September 17th, 2019

              Writing a Meaningful End to Conflict

              Tying the climactic moment to a premise.

              September 10th, 2019

              When Synthesis is Not Enough (Hint: Always)

              The model of our mind that is a story.

              September 5th, 2019

              The Purpose of an Ending: Star Wars and The Matrix Revealed

              The effects of linearity & holism on structure

              September 2nd, 2019

              Story Structure We Can All Agree Upon

              The unpredictability of values.

              August 27th, 2019

              Theme Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

              Exposing the narrative elements of a story.

              August 20th, 2019

              Understanding the Purpose of Narrative Structure

              Structure is order, and order is meaning.

              August 19th, 2019

              Little Woods

              When you forget to finish your story.

              August 12th, 2019

              Skyfall: Finding the Synthesis in Dramatica

              A modern understanding of conflict resolution.

              August 5th, 2019

              A Synthesis in Search of a Solution

              Presuming conflict to be a problem.

              July 31st, 2019

              The Illusion of Fixing Problems

              Moonshots require something more than synthetic solutions.

              July 22nd, 2019

              The Seductive Nature of Synthesis and Subject Matter

              When a problem isn't a problem.

              July 18th, 2019

              Converting a Premise into Narrative Structure

              The meaning behind the events of a story.

              July 15th, 2019

              The Curse of the Hegelian Dialectic

              The rational alone is unreal.

              July 3rd, 2019

              Craig Mazin Loves Dramatica

              The theory that defines the structure of a narrative argument.

              July 2nd, 2019

              The Holistic Experience of Watching the Matrix

              The difference between thinking holistically and holistically thinking.

              June 27th, 2019

              Defining the Structure of a Premise

              Order is everything.

              June 24th, 2019

              The Holistic Approach to Working Through Conflict

              Justifying as a means of solving problems.

              June 17th, 2019

              Disconnection and the Holistic Mind

              The first casuality of separation is an isolated self.

              June 10th, 2019

              Caught Between States of Emotion Within a Premise

              The meaning behind vibrations.

              June 6th, 2019

              A Holistic Understanding of Premise

              Free your Storymind

              June 3rd, 2019

              Writing a Relationship that Counts towards a Premise

              Balancing the objective with subjectivity.

              May 28th, 2019

              Perspectives and Players in a Functioning Story

              Understanding the purpose of a character.

              May 20th, 2019

              Separating the Relationship from the Individuals in a Relationship

              You and I are not We.

              May 13th, 2019

              Re-Imagining the Key Relationship of Any Story

              Measuring the dynamics of growth by the space in-between characters.

              May 8th, 2019

              Missing Link

              The art of civilized storytelling.

              May 6th, 2019

              Separating Subject Matter from Story Structure

              Digging deep to find intention.

              April 30th, 2019

              How a Steadfast Character Changes the World

              Appreciating a different way to solve conflict in our lives.

              April 18th, 2019

              How to Illustrate Effective Narrative Conflict

              Coding the machine within the machine.

              April 13th, 2019

              Crowdsourcing Narrative Conflict

              A major leap forward in the evolution of creative writing.

              April 9th, 2019

              The Narrative Structure of Christopher Nolan's Memento

              Supporting premise through experience.

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