Your First Act

Leveraging the unfair advantage of Subtxt to rapidly write your story

After five years of helping all kinds of writers develop their stories, we finally came up with THE workshop package to kickstart your next project.

And we're calling it Your First Act.

You send us your synopsis or story idea, we meet to go over the specifics, generate a unique structure based on the artistic intent of your story (not all structure is the same), and then go step-by-step through each scene of the First Act.

By the time we're done, you'll not only emerge with solid and compelling First Act--but you'll also know what to do to continue writing your story for the remaining Acts.


A quick list of writers who use Subtxt to write their stories:

  • David Collard (#3 on Blacklist 2020, Ridley Scott's Neither Confirm, Nor Deny)
  • Ed Bernero (Third Watch)
  • Chris Sonnenburg and Shane Prigmore (Disney's Tangled)
  • Sebastien de Castell (multiple popular novels)
  • Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill, Dexter, Pearson)
  • Mike DiMartino (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Jason Loftus (Ask No Questions)

...and many many more writers pouring their hearts out into great stories. 😃

If you want an IN-DEPTH look at what it looks like to write a story with Subtxt, make sure you read this giant article: Writing Your First Act with Confidence.

And then make sure you come back to read the details.

The Specifics

The development track consists of eight 1-hour sessions over Zoom. And you can space them out over any amount of time you want (though we suggest, if you have the time, to do two a week).

In the first meeting, we’ll discuss your story and figure out the unique Storyform. The following six sessions will alternate between structure and reviewing/rewriting your work. The last will wrap everything up and tie up any loose ends.

  1. Discuss story and find unique narrative structure (the Storyform)
  2. Central Plot Scenes 1-4 (Objective Story Throughline)
  3. Review previous scenes and assign re-writing
  4. Main Character Scenes 1-4
  5. Review and assign re-writing
  6. Remaining emotional plot-lines (Influence Character & Relationship Story)
  7. Review and assign re-writing
  8. Review of First Act and preparation for remaining Acts

By the end, you’ll have anywhere from 10-16 scenes (screenplays will be less, novels will be more) and a solid First Act from which to write the rest of your story.

(You’ll also learn how to do the same process on your own for the remaining Arcs).


Your First Act is separate from your subscription to Subtxt. While we will be using the app to build your story, the cost of a monthly subscription falls short of covering/justifying the amount of time and work we will be doing together.

Writing Your First Act is a flat one-time only fee of $2500 (and will go up before Fall 2021). To make things easier for all, I’ve added two payment plans: 6 months at $450 ($2700 total) or 10 months at $300 ($3000 total).

We're really excited about being able to offer this new approach towards rapidly building your story. One writer recently quipped, "After writing for 10 years, I finally woke up this morning and didn't hate myself for what I had written the day before!"

I look forward to hearing from you 😃