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Narrative First is the story technology company behind Subtxt: the only writing app that combines a proven and predictive narrative framework with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

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First thing you should know: our 6-week cohort-based course AI-Powered Storytelling runs throughout the year. The 1:1 live class promises to completely transform the way you write and develop stories. In addition, every student gains access to a full year of Subtxt.

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Subtxt: Supercharge your storytelling abilities

Second thing is Subtxt: our application for storytelling that is an intelligent outliner that works with your intuition, not against it. By combining GPT-3 with complex narrative theory, we've found a way to write stories that is both fun and enlightening.

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With those two products, you'll be well on your way to writing complete and meaningful stories that can change the world.

Until then, feel free to browse and read the hundreds of articles and analyses discussing the complex, yet exciting, concepts of narrative theory found here on our site. I guarantee you'll find yourself shaking your head and thinking, "You know what? I always KNEW this was how story worked..."

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