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If you’re like most writers I know, you don’t have time to learn complicated story theory.

You likely read Save the Cat! or enrolled in Robert McKee’s weekend Story seminar and you definitely ran into the Hero’s Journey more than once. Each and every time you encountered this material you probably found yourself agreeing with some of it, constricted by most of it, and overall less than enthused with the amount of time you wasted learning about writing instead of writing.

I’m totally different.

I love learning about writing and what makes great stories so great. In fact, I became so obsessed with how story works that I not only absorbed every story framework mentioned above, but also spent 20 years studying the most complicated theory of story known to mankind: Dramatica®.

You might know a little about it. Whether through this site or maybe from someone in your writer’s group, you know Dramatica as a “system” or computer program that plots out your story for you. You might have even downloaded the demo, given it a trial, and found it overly complex and difficult to manage.

That’s where Narrative First comes in.

My goal is to help you avoid many of the mistakes I made during two decades of ups and downs fully appreciating this theory.

Now, I could spend months and months teaching you everything I know about Dramatica. In fact if you want to become a certified Dramatica Story Expert, I have a Mentorship Program specifically designed for you.

But I’m guessing you’re not like me.

I’m guessing you simply want a framework–or RoadMap–that you can start building the world of your story around.

Step One

If this sounds like you then sign up for my free, 9-lesson course, “From Logline to Treatment”. This step-by-step approach has helped thousands of Authors fix their broken stories by inserting key elements of story structure into their narratives. By following the steps in this course you will start to develop your great idea into a great story.

And you’ll lay the groundwork for that RoadMap.

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Step Two

While you’re waiting for your first lesson or even while you’re engaged with the course, check out the hundreds and hundreds of in-depth articles, analyses, podcasts, and video tutorials here at Narrative First.

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