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I believe I have found the magic bullet to storytelling and I want to share it with you.

Films come at too high a cost (both financially and personally) to allow for dysfunctional stories. Going with one’s gut instincts and hoping that it will all work out in the end sets a production of the path towards a very steep cliff. Trusting the process of writing sets the stage for failure. Craft a solid blueprint—making allowances for serendipity and creativity—and then start production.

No use wasting everyone’s time on a shoddy foundation.


There can be no greater reward in life than helping someone develop a greater understanding of their own art. Writers write to express something deep inside; a better appreciation of narrative structure allows for a greater honesty of expression. I feel lucky to be a part of that.

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About the Team

James R. Hull, Founder & CNO

James R. Hull

James R. Hull is a professional screenwriter & story consultant with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry. Whether as a writer, director, storyboard artist, or character animator, James has always sought to improve the quality of storytelling. His credits include writing & storyboarding for the legendary Warner Bros. director Chuck Jones, and animating for Walt Disney Feature Animation on Tarzan and Enchanted. At Dreamworks Animation he animated on 14 different films, including Shrek 2 and How to Train Your Dragon. For Walt Disney Imagineering, James developed animation for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in Florida and the Enchanted Storybook Castle in Shanghai. At Dreamworks Television, he directed several episodes of The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

The company he founded and runs as CNO (Chief Narrative Officer), Narrative First (, provides writers and producers the knowledge and expertise needed to craft deeply meaningful and complete stories. By integrating the revolutionary Dramatica theory of story into every project, James and his team assure a solid story structure that amplifies the Author’s truest intent. Narrative First’s track record of proven success speaks for itself: clients have yet to receive a single studio note questioning the integrity of their narratives.

James’ most recent collaborations include developing four seasons of Disney’s animated television series Tangled: Before Ever After, the animated feature Monday Night ROAR!!! with the WWE, several HBO comedy series currently in development, the adult animated cult-series Master Kush, and The Greatcoats series and The Spellslingers series for acclaimed novelist Sebastien de Castell. From novels to plays, screenplays to television series, James’ body of work celebrates one common purpose: tell a great and lasting story.

Jim can be found @jameshull on Twitter.

Summer De La Fuente, Story Analyst

Summer is the co-creator of Deliberate Storytelling and a Story Analyst here at Narrative First.

With her holistic perspective, she can rapidly connect relationships between people, place, things, and events—an essential tool for effective storytelling. Her personal life experiences naturally inspired her to become a writer and the analytical artist she is today. Her influence flows throughout the work here at Narrative First

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Jonny Gentry, Story Analyst

Jonny Gentry

Jon Gentry is a writer, producer and content creator. Recent credits include “Human Nature” with Nolan Gould, of Modern Family and “Monster Chef.” Other writing credits include the Showtime series “Next Stop for Charlie,” the Plum TV comedy special “Live in the East.” (co-creater/EP) and content for numerous corporate events and comedy programs. Jon is the recipient of the Arthur Miller Celebrate Playwright Award from the University of Michigan.

Jon has a deep passion for all things story. He’s continually in awe of how powerful a well-told story can be and believes that Dramatica is the absolute best tool at a writer’s disposal for harnessing that power. He hopes to help writers use the power of Dramatica to craft their unique stories and hone their original voices.

Jonny can be found @JAGentry on Twitter.

Sean Lester, Master Designer

OK. So technically Sean isn’t really part of the Narrative First team, but I can dream, right? Sean took it upon himself to redesign my entire site in 2016 and I couldn’t be more flattered and honored with the final result. He’s the one responsible for that ultra-cool mark with the book and the crown, and of course, the color schemes and typography selections throughout. Sean is awesome (and a great writer as well) and you can see more of his work over at


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