End of Watch

              Fantastically engaging visceral experience deficient in greater meaning.

              Incomplete Story

              Tense, gripping, and nerve-wracking, End of Watch pulls you in and let’s you experience firsthand what it’s like to be a cop in LA.

              Unfortunately found footage takes over for an actual Main Character Throughline. You still feel a part of the experience, but at the end aren’t sure exactly what it all means. Complete stories require all FOUR throughlines: Main Character, Influence Character, Relationship Story and Overall Story. End of Watch runs heavy on those last three, but strangely leaves that personal insight of the Main Character on the cutting room floor.

              Thankfully, a strong and very well-developed Relationship Story thread provides plenty of heart rendering the final result far from a disaster.

              Worth seeing if for no other reason than to see up-close and personal the changing face of crime.

              Never Trust a Hero

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