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The Fault In Our Stars: An Anatomy Of An Analysis

An effective analysis of a film requires an objective sounding board. Dramatica offers that opportunity.

A Method For Generating Conflict

Position one truth against another and you'll find the foundation for a great narrative.

Dramatica's Definitions Are Not Your Own

Dramatica improves commonly understood concepts of narrative in an effort to improve our understanding of story.

Dramatica And What It Means For Story

Look closely and you will see more than a rebranding of ancient texts.

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"Dramatica was nothing more than a bungled mystery of vague concepts and seemingly unnecessary complexities...until I stumbled across your site."

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Cop Car

Incomplete Throughlines explain why this film feels like a short stretched into a mediocre feature.


While We're Young

A strong and well-woven storyform supports this entertaining and moving film.


The Revenant

A tale of survival and revenge, not *a story* of survival and revenge.



A masterful thriller that makes meaning out of the meaningless.

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