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The Story Of Steve Jobs Has Meaning

The backlash to the film might have a basis in psychology and the structure of a good story.

Send An Email, Improve Your Understanding

The act of asking a question often results in the answer.

Working With Dramatica

There is a moment when it finally all comes together; it's worth the wait.

Moving Beyond Implied Conflict

Dramatica is not story-by-numbers; you really have to work hard at it.

Forget The Mumbo Jumbo And Write That Screenplay

Sound advice for anyone trying to become a better writer.

Understanding The Influence Character'S Symptom Element

Direct or indirect, the alternative perspective provided by the Influence Character is all that matters.

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Dramatica And What It Means For Story

Look closely and you will see more than a rebranding of ancient texts.

How An Inequity--And A Story--Is Made

Human psychology dictates story structure.

The Actual and Apparent Nature of Story

Is the dilemma facing the Main Character real?

A Collaborative Environment Unlike Any Other

Dramatica keeps a room full of writers focused and productive.

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Captain America: Winter Soldier

The best Marvel comic book film falls just short of telling a complete story.


Diversionary fun; no real story.

The Sweet Hereafter

Emotionally heavy, yet thematically rich and fulfilling.

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron

Mindless comic-book fun.

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