Captain America

No need to resurrect this lifeless tale.

Ho hum.

Another bland and lifeless tale of a 98lb. weakling who becomes a larger-than-life superhero. But how does he truly feel about it? Does he feel people are only drawn to him because of how he looks or what he can do for them? What about those feelings of rejection he had before the injections? Do they ever bubble back up to the surface? Does he push things too far now that he has the strength to do it? Does he purposely seek out bullies who perhaps don’t deserve the kind of punishment he wants to dole out?

Anything? Please?!

Captain America supplies yet another case of this happened, then this happened, then this happened. A pointless Tale with no connective tissue, no intimate personal problem for an audience to grab onto, no real emotional argument going on. Just a silly villain in a red mask and a girl in love. The film is really as empty-headed as the trailer portrays.

Superhero films as a genre do not have to be devoid of meaning. The Dark Knight delivered. As did the first Iron Man. For films to last, they must be built upon a solidly constructed meaningful story.

Even if frozen in ice, this film wouldn’t last three years.