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Dramatica: A Relativistic Model Of Narrative

The position of story elements within the model carries with it significant meaning.

Review Of Writing App Ulysses

New update makes Ulysses a solid option somewhere between iAWriter and Scrivener.

Dramatica Is Challenged By Its Interface

Dramatica isn't complicated; only the way it is presented.

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Dramatica And What It Means For Story

Look closely and you will see more than a rebranding of ancient texts.

How An Inequity--And A Story--Is Made

Human psychology dictates story structure.

The Actual and Apparent Nature of Story

Is the dilemma facing the Main Character real?

A Collaborative Environment Unlike Any Other

Dramatica keeps a room full of writers focused and productive.

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"The reason I'm writing to you is to thank you for this blog site. Now that I've found Dramatica, I know my book is good, and I also know why I've struggled to write a synopsis."

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Missing Throughlines account for this film's low rating.



Meaningful dick jokes explain this film's popularity.


The Martian

Entertaining space tale with little more to offer.


Furious 7

A fine tribute that could have been more.

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