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Main Character and Meaning

Of the four throughlines found in every complete story, the Main Character Throughline is perhaps the most important as it represents the audience’s point-of-view on a story’s central problem. The audience needs that perspective illustrated in order to feel personally attached to a story and they need it illustrated through four key dynamic Story Points. When they don’t, the sense is that the story is incomplete and unrelatable.

James R. Hull

Archetypal Characters

The first thing writers run into when discovering Dramatica are the eight Archetypal Characters. In this series you will have a chance to rediscover these eight familiar characters and find ways to break them apart and make them more complicated and sophisticated.

James R. Hull

Meaningful Endings

A purposeful and meaningful ending is the result of an objective outcome mixed with a subjective judgment. The first takes into consideration the global aspects of collective efforts to resolve an inequity. The second allows for emotional concerns from a personal point-of-view. Separating the two offers insight into the best approach for ending a story given one's artistic intent.

James R. Hull