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Jane Eyre

Structure: 4/5 | Entertainment: 3.5/5

Surprisingly compelling story of a woman who finally follows her heart (MC Resolve - Change), transforming herself (Story Outcome - Success) and finding the love she has always longed for (Story Judgment - Good). The story locks in once Impact Character Rochester—a grumpy man and a force of nature (IC Domain - Fixed Attitude)—hires the governess to watch over his daughter. The story vibrates around the pain people encounter doing what they believe they are supposed to do (OS Issue - Obligation) made evident in the decision to send Jane away and the decision for her to leave dear Rochester (Story Driver - Decision). Her preference for taking action first (MC Approach - Do-er)—hitting the schoolteacher back and attacking her brother—narrows down the places she can actually go and live her life (Story Limit - Optionlock).

While her focus on maintaining balance within the relationships around her makes it difficult for Male audience members to fully relate with her plight (MC Problem-Solving Style - Holistic), doing what is sensible (OS Problem - Logic) and manipulating oneself for society (OS Domain - Psychology) does not. While the Overall Story may add to the difficulty in attracting a Male audience, the choices she makes (MC Issue - Choice), Rochester’s unrealistic notions (IC Issue - Dream) and the battle over whether or not she is a possession (Relationship Story Concern - Obtaining) strengthens the structure and maintains the interest.

All in all, a wonderfully complete story worthy of study.

Change, Start, Do-er, Female, Decision, Optionlock, Success, Good, Psychology, Becoming, Obligation, Logic

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