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Here at Narrative First, we pride ourselves on being your creative partner, providing you with the tools and concepts you need to tell your stories more effectively. We're the creators of Subtxt - not just another writing app, but a uniquely intuitive guide that blends together complex narrative theory and advanced technology.

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First thing's first: our 6-week, cohort-based course, Build a Better Story is always ready to welcome new artists like you. We've been running it for over two years now, and after 120 students we feel extremely confident that you'll love the entire experience. This immersive course will recalibrate your storytelling instincts, bringing a refreshing perspective to your craft.

For an insight to what you can expect from the class, check out the free downloadable PDF Unlocking a Complete Story with AI. This 2-page resource helps clue you in on the concept of the Four Throughlines--essential for crafting a meaningful and lasting story.

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Subtxt: A companion for your storytelling journey

Now, let's talk about Subtxt, our secret sauce. It's an intuitive storytelling companion that respects and refines your natural artistic instincts. By blending together narrative theory and subtle technology, we've created a fun, enlightening way to craft your stories.

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Armed with these tools, you're on the path to weaving compelling, meaningful narratives that have the potential to make a difference.

While you're here, make sure to explore the plethora of articles and analyses available on our site, each one breaking down the fascinating world of narrative theory. You might find yourself nodding along and thinking, "Ah, so THAT's why I've always felt this way about stories..."

Enjoy your journey, and we can't wait to hear from you soon,

-- Jim from Narrative First

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