March 29th, 2018

              The Story Structure of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

              A first look at the narrative elements behind The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

              March 28th, 2018

              The 2018 Academy Awards

              Episode #61

              Main Character Throughline, Influence Character Throughline, Main Character Benchmark, and Influence Character Benchmark

              March 26th, 2018

              Finding the Right Goal and Consequence for Your Story

              Determine what you want to say, not what you think your story is trying to say.

              March 23rd, 2018

              Uncovering the Major Plot Points of a Complete Story

              Tying Act Turns to the source of conflict ensures integrity in the narrative.

              Story Driver

              March 21st, 2018

              Rethinking an Analysis of The Florida Project

              A film that stays with you does so through a substantial and meaningful story structure.

              Overall Story Throughline, Main Character Throughline, and The Storyform

              March 15th, 2018

              Darkest Hour

              Inconsistent relationships fail to establish the foundation for a meaningful narrative.

              Influence Character Throughline and Relationship Story Throughline

              March 14th, 2018

              Early Dramatica Interview

              Early insight into a revolutionary approach to writing stories.

              March 13th, 2018

              The Shape of Water

              More than a fairy tale, this film sends an effective message about standing up and defending others.

              March 8th, 2018


              The sophisticated juxtaposition of logistic concerns & emotional issues secures this film's immortality.

              March 7th, 2018

              The Relationship Story Throughline Is Not An Argument

              Episode #60

              Relationship Story Throughline and Story Limit

              March 6th, 2018

              Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

              Solid story structure supports & strengthens this meaningful narrative.

              March 2nd, 2018

              Wrangling the Scope of an Entire Narrative

              Understanding the scope of a story leads to a strengthening of that narrative's central argument.

              Story Limit

              March 1st, 2018

              The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season One

              A single and effective storyform ties the episodes of this first season into a meaningful narrative.

              Main Character Unique Ability, Main Character Critical Flaw, Influence Character Unique Ability, and Influence Character Critical Flaw

              March 1st, 2018

              What Star Wars and Black Swan Share in Common

              The Main Characters of these films possess the same problematic narrative element at the heart of their individual Throughlines.

              February 28th, 2018

              Connecting the Main Character to the Overall Story

              Episode #59

              Main Character Throughline, Overall Story Throughline, and Narrative Argument

              February 27th, 2018

              How to Build a Narrative Argument

              Support now exists for writers looking to strengthen their story's thematic argument.

              Main Character Resolve, Main Character Growth, Story Outcome, Story Judgment, and Main Character Crucial Element

              February 23rd, 2018

              Unwrapping The Gift That Is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

              Consistent storypoints--key to the integrity of a strong & clear message--bring the episodes of this series together.

              February 21st, 2018

              Lady Bird

              A subtle blend of objective & subjective concerns lights this film’s moving narrative.

              February 20th, 2018

              2018: The Year of Abundance

              Episode #58

              Narrative Argument and Genre

              February 18th, 2018

              Dramatica: Making Writing More Difficult. Since 1994

              Software that makes an already arduous process even more of a challenge.

              February 16th, 2018

              Another Look at Mother

              Time & distance grants one the objectivity needed to successfully account for a narrative's key story points.

              February 14th, 2018

              Dramatica: The Journey Towards a Better Understanding of Story

              With an objective theory as your guide, a path to greater clarity exists.


              February 14th, 2018

              Dr. Strangelove

              A Cold War satire that leaves you cold.

              February 12th, 2018

              The Magic of Quickly Building Ideas for the World

              The thrill of coming up with something & sending it out for everyone to enjoy.

              February 9th, 2018

              Teaching Story Structure to Elementary School Students

              Turns out, the Dramatica theory of story is so intuitive a 6-year old can understand it.

              February 8th, 2018

              Professor Marston and The Wonder Women

              The secret identity of this film is the brilliant mutation of message into narrative structure.

              Protagonist and Influence Character Throughline

              February 7th, 2018

              The Dramatics Of Sweet Spots In Narrative Structure

              The forces that act upon structure expose an unexplored area of narrative science.

              February 6th, 2018

              The Florida Project

              Reporting the day’s events misses an opportunity to say something about the day’s events.

              January 31st, 2018

              Day Three of Clarity with the Elements of Structure

              Focusing on the opposite of an element encourages one to narrow their appreciation of a narrative.

              January 30th, 2018

              Mom and Dad

              A meaningless tale of familial violence that borders on saying something significant.

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