A better way to write stories

Story structure is thought organized. The hardest part about writing a story is organizing your ideas & knowing what to write next. Subtext helps with both.

Convert your premise into an outline

Contrary to popular belief, there is no "one story structure" to rule them all. Structure is a function of intent. A tragedy follows a much different path than a triumph. Subtext helps you transform your intent into definable Storybeats.

  • Message informs story

    You have something you want to say. Why not use it as the foundation for your story? Choose from a collection of 500+ unique individual storyforms, or form your own with the Premise Builder.

  • Make each story unique

    While structure follows intent, the indication of form rests in the unique interpretation of the individual artist. Sculpt the Premise to reflect your most imaginative ideas.

  • Collaborate with other writers

    Can't find something that fits your story? Submit your own notions of storytelling, and if approved, we'll add it to the global collection of illustrations for future stories. Writers helping writers--it's a beautiful thing.

Maintain structure with flexibility

Shift Storybeats to fit your vision, and Subtext will maintain integrity throughout all your Acts. And don't worry, we won't let you write broken stories.

  • Track Throughlines

    Want to know the secret to writing meaningful stories? Write different points-of-view from beginning to end, and then worry about what happens when.

  • Export Your Treatment

    Subtext is where you uncover what happens beneath the surface of your story. The actual writing? That happens in your favorite writing app--and Subtext makes sure you know what to write next no matter where you work your magic.

Professional story structure

If you're serious about writing meaningful stories, we're serious about supporting you.

Yearly Membership

A membership to Subtext is an investment in your development as a writer. Learn the secrets of structure while writing moving and powerful stories.

What's included

  • 30 min. private onboarding

  • Weekly masterclasses

  • Community-based collaboration

  • Expert 1-on-1 support



“I can't NOT have Subtext access. ;)”

George Strayton
Executive Producer & Screenwriter

Frequently asked questions

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Aren't all story structures the same Hero's Journey?
Nope. Structure depends on your premise. Subtext helps you make that connection.
What about saving cats?
That's one way to look at story. Subtext is based on the Dramatica® theory of story which provides thousands and thousands of unique narrative structures. You can still work your Fun & Games, but with Subtext you do so in a way that is meaningful and significant to your artistic vision.
What are the classes like?
Imagine an hour of discussion and education better than any university course on the same subject. Now imagine that happening every week.
And that 30-min. private on-boarding session?
Come prepared with a brief synopsis and we'll help you decipher the unique narrative structure of your story--saving you time, and teaching you something along the way.