February 16th, 2018

            Another Look at Mother

            Time & distance grants one the objectivity needed to successfully account for a narrative's key story points.

            February 14th, 2018

            Dramatica: The Journey Towards a Better Understanding of Story

            With an objective theory as your guide, a path to greater clarity exists.


            February 14th, 2018

            Dr. Strangelove

            A Cold War satire that leaves you cold.

            February 12th, 2018

            The Magic of Quickly Building Ideas for the World

            The thrill of coming up with something & sending it out for everyone to enjoy.

            February 9th, 2018

            Teaching Story Structure to Elementary School Students

            Turns out, the Dramatica theory of story is so intuitive a 6-year old can understand it.

            February 8th, 2018

            Professor Marston and The Wonder Women

            The secret identity of this film is the brilliant mutation of message into narrative structure.

            Protagonist and Influence Character Throughline

            February 7th, 2018

            The Dramatics Of Sweet Spots In Narrative Structure

            The forces that act upon structure expose an unexplored area of narrative science.

            February 6th, 2018

            The Florida Project

            Reporting the day’s events misses an opportunity to say something about the day’s events.

            January 31st, 2018

            Day Three of Clarity with the Elements of Structure

            Focusing on the opposite of an element encourages one to narrow their appreciation of a narrative.

            January 30th, 2018

            Mom and Dad

            A meaningless tale of familial violence that borders on saying something significant.

            January 30th, 2018

            More Evidence of Free as an Element of Narrative

            Yet another example of where a slight shift in perspective would bring greater understanding.

            January 29th, 2018

            Considering the Narrative Element of Uncontrolled

            In our quest to develop the most accurate model of narrative, some initial terms might need reconsideration.

            January 23rd, 2018

            Not Your Usual Approach to Developing Stories

            An innovative tool that helps you write a complete story in under an hour.

            January 19th, 2018

            Unravelling the Story Structure Of Tangled: The Series

            Thoughtful children’s programming delights old and young with purpose and meaning.

            The Storyform

            December 20th, 2017

            The Narrative First Atomizer

            Episode #57

            Crucial Element

            December 19th, 2017

            Throughline Thursdays: A Visual Introduction to Genre and Story Theory

            Story structure can be pretty.

            December 18th, 2017

            Storyform for The Last Jedi Posted in the Atomizer

            Despite a silly Overall Story, the lastest in the Star Wars saga presents a functionable narrative.

            December 15th, 2017

            Discovering the Thematic Argument of a Complete Story

            Distill complex story theory down into something a little more familiar.

            December 14th, 2017

            Finding the Structure of the Story You Want to Write

            Why bother learning complicated story theory when the elements of story structure can come to you?

            December 12th, 2017

            Finding the Core Problem in Every Story

            Discover stories that share the same base inequity as your own story.

            December 5th, 2017

            Story Structure Senioritis

            Episode #56

            December 4th, 2017

            Writing Prompts that Inspire Great Stories

            The Narrative First Atomizer provides hundreds of thousands of writing prompts to help you write that next great story.

            November 28th, 2017

            New Views for the Narrative First Atomizer

            A beautiful new outlook on narrative structure.

            November 27th, 2017

            The Original Analysis Of Winter’s Bone

            The difference seven years of story theory makes when it comes to the accuracy and insightfulness of a narrative analysis.

            November 20th, 2017

            Winter's Bone

            An overwhelming sense of brooding darkens the tone of an otherwise Triumphant narrative.

            November 17th, 2017

            How to Outline Your Story with the Plot Sequence Report

            Episode #55

            Plot Sequence

            November 17th, 2017

            Coming Soon To Narrative First

            Something special for the discerning writer...

            November 6th, 2017

            A Bronx Tale

            A unique and complete storyform forms the foundation for this masterpiece of narrative.

            November 3rd, 2017

            The Same Story: Aliens and Blade Runner: 2049

            Episode #54

            October 31st, 2017

            The Same Story: Aliens And Blade Runner: 2049

            Stories that argue the same approach to resolving an inequity share the same narrative structure.

            The Storyform

            Wow. You must really love story.

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