December 10th, 2018

              On Building a Narrative Argument for Your Story

              Moving beyond the general to make a difference in your storytelling.

              December 3rd, 2018

              Resurrecting The Flying Kreisslers

              A short story lost to time resurfaces.

              November 26th, 2018

              Ralph Breaks the Internet

              An absent Antagonist breaks this film's storyform.

              November 22nd, 2018

              The Grinch

              Stealing everything, but a complete story--and a way into our hearts.

              November 20th, 2018

              A Story Development Tool Unlike Any Other

              A video introduction to our magical service, Subtext.

              November 6th, 2018

              Breaking a Story with Incompatible Plot Points

              Inconsistency in major Act turns breaks trust with the Audience.

              November 5th, 2018

              Building a Service for Generating Great Stories

              The joy of being able to continually improve the quality of storytelling in the world.

              November 1st, 2018

              Find Expert Help Writing Your Story This NaNoWriMo

              The latest version of our service Subtext helps you get going with confidence this November.

              September 22nd, 2018

              First Look at the Next Version of Subtext

              An all new feature bound to make many writers very very happy.

              August 5th, 2018

              The White Robes of Dramatica

              Learning at the feet of greatness.

              August 4th, 2018

              Turning to Faith in Search of Story Structure

              Finding value without understanding requires belief.

              August 3rd, 2018

              Dramatica is Not a Religion

              Belief will get you nowhere.

              August 2nd, 2018

              Raiders of the Lost Ark and Multiple Storyforms

              August 1st, 2018

              Writing Short Stories with Dramatica

              Your Audience knows you're not telling them a complete story.

              July 31st, 2018

              Building an Argument for Your Story

              Think of what you want to say, then use the storyform to make your argument.

              July 30th, 2018

              Pretty Woman

              A perfect balance of conflict explains this film's success.

              July 29th, 2018

              Tying Objective Characters to the Story Goal

              Frame each player’s motivation within the context of the central goal.

              July 28th, 2018

              Attaching Storytelling to Both Sides of the Argument

              Turn concepts into conflict.

              July 27th, 2018

              Subtext and Narrative First Are Now Better Friends

              Weaving together the education and practical application of narrative theory.

              July 26th, 2018

              Starting to Build an Argument

              Pick a side and make a stand.

              July 25th, 2018

              Westworld: Season 2, Episode 8

              A story that lasts in the heart is the one that provides greater meaning for its Audience.

              July 24th, 2018

              Using Story Structure to Argue Your Point-of-View

              Audiences can handle the truth, if you have something important to say.

              July 23rd, 2018

              The Write Answer When It Comes to Story Structure

              Author's intent determines the substance of narrative structure.

              July 22nd, 2018

              Can a Rock Be an Antagonist?

              If given the responsibility to interact with others through reticence, then yes.

              July 21st, 2018

              On the Awesomeness of Our Subtext Service

              A look at a simpler way to understand the storyform of a narrative.

              July 16th, 2018

              The Long Lost Storyform for Walt Disney's Pinocchio

              Coming of Age stories frame conflict in dysfunctional psychologies.

              July 11th, 2018

              Firefly: Season 1, Episode 8

              A sophisticated & complete narrative accounts for this episode's popularity.

              July 5th, 2018

              The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi

              June 28th, 2018

              A First Look at Deconstructing Act Zero

              Less Act, and more Backstory, Act Zero sets the foundation for justification.

              June 12th, 2018

              Dramatica: A Specific Approach to Understanding Narrative Structure

              The problems of the generalist stand out upon closer examination.

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