Horrible Bosses

A fractured structure turns a funny concept into something easily forgettable.

No Main Character Throughline, no reason to be emotionally invested. A functioning narrative relies on four Throughlines--each representing a different perspective on the story's core problem:

  • Main Character Throughline (What's it like for ME to have this problem?)
  • Influence Character Throughline (What is it like for YOU to have this problem?)
  • Relationship Story Throughline (What is it like for US to have this problem?)
  • Objective Story Throughline (What is it like for THEM to have this problem?)

You can't have the last three without the first, and with only 25% of the narrative intact Horrible Bossess quickly loses Audience involvement. The comedic situations--while amusing and entertaining--offer no thematic connection and become a meaningless collection of weak setups and bizarre payoffs.

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