Enough Said

A message of catharsis reinforced by a competent & effective story structure.

Surprisingly engaging, Enough Said tells the story of frightened empty-nester Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and her challenged romance with Albert (James Gandolfini). Wholly engaging while maintaining a gentleness of spirit, the film stands as a prime example of what it means to tell a complete story.

While subtle in tone, the thematics present in the storyform ring out for all to hear. Albert's repulsion of both his ex-wife and eventually Eva challenges Eva's inclination to constantly second guess her romance with Albert and what she should do about it (Influence Character Issue of Repulsion, Main Character Issue of Reappraisal). Albert's Influence Character Problem of Inaction functions as the perfect foil for Eva's personal Main Character Problem of Acceptance. Eva's decision to finally ask her client to help carry the massage table up the stairs signifies a Main Character Resolve of Changed and Main Character Solution of Non-Acceptance (She's not going to put up with it anymore).

Those who have experienced the confusion and lack of purposeful direction that sets in after a divorce will find more than enough to relate to in this beautifully touching film. Those who haven't can join the former in experiencing an intelligent and emotionally fulfilling film irregardless of their relationship status. The narrative of Enough Said, by virtue of its solid storyform, supplies a message of growth and catharsis that outshines the kind of understanding one gains from day-to-day life. Enough Said moves beyond the ordinary to deliver something truly extraordinary and in the process, becomes something memorable.

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