coaching involves:

              Story Coaching is $2497/month.

              Signature Series

              Finally, if you prefer a single fee for your project taking your story from concept to finished screenplay we offer our Signature Coaching service: four months of white-glove Story Coaching perfect for building your idea into a pitch-perfect package.

              Our Signature Series is $7997.

              And, of course, if self-service is more your speed, you can always check out our amazing app, Subtext.

              Additional Details

              Have questions? Schedule a FREE Coaching Meetup where we can get together and discuss what options work best for you!

              If you’re tired of starting and stopping, or finishing and not really liking what you ended up with, Story Coaching from Narrative First will change the way you write stories.

              Looking forward to working with you!

              I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to help you finish your story,

              — Jim from Narrative First