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On Being a Story Consultant

While many maintain a complete misunderstanding of what the work entails, the role of a story consultant boils down to a single concept: collaboration without ego.

James R. Hull

Gaining Objectivity While Writing a Story

The easiest thing for writers to do is to jump inside their characters' heads and illustrate how the story's world looks from the inside. The hardest thing is to separate themselves from that experience and look back to see what it all means.

James R. Hull

Writing Your First Act with Confidence

Knowing what you're going to write about before you even write it is the key to obliterating any form of Writers' Block.

James R. Hull

Discovering The Origins of Narrative Structure

The Dramatica theory of story, twenty years before its time

James R. Hull

Writing a Scene with Subtxt

Meaningful story structure accounts for the storyteller. If our understanding of psychology is correct and we see who we are, then a productive model of organized thought (structure) must consider the observer.

James R. Hull

How to Classify the Atomic Elements of Story Structure

Effective story structure is more than an outline of what happens. For the order to mean something beyond the superficial, it must communicate something intrinsic to both the order and relationship between individual Storybeats.

James R. Hull

The Holistic View of Time

The Dramatica theory of story accounts for both Linear and Holistic Mindsets. Recognizing the impact the observer plays on the observed, the original concept of Mental Sex (Mindset in Subtxt) sought to replicate the alternate "operating systems" present within humanity.

James R. Hull

Understanding the Purpose of Backstory

After twenty years in the animation industry and five more helping writers 1-on-1 develop their stories, one thing is clear--writers will do anything to avoid writing real conflict.

James R. Hull

The Influence Character is Not a Character

Too many writers new to Dramatica and Subtxt write the Influence Character Throughline as if the Main Character in their story.

James R. Hull